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  1. I like being a bg hero but bgs really died on ls so i swapped to andorhal to clean up in bgs. This is hermacles-ls/ pugslayer-andorhal
  2. When the Elemental Devastation RE gets fixed i will drop the talent. Giving 3 additional talent points for haste/total damage talents and most likely replace the 15 agi on weapons with the Ele devastation then put crusader enchant from enchanting on my weapons. Might try mace spec with the Empyrean Destroyer for additional haste which means more poison, bleed, seal of command, and any other procs that are running.
  3. Glad to see people posting builds again in the forums. Very nice in depth build.
  4. changed my stance to battle stance for 10% arp at the cost of 3% crit.
  5. White hits are what I am assuming you are saying it doesnt affect. If you check recount white hits without using heroic strike are around 23% of the damage. If you do utilize heroic strike you should have half as many white hits. so 12% of the damage wont be affected. so roughly 3 pts for a 4.5% dmg increase seems really good.
  6. Tested Ranged weapon spec vs no ranged weapon spec and my damage is increased across the board by 5%. I also tested against hunger for blood and with both. With just hunger for blood and no ranged weapon spec the damage numbers were very similar and with both hunger for blood and ranged weapon spec there was a further increase. Also, I tested no hunger and no ranged weapon spec. For this test I bought 2 white 2.7 weapons in valley of heroes. and applied only deadly poison and instant poison so as to not get crusader procs and taint the damage calculations. Zero buffs were used, no totems and no wolf. the rotation was just hemo execute and eviscerate with slice and dice up. So, in conclusion Ranged weapon spec does increase all damage.
  7. oh you are right about the imp zerker stance thought it was still 3% per point not just 2 gonna drop cruelty and test with 3/3 deadliness and deep wounds I mean i can be greedy and drop the raid buffs that everyone else brings but like i said at the end of my post just a basic spec so i need to proc stuff to test on the target dummies.
  8. Drop Retri aura for cleave. Was testing Retri aura 3% increased dmg talent.
  9. ur right was wrong spec when i copied the build code
  10. Now that you may or may not have used my previous bg/grinding build to gather some cash lets spend it. This build was inspired by assassin rogues of WOTLK combined with combat rogues. With as little as 74 itemlevel you can post 3k dps. Melee breakpoints - you will aim for as much hit as you can gather as poisons require spell hit cap. assuming someone is using improved faerie fire on the boss you will need 14% spell hit or 112 hit rating. -melee hit is also very important dual wielding gives a 25% miss penalty. i would recommend at least 180 hit rating to make sure your poisons are able to proc because you can't proc on a miss. I am at 210 hit rating. -You will need 26/26 expertise in your character sheet. Bosses have an inherent 6.5% dodge chance. Dodges make zero dps. Also, attack everything from behind or u will get parried. -Slow weapons benefit the most from haste buffs. Faster weapons swings lead to more poison applications, more rage generation, talent procs, and more weapon procs. currently post 1.4 attack speed self buffed. - overall more hit is better but min is 112 Gearing ***denotes my current gear set helmet Bloodfang lionheart*** Deathdealer's neck prestor's Talisman*** shoulder Deathdealer's field marshals warrior PVP*** mantle of wicked revenge cloak cloak of concentrated hatred*** chest Deathdealer's Bloodfang*** wrist Quiraji Execution bracers*** gloves aged core leather gloves*** belt Bloodfang onslaught girdle*** pants Deathdealer's marshal's warr Bloodfang General's rogue PVP*** boots Deathdealer's