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  1. Time farm other AQT .... People just get 2x DArk Edg axe and we get AXE spec nerf TY!!
  2. WE need somthin new... People Bored...we each week miss 1 guy from me Raid Group cos people overgear and dont wana do same dungeon each week WE NEED NAXX
  3. But on Blizzard version WOW casters dont have 25% hast bonus)
  4. YEs Thunder Clap now good only on Aoe dmg... but single target.... if befor chenj me Cthundet Clap do 3.5k dmg and 1.8k dmg from set bonus ( cos if you have full T2.5 warior set your TC do 2x hit at one) but right now i have 2.5k+900 its more then 25% nerf and 19%AP scaling ... Now need again think there or how make it pleyable/or run other build( colect eq /find re)
  5. Hello, I have a ripe question. Why is the balancing team constantly destroying build after build ?? Why is it not possible to pull up Other Builds? Thunder Clap now generates 100% additional threat, from 120%. Thunder Clap now scales with 19.8% attack power, from 13.2%, and it's 2H weapon bonus has been reduced to ~25% bonus damage. This should result in about 12% less damage while using a 2H weapon and about 29% increased damage while a 2H is not equipped. Thunder Clap Build gona die... then rest build pull out 3k + dps TC can`t do so much... Melee hunter /instant pyroblast/Holy caster/Shot hunter with sam eq do much more dps then rest builds. Why not just balance up to about the same damage?? Why?? Each time we farm equipment for new Build... play 2 month and thet we got ??? NERF.... Nerf...Nerf... and again time to farm equipment. I dont have so much space in me bank to save whole eq wich one i need.... Ty
  6. Som one just kill Thunder Clap BUILD!
  7. Can you make Thunder Clap usable in Berserk Stance?? Cos you rework [In For the Kill] and now people who run Thunder Clap build dont use this re .We cant reser Rend duration and i dont see reason Use battle stance. Befor whole server use Battle stans and [In For the Kill] cos in this stance Rend can crit... Right now i will beter use Berserk Stance and run full str to get more AP, and drop all me agility talant Ty
  8. http://prntscr.com/mdveb8 Red - 3-4 viem Bleck - 1-2 viem All mine gone..... Befor this hapen i do circul run and whole way and farm 24/36 viem on way Right now i can find 2-3 viem on circul run
  9. We went in the wrong direction! At start Re sistem give you choise wich one spell/ability you gona impuve But it should not be so, in normal server how much ability you use on fight? must be : 1x leg re 2x rare 3x blue 4x green 5x white And make not stacable tire re. and you will choise put 2x re rare about will give 18% inc dmg/healing or add 3x blue re about will give 21% dmg/healing
  10. HI, im run STR tg... each time i pass agil eq to other peoplein me raid teame( cos dont have spase in me bank) now im dont have geare to do som other build.. me dps will be low ...insta guild kick TY
  11. it would be nice to look at the damage at this time before the change. Because you first nerf one and UP Other specs. With my TG, I put less damage with my TG like Hunters, Holy, SoR and Hibrid people

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