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  1. Blooming Growth RE - is now capped at 5 targets per trigger. Wouldn't be better to cap it to 7-8 maybe even 9-10 targets rather then 5 ? I do feel that having the whole raid getting hotted with just one regrowth is stupid, but having only five people get is a bit too much in my opinion, my main concern is that pets can be hit so hitting 3 people and 2 pets is not the best thing or rather with the 7-8 cap it would look more like 5 people 2-3 pets. ( I don't suggest removing the proc from pets as let's say tank get's a proc from blooming growth and the pet doesn't get hit it will take you another 2 sec to cast it on that pet which is kinda stupid) The other thing is most of the time there's either 2-3 groups in 25 man, the melee group which is about 8 ish people less more often, the ranged group which isn't so neatly stacked and the tank group. The most annoying thing is gonna be that you will need to spam regrowth more then rejuv on the targets (which kinda defeats the whole premise of restoration druid). Other than that I do feel it's a good change which will make hot spec have a higher skill ceiling, but I do think capping it to 5 people is a bit too much of a nerf.
  2. Just a dumb question not associated with the pve changes but have you ever considered making re that changes type of damage or healing ? For example changing specific spells like CoH to nature or Wild growth to holy or any kind of spell to a different element ? Imo I don't think this will ever happen but just wondered if that idea has ever been brought up and what the devs think about this sort of re.
  3. what will be base scalling + from what it will scale and how well it will scale/ how often will it proc or what is the proc chance of it ?
  4. Good evening, I am healer main and i would try bring up an issue that i've been seeing lately. To start with, removing spell mastery and not conpensating poh (prayer of healing) and chain heal makes them not as viable picks for raiding as hots or pws (power word: shield). I get that the 20% nerf in raids was the conpensation but that doesn't excuse the problem that it makes both of the mention specs not as viable in pve. It's clunky as heck and unfun to play standing there every 2 seconds doing absolutely nothing and then getting interupted by a stun and continue to stand there just to start the cast all over again. By removing SM, it only damages casting types of healing and making the gap between instant cast and castable heals ever so much wider as the instant cast heals are not as much affected only with gcd (global cooldown). This way it more favors of going into instant cast healing mainly hots/pws and leaving all the other builds in the dirt. I get the idea that heals are Op but would it hurt to add any other haste talents besides (gift of the earthmother) and (Enlightenment) to not mainly go into healing increases but haste increases that way you will reduce healing numbers (which fixes the problem of heals being ginormous by vanilla standings) of the specs but keep the fun aspect of casting as you need more points into haste ? This way in my opinion will make the core healers happy while at the same time balancing it out + it will make chain heal/poh/healing wave/holy light builds more fun to play. Other concern of mine is that we will only see 2 types of meta healers in naxxramas hots and pws as I've said they do not deal with spell mastery being removed. I would not like this to happen as it hurts the game and makes healing even more boring then it should be ( to those that like the casting aspect of healing specs). Overall, I would like to see a some conpensation to castable healing spells as it would be new re's (random enchants) or maybe getting a new haste talent or anything of those sorts of things, works but be aware that just nerfing hots and pws to be incline with the other healing builds WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM at hand. Which is that castable heals are boring and unrewarding to play at the state they are in. Thank you for reading.
  5. Adding to that does balance team have anything in mind while they are thinking of balancing/nerfing the healer builds ?
  6. Are you perhaps thinking of adding new legendery re's to specific specs ? (something that could differentiate some builds from others or maybe inventing new ones ?)
  7. I mean I would've just farmed genesis armor then on bloodscalp omegalul
  8. I mean as in Naxx ptr 10 mans etc (should've been more specific)
  9. When can i start testing naxx on ptr ?

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