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  1. It's a vanity item. You can use it on any account (all characters), limited only to the realm the item was purchased on. You can access your vanity tab by pressing N --> Collections.
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  3. The following pet families are considered Exotic and accessible in Classic content: Worms (Earthborers in RFC, Dredge Strikers/Crushers in Silithus, etc.) - Acid Spit, reduces target armor, stacking. Does not stack with Sunder Armor. Chimaeras - Snowstorm breath, a ranged attack that does mixed nature and frost damage and slows the target. Devilsaurs - Monstrous Bite - does some damage and increases damage done by the Devilsaur for X seconds, stacks up to three times. Silithids (Not the worker-looking and wasp-looking ones) - Ranged web similar to spider families, except this one does damage over time as well. Additionally, Beast Mastery also increases your pet talent points, allowing you pick talents further down the tree, with each pet specialization having different ones.
  4. Intellect only increases maximum mana and spell critical chance, as intended in Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. EDIT: And weapon skill leveling rates of course (obsolete on Seasonal)
  5. Supporter chests are exclusive to every Season. You will have to buy them again.
  6. A preliminary number of fragments has actually been mentioned. Dutch might be able to give a better estimation than I would. From what I understood in the design process, the intention is still not to have them freely accessible with infinitely gathered currencies, such as honor points. Even if they cost you honor cap every time, you would still have minor audiences speeding out of Wildcard into completely optimized specializations with the cutting edge. While I do agree that it is unfortunate Wildcard mode is not more polished as it is right now (plus the issue being players are still getting useless actives or active passives allocated is a big bummer). On the bright side, however, the rates, especially for high-risk, are quite accelerated if you dislike a Wildcard experience as you progress, but I do acknowledge that there is still adjustments to be done.
  7. I believe from what I understand, there is no intention to have Scrolls of Fortune anywhere else but from the upcoming turn-ins using Fragments of Fortune (And similar events like Nozdormu). To have them available from second or third sources would be detrimental to the wild purpose they serve.
  8. Missing maps issue, not entirely sure why this has not been addressed yet. The design philosophy has changed since AQ and below. There was no intention to bloat Naxxramas with custom mechanics as the go-to thinking was previously. Furthermore, the PTR is subject to change, and it is possible that some mechanics might not be working correctly or not at all.
  9. Noticed that one today. I made sure someone sent it (new coords) to Kale to get that fixed asap.
  10. Not entirely sure if to be honest with you. Those kind of changes just get worked on, documented, and finally, pushed. It may have just been a developer oversight if anything out of the ordinary was missing (especially custom enchants)
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Was meant to be fixed. Fix not work. Back to drawing board, yikers.
  13. This reminds me heavily of cursed items from games like Darkstone, where it would cause effects like old age, fast rising hunger, etc. Cool concept, and your initial suggestions are also lovely. Definitely something I would endorse on a drawing board here.

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