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  1. Hello, First, I want to thank you Dutch for your reply on this topic. I might have an idea about how to help new players: Since most of the veterans and players who have been playing level 60 content for quite a long time already have a clear idea of their ideal build, mainly players who are still learning/trying different mechanics of the gameplay use talent/spell resets. So how about lowering the cost of resets? It would allow people to test more builds, and learn more about the bindings between spells and talents. :p
  2. I couldn't have said better than SirGank, DisplayName, Peel2g, Tekkies, Ashsj1992 and nasmi how I feel about the upcoming changes to builds display. I might be playing on Ascension only since last saturday, but I managed to do a build that fits perfect to me by theoricrafting, experimenting spells and mechanics and doing quite a lot of resets. Now. I know some players don't find this change disturbing at all, some are doing great with it because they wish to have the same build as the top players. But others, like us in this topic disagree with that because we want to keep the infiinite creativity that Ascension system offers, and the unique personal playstyle it gives. In my opinion, if you are a player and want to improve your character's efficiency or fun, you just open the Ascension spellbook and talent trees, take a paper sheet and a calculator and you just read the hundred tooltips and try to find the perfect combination of spells depending on what YOU WANT to do not what OTHERS do. As for me, I have two-three sheets of paper full of notes, percentages, and various numbers and even notes about spell effectiveness in special in-game cases. If you still want to apply those horrible changes, please, at least allow people to hide their build (do a "Show/hide talents" option in-game just like you show/hide your helmet)...but anyway, you only need a couple of players running around with an overpowered build and showing it and that's it, just like a disease it will spread around between players and the only way you'ill be able to counter anything against those builds will be having the same or another broken one. 3-4 main builds will be dominating all the other ones and you won't be considered as viable unless you have one of those builds. You are going to kill the server.

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