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  2. You should have Raiding gear Separate from PVP gear, And the PVP Gear is not as good as the PVE Gear for PVP, Thats a problem, Make the PVP Gear better, Or add A custom set of PVP Gear everyone can strive twords and the devs will only have 1 set to balance everything around, PVP Right now is abysmal, Also, Its hard to raid when the Population is majority EU and as an NA player i wake up dureing the nighttime for most of the EU, Meaning when im on the Population is at its lowest, So no, I cant just "Go Raid" unless you wanna make 5 man Raids
  3. By now, Ive gotten 2 Characters to max level, Ive had alot of Fun With leveling, and the Very little PVE ive done is fun, Only a few things id personally suggest On the leveling / PVE front Make Resets Completely Free or at least until 60 The resets are insanely expensive and you have no way to play around with builds because your locked into one before you can really try them all out, My first Character was completely Bankrupt essentially because id change abilities every level or so to try new stuff out, Having used all my purges at level 11 TL:DR Other wise the Leveling was pretty easy in comparison to other realms (I hate leveling ALOT but had fun the first time), The ability Cost system is crazy tho Now for the PVP Its Completely Broken, Full of Toxicity and tryhards the likes of which i havent even seen on retail, Me and my freinds Stopped even attempting pvp as we literally felt like we where doing 0 Damage and couldn't even hit anything, Most our team just ended up AFKING as realistically they said we had 0 chance of even trying to win Due to the other team Obliterating us before we could even react to them My suggestions for PVP would be The retail route Make Gear nearly irrelevant, Skill should matter more, In CSGO, You dont get OP guns with +1000000000000000000000 Damage, Any competitive game should be completely even playing field, Ive said this to some and they call me a "Retail baby noob" But i used to PVP on retail FAR before any Attempt at balancing was even made and i can say even at retails worse It was NEVER this unbalanced, My suggestion is Nerf the Hell out of people in brackets, The more gear you have the Lower handicap you have, In some fashion that would make everyone nearly the same in HP, Armor, Damage, ECT Use gearscore or something to judge how hard to nerf individuals, I know some people who like slamming people with 0 Resistence will say "Lmao ur so bad git gud noob just get gear" But you have to understand from the casual players POV, Getting completely Destroyed 2 milliseconds after spawning Really turns people off, It may be fun, And i can admit destroying low level players is fun, But in a competitive serious setting it should never happen My Friends refuse to even play with me if i wanna pvp saying its the worst thing they have ever experienced in any game they have ever played For now i stick to PVE, Atleast its actually fun and not statistically impossible at lower gear TL:DR Retail did it better, And so can we with Time Thanks for lowering the price of resets tho All in all this is a VERY Fun realm, One of the best Modded realms i have EVER played on and i love it, I just wish the PVP could get the same love and Care PVE and the leveling experience does, Thanks, Love you guys ❤️

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