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  1. i mean these 2 topics that ive mentioned dont rly fit into list of all topics in 1st post , that is why i am asking
  2. @Kaladin do you need articles about mystic orbs farming and about some good pvp builds?
  3. yep ive alrdy tested it great job
  4. it is an old report but i just still wondering why it was removed because it was working as intended and this change just killed whole archetype
  5. Please bring back that frostbrand cause proc fingers of frost , it was working as intended , you just killed whole frost hybrid spec remowing this mechanic
  6. warlock pets stamina and int changes(aka buffs) doesnt update character spreadsheet while you have demonic knowledge talent , so you have to resummon pet to get these 20 additonal sp after your pet gets buffed with might and fort
  7. This is absolutely stupid , for my new build i need around 100+ orbs and since dme was fixed elems are the only relivant way to farm orbs on this server , and what we see now in the past 2 days , one day they didnt spawn at all , second day they were only 1h , so im literally stuck in lacking of orbs probably for about 2 weeks and stuck in my old build , no strict schedule when they spawn , no strict time for how long they last , nice system devs full freedom.

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