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  1. once again being updated, v1.81 is out on the discord above
  2. Any news on if we can get an Alliance version of Warchiefs Blessing in this patch...
  3. Additionally, here's a full list of a lot (might not be all) off-set items that imo suck from naxx. Patchwerk: Cloak of Suffering (BWL/AQ cloaks are better) Grobbulus: The End of Dreams (C'thun mace is better) Midnight Haze (C'thun mace is better) Glacial Mantle (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Icy Scale Shoulders (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Gluth: Digested Hand of Power (mp5 : ) ) Thaddius: Spire of Twilight (Nice SP, but the Mp5 and lack of crit is going to turn off almost every healer, especially with better staff options at other points in the raid) Anub'Rekhan: Gem of Nerubis (PvP item, basically) Band of Unanswered Prayers (Low SP when compared to other rings from previous tiers) Touch of Frost (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Grand Widow Faerlina: Polar Shoulder Pads (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Icebane Pauldrons (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) The Widow's Embrace (C'thun mace is better) Malice Stone Pendant (PvP item, basically) Maexxna: Pendant of Forgotten Names (mp5 only neck, omegalul) Instructor Razuvious: Veil of Eclipse (PvP item, basically) Wand of the Whispering Dead (pretty bad SP for a wand) Idol of Longevity (*insert clown emoji here*) Gothik the Harvester: Glacial Headdress (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Polar Helmet (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) The Four Horsemen: Maul of the Redeemed Crusader (bad stats all round) Warmth of Forgiveness (mp5 and a proc that gives less mana than lifetap, on a 3min cd, epic trinket) Noth the PLaguebringer: Totem of Flowing Water (yikes, 10 mana) Libram of Light (...) Noth's Frigid Heart (previous HIOH are better from previous tiers) Heigan the Unclean: Icy Scale Coif (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Icebane Helmet (This will suck if FrostRes is useless, if it's not then you can safely ignore this item on this list) Necklace of Necropsy (this is like on par with Choker of the FIre Lord... a MC item) Loatheb: Ring of Spiritual Fervor (MP5 only ring, yikes) Sapphiron: Sapphiron's Right Eye (bad stats for an off-hand) Resilience of the Scourge Enchant -> Can we change the MP5 to haste or something, Kel'Thuzad: Shield of Condemnation (it's a pvp shield for healers, but the stats still suck sorta) Bear in mind that I'm not hugely knowledgeable about melee stats or tank stats, so items with those stats should be reviewed separately
  4. @itswicky are we going to see re-itemization on any other items in Naxx? Some of them are pure shite on Ascension (Looking at you, Warmth of Forgiveness)
  5. Except, you've only mentioned uptime for Priest, not druid.
  6. So Druid 8set is absolutely busted and there's no reason to pick anything else then. Priest 8set grants you 100 spell haste IF a target is below a certain HP. Druid 8set grants you 100 haste AND 10% healing on all heals??? Where is the balance there
  7. Hi all. I'm just going to keep it short and make a bulletpoint list of some concerns and questions I have and I have heard over the last few days in the hopes that maybe someone from the team can address them: - Firstly, a large concern during PTR testing of Naxxramas was the absolute lack of explanation that some fights had regarding their adapted or new mechanics. Faerlina is a great example of this, with spell tooltips not correctly explaining the new mechanics, or in some cases not existing at all. - Why are the PvE balance changes, being locked behind a TWITTER POLL? Community engagement is great, but messing us around by delaying important balance changes just to boost your twitter engagement is not. We've seen this before with content releases (retweet us 100 times and we'll give you new side content). If you haven't noticed, this does nothing but frustrate your own community... - Achievements! Are we getting Realm First achievements? If so is the R1st achievement just going to be for KT, or other bosses as well? - Attunement?? This was not present on PTR and nothing has been mentioned about it, are we having one or not? - Why were the construct and frost wings not tested on PTR? Is the team now confident enough in their own ability to self-test raids lol
  8. You still have to stand within the beam though, right? You're just able to move around inside the beam I assume, and if that is the case what is the radius of the beam edit: also nice job with the additional changes to the Paladin Set, it's starting to become useful now 😛
  9. Apologies, I read 35 crit bonus as 5%. The fact that it's 2.5% means the paladin set is even worse, you call it the crit set but you can get MORE crit using off-set items. I strongly believe it is the weakest of the healer sets rn & clearly I'm not the only one
  10. So this is an additional 8% crit on the Paladin set, which already had 5% crit, to give it 13% crit. If I was to compare this to random SP/crit items, I'd be looking at the following: Head: 2% (Frostfire/Mish'undare) Shoulders: 1% (Rime Covered Mantle) Chest: 2% (Stormcallers) Wrist: 1% (Soul Harvester's Bindings) Hands: 1% (Gloves of Ebru) Belt: 1% (Eyestalk Waistcord) Legs: 2% (Leggings of Polarity / General(Marshal)'s Mail leggings) Feet: 1% (Plagueheart/Frostfire Sandles) Ring: 1% (Frostfire/Ring of Eternal Flame/Ritssyn's) On the Paladin T3 set, the replacement items for the 2% crit (Head/Chest/Legs) all already have crit on them. So, if I change from the crit-offset to Paladin 8set, I'll gain a whopping total of 2% crit, now lets look at the rest of the set bonus. The 2set is okay, but it's really nothing special, especially considering it's a Naxx set. The priest and druid 2sets have no restrictions on their respective procs, where as this 2set does. I think a suggestion further up said to make it when above 50% and below 50%. That would make this set bonus much more competitive when compared to priest and druid. As for the 6set, in general they seem to be utility. This bonus is quite nice for self healing. Nothing else really to say about that. Now let's evaluate the 8set and talk about the obvious flaw with it. Movement. Lots of the fights in Naxxramas require the healer to move, and lots more require members of the raid to move. This set bonus will require raid members to STAND IN PLACE (within the radius of the consecration heal) in order for your bonus to be applied. This 8set is absolutely appauling when compared to the druid 8set (huge stats if you stand in the beam of light to increase your healing, only requires you to stand in place) or the priest set, which is a less powerful buff but it allows you to move. Overall, the Paladin set is very very average, if I use off-set items I gain lots of SP but lose a tiny bit of crit, not to mention the extremely poor set bonuses that the Paladin boasts. This set is going to go relatively unused in its current state, and I would suggest significant buffs are needed to those bonuses. @itswicky
  11. @Peel2g Spell Barrage and Arcane Barrage are different things just FYI, not sure how that actually impacts AM as I don't play the spec, but worth keeping in mind
  12. tldr; People were making a ton of xp off of Enchanting and Cooking (at low levels) by just farming it until around 60-100 skill, then relearning it and repeating. They added a few hour xp-lock after unlearning a profession, previous skill# has nothing to do with it. You just won't get xp for a few hours after unlearning (or maybe learning) a profession.