chromatic boots boots of the shadow flame*** ring signet of the bronze dragon*** ring band of accuria*** trinket drakefang talisman*** trinket darkmoon card maelstrom/blackhand's breath*** MH Deathbringer*** OH Deathbringer*** Ranged striker's mark*** Enchants Helm/Leg -ZG hunter Shoulder- AP Gloves - haste Chest - Stats Wrist - Strength Boots - Agility Weapons -15 agi MH- instant poison OH- deadly poison Random Enchants 2x Holy strength 3x sudden death 1x a quick death 25% melee haste 1x survival of the fittest 2% stats 1x one handed weap spec 2% inc ALL dmg purple one 1x cut to the chase renew snd 1x divine str 3% str 1x crusade 2% phys dmg 1% all 1x deadliness 2% atack power 2x weapon expertise 8 expertise(u may need a 3rd one but im orc so only need 2x) 3x improved poisons Build Code :5171:100:1126:8512:6552:1680:20252:2458:1856:5308:6673:2842:78:8936:1953:66842:965200:5384:2098:1490:13161:20217:8075:2071t1:268t5:2185t3:602t3:662t2:1362t3:682t3:1481t1:2074t2:2078t1:827t1:1659t1:1645t3:165t1:1702t3:1703t2:1709t1:2250t3:1662t3:1755t3:1827t2:121t3:681t1: currently changed to battle stance from berserker stance. Under 30% crit use zerker above 30% use battle stance. Pet Wolf Rotation Always keep up your Hunger for blood buff 1x a minute is not much to ask for. Much like a Wotlk Assassin rogue you will start a fight by doing a 1 point Slice and Dice followed by hunger for blooding and then a 1 point eviscerate. Now you will prioritize your Execute procs whenever they are up weaving Hemo in when needed and eviscerating at 5 combo points. At 20% boss life you will Execute only and Eviscerate only to refresh your Slice and dice. Whirlwind is a filler if you have no energy or Execute isn't procced, however if multiple enemies are around i recommend only whirlwinding after a 5 pt Eviscerate as you can drop combo points on your main target because of 1/3 points in Honor among Thieves. Final Thoughts This is a basic spec. If you raid you can get together with other melee so you can optimize your Talent trees. Picking up improved Windfury totem, Turn the Tables in Assassin rogue, or even getting extra hit rating/expertise if you are missing some Enlightened judgements Holy pala tree/rogue trees. I hope this inspired you with your own builds and you can take away some ideas and make this build your own. Good luck and have fun.
  11. I have enjoyed this spec long enough thought i would share it with the community Bascially hots up decoy tank 5 ppl win bg. ok i have a lot of questions about starter gear. Even i didnt start with epics i started with blue pvp gear. The idea is to get 3 diff sets of 2pc bonus for maximum spellpower. Cloth items have the most base sp so you will be fine there. code for the build :3034:25780:15237:774:130:168:139:17:13163:71:1120:980:1953:7294:1454:19263:498:781:20217:1243:29166:4987:2059t2:2235t1:1223t3:1244t5:1281t1:1282t1:1388t2:1501t3:2064t1:788t1:2138t1:1640t3:1672t1:1698t1:1723t3:1731t1:1751t3:1756t1:1783t2:1790t3:128t3:1242t3:1848t2:1858t1:1910t1:1634t2: updated with the new naxx patch since we got 3% more DR from tac mastery and lost body and soul RE :3034:25780:15237:774:130:168:139:17:13163:71:1120:980:1953:7294:1454:19263:498:781:20217:1243:29166:4987:2059t2:2235t1:2279t2:1223t3:1244t5:1281t1:1282t1:1388t2:1501t3:2064t1:788t1:2138t1:1650t1:1672t1:1698t1:1723t3:1731t1:1751t3:1756t1:1783t2:1790t3:128t3:1242t3:1848t2:1858t1:1910t1:1634t2: Example Starting Gear Set: helm- priest pvp helm shoulders- priest pvp shoulders chest- warlock pvp chest hands- warlock pvp hands legs- mage pvp legs boots- mage pvp boots rings- 2x maidens circle neck- any sp blue neck trinket 1- pvp trinket 60 ilvl one trinket 2- cheap ilvl 60 for farming wrist - any blue with sp back- any blue with sp belt- any blue with sp weapon- most important part of this spec u need a 2h that is NOT a staff. high int and stam will