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  1. I haven't done the math in a while, and unfortunately don't have the time to right now, but I recall using an Off-Hand being better than using Firestones, but I don't believe I've checked with Earthliving Weapon. When I have the time I can check it out. Well, you would need an offhand that have 116sp for it to be an upgrade. Valiant Shortsword = 16sp Weapon enchant = 30sp Earthliving = 35sp + 100% from talents
  2. Wait did someone say [Valiant Shortsword]
  3. So.. To do a full rotation of pws in 10man you need (1.132*9 + 1.5), 11.688s for GCD's and a flawless connection 0ms. PWS will be up for 15sec, This gives you 3.312s of "free" time befor you need to start the rotation again. If you want to pre shield an ability you no longer have the power to do so, unless the tank doesn't take any damage. While we at it, the RE [Strengthened Soul] reduces the Debuff of PWS by 1s stacking. If you use this you will have 0.312s of free time, add latency and you now have an RE that wont have its full potential at 3x. You have made PWS a 1 button spec.
  4. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. I guess 2804 absorb on a 25% proc with bis gear was to strong ;_; now we small bois :(((
  6. Anub'rekhan Using blink will put you bellow the world. Its not possible to use charge, no path. Adds walk through/into walls, becoming impossible to target (LoS) while they continue to cast.

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