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  1. Hello there, I would like to start by saying "Yes i know it's General Discussion. Suggestions part of the forum doesnt seem to be working so this will have to do." My name is Frick, I've been tanking on Ascenaion for over a year now. Through out my time here i noticed that Tank specs are locked into few REs. SnB - critical block and shield block cd reduction; Bears - blazeward and ferocity; 2h tanks - no defensive REs, improved thunderclap/ raging thunder. As well as all tank specs usual damage reduction and avoidance REs. So my suggestion: Make REs for tanks great again! Phase Dodge - this RE in its current version is worthless. There is no reason to waste 30 orbs on this RE at the moment. There is a solution to make it good for tanks in PVE while also not making it overpowered in PVP. - reduce the internal cd on the proc to 2 secs (1 sec would be perfect but i can see it being strong as heck) - make the absorb stack up to 3 times. This way the total absorb with 3 stacks would be roughly around 1.2k (with 3 epic REs). - make it also proc on parries. *NEW* Spell Block - makes user get a chance (block %) to take reduced magic damage. Reduction would be equal to the block value of the user. To not make it over powered in PVP the reduction could be reduced to only 20% of block value in PVP combat. *NEW BEAR LEGENDARY* insert name here - increases Faerie Fire (Feral)'s threat by 100%. Each Fearie Fire use grants a buff that increases Savage Defense absorb by x% (could alao be flat value). Stacks up to 5 times. At 5 stacks next Mangle (Bear) does increased threat and damage and consumes all stacks. *NEW* Natural Defense - makes savage defense also affect magical damage. Thank you very much for reading!
  2. Frick

    PVE Realm

    PVE realm LUL "lets split the population even more!" RDF is broken and sometimes just straight up doesnt work. There is also no reason to do any dungeons outside of daily dungeon quest.
  3. How spastic are you?😆 If you have to spend 30 orbs to COMPETE on threat as a tank spec it is an issue. Have you ever played bear? Bear has the highiest flat DR out of all tank specs i listed to you sources from which bear takes less dmg thn shield tank. Block doesnt work on magic dmg. 2k armor differance at that point isnt much but it is still more thn shield tank can get. Feel free to reply im open for discussion.
  4. Threat is nonissue? If you need 5 blue REs to compete in threat against other tanks it is an issue. Bears take more dmg thn shield tank? Bears can get about 50% passive DR, they take way less magic dmg, dmg in stuns/fears and they are safest bet for a progress tank. Also bear can easily get about 12k armor giving them 68% DR on physical dmg while also having around 4k more hp thn shield tank. Add swipe to your ST rotation when you cant press anything else, you wont be rage starved anyway while you tank the boss. Legendary REs are really bad for bears atm but not all builds need to run legendary RE. I agree that the one RE made just for bears is garbage, maybe giving them the stacking thing like what we already have in blademaster would make it more fun, allowing some more interactions between abilities like at 5 stacks "maul does 200% increased threat, mangle gives 5% dr, swipe procs twice, allows use of moonfire dealing 300% increased initial dmg" 1 stack per fearie fire.
  5. If bears get additional abilities to thier rotation they will have to get nerfed or they will just increase the distance between them and other types of tanks. In my opinion it's not worth it to focus on gameplay changes of bear spec right now as we have more broken things to deal with. Mob pathing, stun/fear displacement, broken pvp specs that should be nerfed and rework to AQ40 sets (most of them are still disappointing). As i said above, bear is in really good spot right now. It's boring spec to play but at the same time it's extremly powerful. No reason to rework something that works.
  6. Bears are most reliable tanks rn. They can soak a lot more dmg thn any other tank. Yep they are boring but they work.
  7. Hopefully never. PvP weapons are just way too good. Look up Warlord 2h weapons, 1h weapons and dagger. 3.8 speed highier end dmg bigger thn ashkandi, more stm, 26 str (or was it 21) and some crit 2.9 speed crit and ap (better thn deathbringer) 2.00 speed ambush backstab wet dream. They either need to be hidden behind rank or nerfed.
  8. Are some stats on few of the sets (hunter, druid) going to get changed? As it is now druid set looks like terrible thing stat wise for bears. I honestly would still consider deathdealer over that set... 2h hybrid seems like 90% pvp spec, i know of 2 - 3 pve playing 2h hybrids. Just add hotr to the 5 set. Warrior set looks good it's simple and adds some more flavor over what it used to be on retail. You need to keep an eye out on it tho that 40% dmg might get crazy in pvp. The only thing i feel disappointed with about this set is lack of additional DR that 2h tank needs, 15% parry on 100% uptime is still worse thn 35% block on 100% uptime. Maybe change the threat of demoshout in 2 set to like 10% DR? Threat isnt a problem at all. Rest of the sets are for casters and im just a dumb melee.

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