  13. Sky


    Current Andorhal has seen multiple server merges though, which is what I think he meant to say. Sargeras -> Andorhal (or LS) Doomhammer -> Cenarius -> Andorhal Bloodscalp -> Andorhal and LS Ravenholdt -> Andorhal (or LS)
  14. To be fair, it was just me and Jinjab, give credit where credit is due at least ^^
  15. Maybe you're getting downvoted because you're wrong. Andorhal has a ton of guilds clearing AQ, way more than LS in fact. LS has 3x 10man (Yikes, CHINA, Fae Serrar (6/9?)) and 1x 25man (Yikes) Andorhal has 12x 10man (toxicity x4, Hyperion, The Anglers (2/9), Exiled x2, Long Live Cenarius (8/9), HordeGuards (8/9), Oblivion, Synergy) and 2x 25man (Exiled, toxicity) Just saying?
  16. The only way we can push for change is if we continue to stand up and make a lot of noise, eventually they'll have to respond ^^
  17. I'd actually be open to this as well, my concern is (hopefully) pushing the team to get Alliance and Horde on an equal playing field, doing this DOES achieve that. That being said, they're likely to face some backlash from removing it, where as there would be minimal-no backlash for adding it to Alliance as well ^^
  18. Hi there, This post is dedicated to outlining to, as the title says, outlining why the Horde dominates Alliance on all four realms on Ascension, causing free faction transfers to be needed and what the Ascension team can do to fix it. Firstly, World Buffs. To put it simply, Horde have access to an extremely powerful, easily obtainable and repeatable world buff that Alliance do not have access to. Warchief's Blessing. This grants a whopping 15% melee haste, as well as a small amount of MP5 and a health boost. In order to balance this, I suggest adding a way for Alliance (and Outlaws, maybe in Booty Bay?) to recieve Warchief's Blessing (renamed, if you like (Outlaw's Blessing / Highlord's Blessing)). This issue is a relatively simple fix (the Alliance repeatable quest is to kill Drakkisath, instead of rend, so this quest could be made to award the buff Q-ID: 5102) Secondly, racials. This issue is a harder one to fix, but does have multiple solutions. To put it bluntly, the power of Horde racials is vastly greater than the available Alliance racials. Orc racials for damage dealers are insane, with a racial related to Axes (some of the most powerful weapons currently), a racial related to pet damage and their active racial, granting SP and AP. Trolls also make the list with their Haste active racial, which provides a whopping 25% haste, which is absolutely insane for healers and casters. Meanwhile Alliance have... nothing even remotely as useful as those Horde racials, so, what can be done? As I see it, there are two options, firstly is the controversial yet very popular idea of introducing pickable racials. Secondly, racials could actually be balanced to give Alliance a chance, however I am not confident in this option, as it is often cited as the reason for not adding pickable racials, and so far the team has failed at implementing option two.
  19. How can you make a statement on what you believe the other realms to be like when you haven't even played them? Seasonals progress through the content, right now Season 3 is on MC, but soon (I think) will be getting BWL and maybe even AQ, so you'd have the exact same opportunity to get geared as the legacy realms. The problem with this on a permanent WC server, is eventually people will farm enough spell reset scrolls to make the "perfect optimal builds" to counter you perfectly. Wildcard realms are great for shifting the gameplay, but once you hit 6, 12, 18 months in, it will end up in a similar state to the legacy realms in terms of PvP, just harder to adjust your build as the meta shifts.
  20. https://project-ascension.com/news It's literally the second article.
  21. It seems their priority is short term gains, rather than long term retention, sad, this is AQ release 2.0. I remember when we were promised "never again" after an almost 12 month wait between BWL and AQ, and yet here we are. First bosses in AQ dropped in September, and we're almost at July, yikes. :PepeSweetSad:
  22. Still NOTHING? No update, no tweets, no communication, no releases, no changelog/notes of changes. Nothing. : )
  23. This build has been reworked from the ground up, I reviewed all available talents for PoH and this should be just about as optimal as you can get it.
  24. So naxx development seems to have really slowed down, at least from the perspective of a player. We went from rapid wing releases to one wing in over a month (and one that felt rushed at that) Can we get an update on the status of development, on the release schedule for PTR wings, and a more accurate release than Dutch saying "I updated the timeline, it's accurate now!" in world chat and the timeline saying May (which obviously isn't happening)

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