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  1. Thank you very much for this detailed post, its always nice the devs communicate their plans and ask for feedback. Also, as an online marketing expert, im very glad to hear that you are updating your webpage, I really do think that it will improving the ergonomics of the website will help you to get more customers, will help us to get more players. On the other hand, im quite worried about the sulfuras buff (not really about the buff itself, rather the message it sends to the communiy). In my opinion there is already an incredibly huge gap between the new players and old players, both gear and skillwise. Although this is pretty normal in wow, in this server this gap is multiplied by the nature of RE-s and the classless system, which requires astounding amount of grind and knowledge about the game - knowledge that you can not acquire anywhere else. This is even worse considering how little guides are out there, and how outdated are the guides which are actually available, and how reluctant are the players to share their builds, even in pve. After you, the devs, taking a big step in the right direction - making the very strong epic pvp items available (which can be farmed by basically afking/getting oneshotted in pvp by the veterans, but thats another topic), you immidiately take a step back, and buff a weapon that is basically only owned by veterans. I really do think the server's LEAST important problem is the state of legendary weapons, and I find it sad that you are catering for a very small amount of minmaxing veterans, instead of focusing on keeping the newcomers by giving them multiple catchup mechanisms, and helping them have a fair shot against the guys who've been farming orbs and testing builds since the inception of the server. With all due respect, I recommend you to redistribute the working hours you planned to spend on buffing legendary weapons and sets, instead spend it on updating the talent calculators, creating guides which actually present meta builds instead of Firestarter which fails to do 1k dps, and implementing catchup mechanisms, which will help newcomers to get gear, to get ready for BWL and AQ. If the rumors I heard are true, you all have nothing to lose: as TBC is coming soon, all gear will become obsolete very quick anyways, so dont be shy to cater for the fresh 60s. Regards, An honest fan of your project.

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