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  1. Make sure you use an unmodified 3.3.5a client. Download Exe and Patch A. Put the Exe directly in the Client Folder, same location as the original Exe. Put Patch A into the data folder - start game using the Ascension.exe. When you log on to Ascension, a custom login screen appears, if you have the original wotlk login, you are not connecting to ascension. I highly suggest not using the Launcher, since the Launcher is a bitch and in the past was allways behind on updates.
  2. You can set up anny Hunter Build from Auto Shot+Arcane Shot+Aspect of the Hawk+Poison. If you dont get Aimed Shot, just dont use Deadly Aim. Def want to get Volley for AE, Steady Shot for filler. Even with that minimal set up you can start with Poison Hunter / Arcane Shot Build than, than try to get the other stuff. Pet is not needet to get a build running, but its the cherry on top. Howeever, i dont play S4, so dont know how hard it actualy is to get stuff together. Edit: i believ you can have only 1. 60 talent, in that case, Chimera Shot and get Serpent Sting.
  3. Addet section 7.4 - Gearing UP. Replaced Jom Gabbar with Eye of the Scourge on the Naxxramas BiS list. That stuff took me a shit ton of time and nervs...
  4. Ye now with Naxx we got more archetypes than ever before. There was a time we had just 3 different healing builds, now we have a total of 5. Prayer of Healing, Chain Heal, Hots are the more common. Than there is PW:S very powerfull in the higher tier raids like AQT and Nax and some fight in BWL cause damage spikes can become deadly and now with Nax Holy Light became more popular for heavy tank healing.
  5. The Idea is to reduce gear advantage. Like when you are a new 60 player, you join BG as food to people like Naks, i dont want to QQ about, i also get smashed by him but in my case its more like i dont run a pvp build, i could do that (still cant beat him than xd) but i dont rearly bother. I dont see it as a punishment, more like as an opportunity to shut the enemy carry down and get a time window you could actualy go for a flag in a bg.
  6. Vedartha


    Try contacting Kaladin on discord.
  7. So after Naxxramas release i had an idea for a new sytem to improve the quality of life in Battlegrounds. For those that dont know it yet, while inside of Naxxramas every player gets an permanent zone wide debuff that reduces Dodge Chance by 20% to prevent player from getting to hit immunity. Based on that debuff i came up with the following idea. System: Rules of War: This is a map wide permanent debuff that is applied to all player in a battleground. Rules of War reduces critical strike damage of all player by 50%, all healing recieved by 50% and Chance to Dodge, Block or Parry by 20%. Rules of War cant be removed or disabled by immunitys like Divine Shield. This allows to crunch numbers on spikey damage builds like Holy Caster and the same time supresses the extrem powerfull heal - flag carry builds. It also makes tanks in battlegrounds way less annoying and dominant vs melee. "BuT NAHAkSkAo WiLl StIL kILOL uS!" Do not fear! I had a second thought to deal with those extremly dominant players. System: Price of Fame: Every time you score a killing blow while in a battleground you gain a stack of Price of Fame, increasing your damage taken by 2%. Stacking up to 100 times. Upon death, half of stacks are lost. Price of Fame cant be removed or disabled by immunitys like Divine Shield. Persist trough death. What do you think of this ? Edit: Oh ye, no one sais it must be this numbers, its just what i think would be a good start to play arround with.
  8. melee may were the problem, before it was hunter pets, now its Holy Caster and DoTs. Fix one create another monster. Thats why.
  9. It got dodge to offer something to Bear Tank. 6. piece sets are supposed to be vanity effects annyway and not to increse damage directly.
  10. - Updated section 1 and 2 after the Naxxramas Balance Update (waiting for approvel of links). - To do: Jom Gabbar, T 2.5 2 piece and 5 piece, T 2 8 piece, Stat allocation, Racials, Gearing UP, Consumable Section still incomplete. - Patchnotes affecting this build: Improved Tracking now properly indicates that the Random Enchant does not stack. A large list of pet abilities got thair CDs reduced. The important ones are: Turtle Shell Shield - Cooldown reduced to 40 sec, from 60 sec Gorilla Pummel - Cooldown reduced to 20 sec, from 30 sec. Bear Swipe - Cooldown reduced to 4 sec, from 5 sec. Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot no longer share a cooldown. Track Dragonkin - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Track Beasts - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Track Undead - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Master Tactician - Reduced to 3 points. Now gives your ranged attacks a 20% chance to grant 3/6/9% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks, from a 15% chance to grant 2/4/6/8/10% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks. Thrill of the Hunt - In addition to its current effect, now also grants a 33/66/100% chance for your Explosive Shot and Arcane Shot criticals to refund 1 sec of their cooldown, and for your Chimaera Shot, Multi -Shot and Aimed Shot criticals to refund 2 sec of their cooldown. This effect can only occur once per use of each shot. Instant Poison - Now benefits from 7% of your melee attack power, from 6%. Reworked the set bonuses of the Tier 3 raid armor sets. Reduced the damage of the AQ40 Striker 5 set bonus direct damage component by 25%. The critical damage damage reduction from Resilience has been lowered. Overall passive Resilience from gear has been increased. Player base health at level 60 has been increased by 500. Also the talent Lock and Load got buffed. However, it is still to limited by its ICD to be relevant. Lock and Load - Now has a 5/10/15% chance to trigger its effect, from 2/4/6%. The cooldown of this effect has been lowered to 15 sec, from 22 sec. Edit: Yes i know it! Somehow managed to fck up the alignment of some text parts. Fix it the next few days.
