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  1. i would drop your 2 points in Master shapeshifter and use 2 points in Unfair advantage. Unfair adavantage will do main hand weapon dps by its self when being attacked. works GREAT when your tanking things. Does Reckoning work with bear form???? i would go reckoning on any melee build if it works with bear.
  2. what kind of melee do you want? maelstrom Dual wield, Titans grip build, tank (pvp or pve) hybrid tank/dps lot and lots of options what play style do you want? should also check out the builds page if you can but as you are a guest you may not be able to?
  3. it pulls 1k dps agaisnt mobs, with no cleaves or AOE the unfair advantage destroys multiple mobs so farming leets is cake can even solo the tainted scar leets W/O kiting. so is gear and 1.5k Attackpower were the build falls short? is it lacking AP boosts to the point i cant hit hard enough to do any damage. all pvp'r have heals and this cant even overpower rejuv or renew...
  4. Hey guys i need a opinion. on this, before you see it know that i am dropping some spells i dont use/not worth due to lack of SP. i plan on getting revenge for starters and something for aoe/cleave. build will survive a fight for a few blows but its overwhelming lack of damage output is BAD, i took 12k damage in a dual before dieing but only did 5.5k. i am sitting on 800 attack power and using Bonereaver's edge. rest of the gear is just a bunch of ilvl 63 pvp blues.... https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:71:100:370:642:687:694:772:853:1044:1243:1499:1953:2983:4987:5277:6789:7294:7384:8232:15237:19885:20166:34428:123t5:128t3:130t3:131t2:246t3:303t1:641t3:681t1:1403t3:1426t4:1652t1:1676t1:1679t3:1698t1:1714t1:1721t3:1724t2:1751t3:1756t1:1860t2:2059t2:2064t1:2073t2:
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  8. There is a lot of heat against this. Do you fellows intend to work updated Character models to be worked in to go with the shiny transmogs you have? I have used the legion models and they worked mostly but they did cause random crashes for me.
  9. Thank you for your post bro, you da real mvp
  10. I use iron will w/mocking blow combined with unfair advantage and ghost strike and setup, gives you alot of parry to mit damage and on parry do main hand damage back at the attacker. super helpful agaisnt may mobs and elites. all builds are going to need some good gear this will be dependant on a good two hander. Wpvp is very unfair and your best bet will be to use Vanish and Sprint to just run from them.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Guys inspecting builds only removes the step of them asking someone for help on their own builds.... But i agree they should stay hidden. i have had a ball testing builds and tweaking them. i WISH IT WAS CHEAPER TO TWEAK A SINGLE SKILL THOUGHT!> god damn im broke trying to tweak my build. 100g everytime i fuck up is annoying.
  13. This needs a bump. incase the Dev's forgot about it and want to do something with it later. i was going to suggest a similar feat. Probly more for BC and Wrath. as you add Expansions the Crafting system is more and more useless with enchanting, jewelcrafting, and alchemy the exceptions. any work should be focused on Tailor/Blacksmith(Armorsmith and Weaponsmith)/leatherworking. I would love to see at least one set from crafted items in Vanila content BC and Wrath. And make it use ALOT of resources from a lot of low lvl content to get he value of those Items up. and the recipe HARD to get a drop. like worst than the sea turtle mount in wrath. example: Robes of the Ascendant: Requires 20 bolts of runecloth 20 bolts of linen 10 bolts of wool 5 light leather 3 heavy 1 enchanted Arcanite Bar 10 iridescent pearls 15 Pristine Black Diamonds 5 Red dye 20 heavy thread 10 rune thread 25 core of elements ETC lots of stuff make use of high and low lvl items to craft things YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give the items like 2 week CD so they cant flood the market.
  14. Yes this only substantiates my claim they should allow us to use the DK skins. Yeah i meant ingame, high elfs and trolls were hit in the scourge invasions also. so it should have been like 50% humans /30% high elfs /20% trolls. Slyvanas uses a DK skin, i'm 99% sure.

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