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  1. When I first started playing on Ascension and I couldn't play the Spec I wanted to play for reason stated here ( http://project-ascension.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10772-why-mutilate-sucks-and-no-non-veteran-player-should-ever-use-it-in-pve/ ). I started looking for other specs that could go down a similar gear set to get me to the point where I could play mutilate. That's when I learned about proc flurry In this post ill talk about why I refer to the sword spec change as a "bug fix" and how it could've been handled better, and how the fix is simple. The reason I refer to the Sword Spec change as a "bug fix" is because I think It was working how the re should've before with every sword spec re in itself having the ability to proc separately, there are other forms of this happening in other things such as elemental overload so in my honest opinion making it where every single re for sword spec has the same text as the talent is misleading as it should say increases the chance to proc your sword spec by 2%. With the change sword spec lost almost half of its extra hits per 100 auto attacks. The reason why sword spec was considered fun in my eyes. Was the same reason why alot of other specs were fun but for a different aspect. In most specs when sword spec was around the main goal was to find one thing a hammer as much power into it as possible which was the extra attacks the reason I don't feel this was broken because it wasn't a press one button and go afk it was a seemingly very involved spec that required using close to 6 abilities on rotation along with managing cds because just having extra attacks wasn't enough to make the spec raid viable and it still lost out to less involved spec in some instance take slam and alot of caster specs, frost bolt and lightning bolt to name a few which are 1 and 2 button specs. I think a simple fix of this would be just making it where ever sword spec re has its own chance to proc, or even if you feel like that would be to strong, going a round about way make both hack and slash and sword spec have an icd on both that is reduced based on melee hast or attack speed increases, making the talent PPM. making single minded fury disabled if you are using hack and slash and sword spec, there are so many ways to make proc flurry viable without feel like its gonna become op, but it seems like the devs decided to gut the spec instead of making it workable when it wasnt even super insane in the first place. Just to express to you I don't know if you saw the effect of how many people loved and played sword spec and worked to min max it as much as possible when it was viable but that was something that just felt really good about seeing your screen full on sword spec procs that can't be replicated in any other specs. I may have missed some ways to make sword spec better leave a comment for me on something you would change to make it better if you think all my suggestions were bad. Who knows maybe a dev will see this and change something. But in the end, what do I know, I'm just a filthy mutilate player.
  2. yes thats a talelnt that available to everyone but when tg and many other builds can use 2 expertise and also 1% extra dmg per point and mutilate cant use it because its locked to 2 handers i think you can tell wich one is a bit better
  3. Making find weakness re crit I feel is bad but cause it still forces people to take 4 3 ofs in a build wich makes you lose out on alot of dmg because youd be sacrifing a large amount of re space for them a lack luster re just taking poleaxe as an example wich is green it gives you 1% crit and 2% crit dmg wich is better in almost every way and still cost less
  4. To preface this is coming from the perspective of someone who started close to AQ ruins release and since I've played everyday since and still want to continue playing mutilate even while its bad but I a few suggestions that would make mutilate better but never even C+ tier imo. I will go though why i feels this way in terms of gear, unreplaceable talents, res, and then a finally synopsis. BTW this is purely relevant to PVE not PVP in anyway Gear-I am currently using deathdealers 5 set aswell as most best in slot off pieces for my spec I am currently only missing a few of the Bis off pieces namely my braces and still with that if i had the BiS bracers with the math I've done you would still barely be able to hit boss crit cap with res involved it requires 69% crit to make mutilate hit is full potential which makes it one if if not The single highest gear check to play in general with most specs you can play them at a way lower base gear requirement and getting better gear just adds better result. It is so high that even if I has DFT which is regarded as the best physical damage trinket in the game because i would lose 2% crit on my mutilate lowering my mutilate dmg substantially. Talents- Because of the way mutilate works you need the most expertise of any melee build because of the fact that even while behind the boss which in some instances may not be possible you need 6% expertise to be dodge immune which makes combat rouge combat expertise and 2 of the combat expertise res and arms warrior weapon mastery mandatory for that fact that if either strike