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  1. Why hello there, friends and foe, heroes and heroines! Tis I, Nuggy the friendly enchanter 😛 It has come to everyone's attention that the next season, which is wildcard only, won't be played by all players. It seems 50% want to and 50% dont. Not everyone(or most) will play like the previous season. So the main concern for people who wont play it is that the legacy servers will be too empty to do anything. So I have come up with an idea that could help to solve this issue! We need some incentive to invite more people into ascension servers! My proposal on discord was to have a massive giveaway for the person who recruits the most people, with crazy giveaways! @Kaladin likes this idea and has suggested that rather than it be an individual winner, we could make it a guild wide winner! I think this is a great idea! So the guild who recruits the most new players wins the event for a massive giveaway! I am writing here now to ask the community to help come up with some ideas for what the prize could be some of my ideas were something like, everyone gets 1 of each of the DP items from the ascension shop or 200dp each. Guild wide exp/reputation gain for a week or 2. Guild wide unique title, pet and mount. A set of gear that gets burned in 2 weeks which is the top tier ilvl, and cannot be dropped in world so you can safely farm for 2 weeks. Imagine having that for your whole guild!? I know <Orc Pack> would 😛 Once the prize suggestion has been confirmed by GMs then we can start the hunt for new heroes and start this event! We'll need the ascension team to post on Twitter so we can share, and come up with a way to legitimize the event so people don't cheat. Cheating would be foolish anyway, as you would lose in the end by not having more people on the servers. We could have a new DP item made which is free and designed for the event. RAF2 for all guild masters or Orcfficers (officers :p) to hand out so we know which guild has been recruiting. Even if your guild doesn't win, everyone will win in the end by having a greater population on this awesome server what do you think, heroes?! I know I'd love to see another 300 people on 😛 Please support this thread by sharing with others in the community I'm eager to see the ideas some of you come up with! Thank you friends and foe! I shall see you on the battlefield! -Nuggy
  2. Give us a "YAY" if you want this fine Australian to help keep the server clean and fun for all, at a time when the current GMs are sleeping, representing you all as the Oceanic GM for Project Ascension! My mission statement is... "Looking after the world, from down under, while the other GMs are asleep! I will promise to do my best to keep people in line, tone it down, and try to keep the peace amongst the fools!!". I'm not looking for anything but to help keep things in order, to keep the game enjoyable so I can continue playing for the unforeseeable future! Vote #1 for Nuggy! =D hH ( This should be fun 😛 )
  3. Why hello there, beautiful people Just calling in to say HIGH! How's it going? It's warm down here in Aus, and I don'y get much sleep! So I am mega thankful for this awesome server I plan on sticking around and would love to represent the AU peeps on the server! I haven't got much else to do so keep an eye out for you friend from convict island, Nuggettis! =D Love & Dark! hH

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