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  1. How can you make a statement on what you believe the other realms to be like when you haven't even played them? Seasonals progress through the content, right now Season 3 is on MC, but soon (I think) will be getting BWL and maybe even AQ, so you'd have the exact same opportunity to get geared as the legacy realms. The problem with this on a permanent WC server, is eventually people will farm enough spell reset scrolls to make the "perfect optimal builds" to counter you perfectly. Wildcard realms are great for shifting the gameplay, but once you hit 6, 12, 18 months in, it will end up in a similar state to the legacy realms in terms of PvP, just harder to adjust your build as the meta shifts.
  2. It seems their priority is short term gains, rather than long term retention, sad, this is AQ release 2.0. I remember when we were promised "never again" after an almost 12 month wait between BWL and AQ, and yet here we are. First bosses in AQ dropped in September, and we're almost at July, yikes. :PepeSweetSad:
  3. Still NOTHING? No update, no tweets, no communication, no releases, no changelog/notes of changes. Nothing. : )
  4. This build has been reworked from the ground up, I reviewed all available talents for PoH and this should be just about as optimal as you can get it.
  5. So naxx development seems to have really slowed down, at least from the perspective of a player. We went from rapid wing releases to one wing in over a month (and one that felt rushed at that) Can we get an update on the status of development, on the release schedule for PTR wings, and a more accurate release than Dutch saying "I updated the timeline, it's accurate now!" in world chat and the timeline saying May (which obviously isn't happening)
  6. Version 1.54 is now available for download on the OBM Discord!
  7. Version 1.53 (hotfix) is now available and version 1.54 is in development! You can get new versions on the OBM Discord!
  8. We are currently looking to recruit the following: Blue Team: 1x DPS 1x DPS with a Tank OS 1x DPS with a Healer OS Red Team: 2x DPS 1x DPS with a Tank OS If you are interested, join our Discord, invite code is in the OP.
  9. This has been updated with all the latest changes 150 int / 63 str
  10. Hey there, you should speak to Kaladin, Lost or Dutch over Discord. You should also check that you purchased it on the right realm (check if any of your characters on the other realms with the same name have got the item in their mailbox). Hope this helps
  11. Hey! You should probably message Kaladin, Lost or Dutch on Discord
  12. LS players may want a merge, but the vast majority of Andorhal players do not, move along ty.
  13. There's a few reasons why looking to merge Andorhal and Laughing Skull in to one hybrid risk realm is a bad idea: - You will lose the LS players who play for the PvP, most of their juicy targets will now be hanging around in no-risk - You will lower retention from the low-risk Andorhal players -> Why would they bother to continue to run old raids like BWL for those last few items they need when they can just buy them? - One server cannot support the population of Andorhal + Laughing Skull + all three seasonal realms when the seasonals end LOL. The seasonal realms rn can barely support their pop and are laggy as heck. Merging all five servers in to one will not work. - Not to mention the variety of bugs associated with the Hybrid risk system (Low-risk players can KILL high risk players in sanctuary zones, steal their loot) -- This was called an intentional mechanic by dutch in DMs to the player who was killed. This is just one example of the bugs with Hybrid risk, but there are design flaws too. Such as the fact that High-risk isn't risky at all, as people just queue for bg/dungeon to escape a gank lol. If they continue down this path they will lose so much, I cannot fathom the need to merge Andorhal into LS. Merging them in is a net loss of players.... LS probably shouldn't be hybrid risk, Andorhal definitely shouldn't be hybrid risk...
  14. Version 1.52 is now available for download on the OBM Discord!
  15. Version 1.51 is now available for download on the OBM Discord!

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