do. I use Hammer of the Grand Crusader. Finkel's lava dredger is also good value. ranged weapon- you NEED a bow, crossbow, or gun for pvp to fire viper sting, otherwise for farming any ilvl ranged slot will work but prefer to still be able to fire viper sting. Epic Gear Set For your final set you want to Itemize both spell power and stats and the Nemesis set for the 130 resistances for your pet. Always look for off pieces with maximum spellpower, stamina and intelligence. SP trinkets for maximum hots/dots. Wizards oils will be used in the spec if you don't want to use wizard oil feel free to pick up flametongue weapon or earthliving weapon. Stat Allocation 150 stat points into stamina 63 stat points into intellect Finally, once you have farmed some gold you can build your spellpower and survivablility. I recommend gear with spellpower, stamina, and int. For farming I recommend only Fel communication on items that you use that cost more to repurchase than to insure. Have a separate gearset that you can farm in and maintain ilvl to drop raid loot yet not lose your best other items. Addons and macros: Grid/Healbot -- you are support so you need to keep allys alive Decursive --- helps with cleansing bad stuff off you and your allies Atlasloot -- look up gear that you may need for set bonuses (zg, mc, bwl, aq20/40 and pvp gearsets) ilvl macro to check you/your targets ilvl-- /ins /run local t,c,u=0,0,UnitExists("target") and "target" or "player" for i =1,18 do if i~=4 then local k=GetInventoryItemLink(u,i) if k then local _,_,_,l=GetItemInfo(k) t=t+l c=c+1 end end end if c>0 then print(t/c) end disengage macro-- #showtooltip disengage /cast [target=YOURNAMEHERE] slow fall /cast disengage Grid mouseover heal basic macro- to create for each heal just replace the heal name in the macro ( rejuvenation, riptide, or power word: shield) #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,exists] renew; renew Random Enchants: 3x demonic resilience - 18% less dmg taken to demon 1x spell warding - 3% less spell dmg taken 3x nerves of steel - 15% less dmg taken while stunned/feared 1x divinity - 3% more healing 1x protector of the pack - 3% less dmg 1x survivalist -3% stam 1x survival of the fittest - 2% all stats 3x blaze ward - aoe fire dmg when hit good for grinding/melee 1x blood craze - small passive heal over 6 seconds when crit 1x slot for any RE Endless agony or any other survival RE.
  12. The real question should be how many points do felguard specs talent to make their "spell" viable compared to another pvper talent investment to their main ability. If the investment is far less for the dmg caused per second note a felguard has a 2 second swing timer and assuming a melee slow on the felguard would slow to 2.4 seconds per swing. now 1k from what im reading in the forum post every 2.4 seconds is a terrible dps. On the other hand if you are complaining about heals/hots, purge is strong. deterrence- you can cheap shot ppl through deterrence then go into a stun And finally saying wow takes skill i have played a ton of pvp from tbc - wotlk and most classes run 5-6 buttons which doesn't take much skill. I've seen too many ppl bubble vanish on this server so much its ridiculous we should just get rid of those instead. Finally, one spec is not supposed to win against every other spec, which i doubt felguard spec does.
  13. two words... holy nova. Also u don't need to be in shadow form for shadow embrace to heal
  14. hm dunno if u can be in defensive stance and bear form at the same time. If u cannot drop the defensive stance.... Also you could take Righteous fury and pick up 3 pts into imp righteous fury for 6% dmg reduction instead of the 2% from the survival hunter.
  15. seems alright against melee but i see problems against casters,
  16. nice, any gear preference for this build or is just jsut max spell power and crit gear?
