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  1. updated Nature Prophet and Frostfang articles according to the new patch
  2. updated Healer Holy nova article according to the new patch
  3. updated SMF build according to the new patch
  4. thank you appreciate that
  5. due to this changes you make fireball and frostbolt complitely irrelevant comparing to lightning bolt perfomance. Also, please can we have atleast dmg buff for frostbolt in pvp for maelstrom users, so maelstrom increase 3% dmg on frostbolt per stack to make it perform atleast somehow near fireball/lightning bolt with its 25% pvp mod. also imho applying pvp mods directly on spells reduces variety of builds , for example i would rather run frostbolt in SoR build but due to 25% pvp mod and low base dmg this spell w/o any investment cant compete with others(fireball/light bolt) , you'd better apply pvp mods on re's and talents than spells itself
  6. finished Single Minded Fury guide and fixed Fire hybrid article
  7. Created with open to edit for every one such articles as: Greedy Demon spawn locations Daily turn in materials list Please help me to complite these articles with your help Also started new PVP build article about Single Minded Fury(SMF)
  8. these builds were made specifically for pvp on LS, throughout the year playing on LS i've seen barely 2 people with this neck so im trying to be realistic, but you are right kazzak neck will be bis for any hybrid build, plz feel free to point my mistakes if there are more, i would be glad to make changes if there are any ways to improve them.
  9. Finished Fire hybrid article
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MWdmUQjkpKOTaD8eMPI6PTZOKo_4HPQcMXqQ7-0DsN8/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Finished Mutilate hybrid guide
  12. Finished Treasure Hunt article
  13. Finished article about dual weild nature hybrid
  14. began work on an article about nature hybrid
  15. Finished holy nova article

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