of the mutilate is avoided in anyway the second hit will also be avoided wich will basically eat 50 energy with no return at all mean if you get unlucky even twice it will chew through 100 energy wich will force you to rely on energy regen wich was recently nerfed due to 3 stacking from 5 and mongoose bite which you will have to pray crits for some extra energy regen from focused attacks also you have to have punturing would and close quarters combat to be able to try to hit the 69% crit cap. Res- While having 3 already manditory res you miss out on 4% dmg for the fact that you have to take combat expertise res and the agi and 2% crit res are mandatory to hit the 69% crit requirement wich are 3x Close Quarts combat 2% crit on daggers, 3x Pucturing Wounds 4% crit on mutilate, 3x Focused Attacks-energy regen and, 2x combat expertise- gives expertise, 3% agi, I don't have a problem with maditory Res but almost all of these res are outpaced by res in other respective builds such as Poleaxe which since people are able to stack a large amount of crit now is a must as making your crits do more dmg is just a pure +, and savage strikes wich not raises the cit of one but both of the main melee hunter abilities which as a whole gives more crit that puncturing wounds for a lower orb cost and thats just to name a few. As a whole mutilate even with the dmg buff mut will still lose out to most builds at the same gear level because with the buff also comes a nerf to killer instinct wich will make us lose 1% crit which is devastating to this build more than any other build and with the talents that are manditory for us aswell as the talents that are needed for AQ 40 mutilate will never be able to get close to top dps because even after you hit crit cap that is your true cap as there is not much room for improvement with most build that can get lucky and crit more with their main abilities that not true to mutilate as youre at 100% crit on your main ability its hitting as had as it can almost nothing you can do without sacrificing things that are necessary will improve your dps. Some suggestions I have are to increase the crit chance on mutilate from Puncturing Wounds re or talent, or buffing Close Quarters combat re and or talent, or making it where when one hit from mutilate is avoided the other hit still has a chance to crit which will make it where you can still get procs energy from the mutilate legendary. But as a whole we will still most likely stay behind most other raid viable builds. But take this with a grain of salt because even if the devs see this and decide to nerf mutilate out of spite ill still play it because I love this build.
  5. Thats is why i think it is positive to be open minded about changes such as suggesting mut having a high chance to apply poisins and other things, I dont think mut needs to be reworked because unlike some other specs nothing really flows into mut well because when ive played mut currently and in the past mut did so much dmg that pressing eviserate feels bad and doesnt give much of an energy regen reward compared to using mut i think doing something as simple as making it where any damaging ability that use energy restores 10 energy on the legendary along side its current effect would also be a welcome change because i would be willing to have lower energy regen to to make the spec work as i like the theme of it. Also making it work with fist weapons would also be something that would be a good change but i think anything more would make the spec too good im not asking for any of these spec to be broken i just want them raised a bit.
  6. It seems like some build havent had the like shine on them in a long time and with the new set bonuses, It seems like alot wont for a very long time, I kinda wanna see some love giving to the underplayed specs. Lightning Bolt- For many reasons Lightning Bolt will never be able to compete with Frost Bolt most namely the fact that there are no Lightning Bolt tomes, and the build is mediocre I would kinda like to see Lightning Bolt pushed up in bower a bit because not only is Frost bolt the Spell Based Caster King I also feel like it take you using more ability essence and gold to make Lightning Bolt work. Mutilate- I know what many people are going to say Mutilate with the new set bonus should be amazing to be honest not really its still lacking damage behind alot of other Specs that can use the set bonus like TG WW and is almost still doing less damage than Sword Spec which was nerfed i think raising the damage on it or even making it where the ability itself has a high chance of applying poisins or even making it where Festering Wounds hits its poison dmg increase cap faster than 10 stacks and making it where it falls off slower so people with shitty rng or people who are newer to the game are able to play it a bit easier would go a long way for this skill Compared to some people who have been playing this server since its started im still realtively new and i know there are alot more specs who wants some love so I'd like to see some I missed in the comments I would so like to note im comparing these to what I know as BIS Raid DPS Specs Ex. Melee Hunter, Beast Master Hunter, Any Fucking Snapshot Abusing Hunter, TG WW Warrior, Frost Bolt, ect.

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