  17. Yea too many cry babies on this server so this will be my last season. I took a season off of POE and man i can't say how much i miss it after this ridiculous folding of the devs. Those devs have to be pretty damn limber considering how far they are willing to bend over for the donors. Poe is far better and does what ascension wants to do. Devs are too afraid to shake up the environment because their "donors" say they will quit. Secondly these same donors bitch about specs that take longer than 20 seconds to kill so they get that stuff nerfed all while keeping their private specs. Last I heard a meta should be a rock, paper, scissors format. Hell, I'm surprised these babies haven't asked for a t3 vendor because you know gotta make the kids happy. Anyway tis the life of a server the community ruins it eventually and it dies... farewell, the slayer of pugs
  18. TLDR I am used to 4v1 ppl for their farmed stuff and cannot 1v1.
  19. Yea, I am all for the inspecting of players it brings brand new players up to other players levels. When players are like hey I spent 400 hours making this build and perfecting it, think of the brand new player with 0 hours of experience. They don't know how talent interactions work, nor do they know the most value to TP spent. A new player gets 3 free respecs, which i know my first toon i was down to 1 respec when I hit 60, and I didn't even know where to farm. You players already have your BiS spec playing against players who are literally equivalent to lvl 30 mobs. They don't have a chance a pvp, yet you don't want a challenge. You are comparing people with 0 hours of experience on this realm to you who have 200+ hours and allowing players to make the leap in played hours only helps the server population. I will liken this to M:tG which is another game I enjoy. I would rather a new player copy a build on the internet to run a viable deck because it gets boring for me to beat this player over and over when they clearly have no chance at winning. If a player has no chance of winning a game I have seen them quit, because losing all the time is no fun for them. We allow players to play with proxies so that we can use our old cards in the playgroup and they don't have to spend $200 min per card just to make their decks competitive to ours. I would rather have a competitive environment than zero competition and rolling people every time we met up. This change as a good thing. We can see devs properly balance talents/specs rather than just throwing a dart at a dartboard of talents to see if any changes have a difference in the current meta. Finally, people are making such ridiculous assumptions that being able to inspect will kill the server. Do we have any proof that this idea from other servers like this caused it to fail, or are these people just pulling these ideas that it will kill the server out of thin air. A competitive PVP environment should actually force people to rethink their builds and make tweaks. Guys change is coming, that is life. Change may not always feel nice, but if it can help draw in new players to have a larger player pool, I am all for it. For all of you people saying you will quit, farewell... for a couple months. You will come back, you always come back.
  20. The idea of this server sounded fun. The leveling was great and fun choosing a spec and getting to 60 and the idea of getting raid gear as world drops. I started playing on this seasonal server, but i have noticed a large problem with world pvp at 60. The rich get richer preying off the weak. I started this server with high hopes, only to find that there are people on the server that prey on the weak making it impossible to farm up gear to be equal let alone get to enchanting benches to actually enchant gear. I have lost so much gear and money trying to get geared up to actually pvp that I am totally frustrated by it. The actual entry level into high end pvp is far too expensive to actually impossible to get to single player. For this reason alone it makes the game not fun to play. As a new player i tried my 3 respecs only to find they are bad and i ask players i see at 60 that do well in bgs and ask what their spec is only to be asked for 600g for the spec i don't even know if it truly is their spec. Whereas I have played on other servers where people are happy to talk about their pvp specs with you. My biggest problem is the tiers of lvl 60 pvp where for example in the game Magic the Gathering you have tier 1 players who if they play a standard tier 1 deck against a brand new player who just bought a few booster packs and slapped the cards together with a few lands will win 100% of the time. The new player asks for help and the good player is like pay me and ill help you... oh and you have to buy these cards for your deck. I would have tried to get some friends to play, but the fact that farming is a negative sum game making the rich richer, and the entry into pvp is such a steep curve that its impossible to obtain when you start late on the server. I realize some people like this this type of "pvp", however its not for my taste. I will go back to AT. Good luck with the server. I might check back if some sort of balance between fresh 60's and fully geared 60's is implemented but until then its just not fun to farm for 3 hours to lose all the possible profit by getting ganked 2x by ppl with full gear.

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