  11. It does but its a Question of Berserker vs Battle Stance and for now Berserker wins. Need the Crit for procs like Expose Weakness, to get more use out of Piercing Shots etc. Thrill of the Hunt talent changes will make Crit even better. Got the Numbers for DW Cap from Google. Its unlikely someone reaches/goes for it but i check that ;P. i did not forgot Miniature Cannonballs and Doomshot, but when i first created the Section with the amunition i had to get Kaladin for approvel of the links... and now i have to ask every time i make a small change, even if i only correct a typo. So when i add it, i review the entire section. But ye, if you have the Nervs for it, it would be an option to farm this bullets/arrows and may keep them for the golden try on Kel`thuzad.
  12. Thanks! Most time consuming part for me is to correct the english since iam not a native speaker and teached it myself by playing WoW on english client for several years. (TY Professor Putricides funny english voice actor !)
  13. - Addet Section 4.2: Further Explanation - Need to overhaul some Sections according to feedback. - To do: Jom Gabbar, T 2.5 2 piece and 5 piece, T 2 8 piece, Stat allocation, Racials, Gearing UP - Naxramas is about to hit the server and with it come major balance changes. Will update Build/Guide accordently as soon as possible.
  14. dunno about alpha ->beta but characters on both alpha and beta stage will not be transfaired to live
  15. Easy fix - UNLOCK ALL CORE ABILITIES that are still locked behind higher levels namely: Lifebloom, Savage Roar, Lacerate, Arcane Blast, Ice Lance, Shield of the Rigtheous, Mind Sear, Envenom, Fan of Knives, Lava Burst, Incinerate, Seed of Corruption. a lot of this spells would need additional ranks since a Lava Burst with 1500 Base Damage at Rank 1 is obviously a bad idea but all of this abilitys are required to make full use of Talents or even getting an arcetype in a position it becomes viable without the needs of heavy abilitie changing REs like Mutilate and Shadow.
  16. 1. Will this apply to each Explosive Shot tick ? 2. Does the RE remains unchanged ?
  17. Try changing them directly in WTF Folder - Config.wtf Just copy and paste this into it. Should set most things to maxmimum. - Do a backup of your own config just in case its crashing annyway. SET locale "enUS" SET realmList "" SET hwDetect "0" SET gxResolution "1920x1080" SET gxRefresh "50" SET gxMultisampleQuality "0.000000" SET videoOptionsVersion "3" SET movie "0" SET Gamma "1.000000" SET readTOS "1" SET readEULA "1" SET showToolsUI "0" SET Sound_OutputDriverName "System Default" SET Sound_MusicVolume "0" SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.5" SET farclip "1277" SET specular "1" SET groundEffectDensity "64" SET projectedTextures "1" SET mouseSpeed "1" SET readTerminationWithoutNotice "1" SET accounttype "CL" SET realmName "Andorhal - No-Risk" SET uiScale "0.71111111111111" SET gameTip "6" SET textureFilteringMode "5" SET Sound_MasterVolume "0.40000000596046" SET componentTextureLevel "9" SET shadowLevel "0" SET groundEffectDist "140" SET environmentDetail "1.5" SET extShadowQuality "5" SET weatherDensity "3" SET Sound_EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG "1" SET Sound_EnableErrorSpeech "0" SET particleDensity "1" SET gxTripleBuffer "1" SET Sound_OutputQuality "2" SET Sound_NumChannels "64" SET Sound_EnableMusic "0" SET useUiScale "1" SET Sound_SFXVolume "0.5" SET spellEffectLevel "20" SET timingTestError "0" SET ffxNetherWorld "0" SET gxCursor "0" SET gxFixLag "0" SET screenshotQuality "10" SET ffxGlow "0" SET gxWindow "1" SET checkAddonVersion "0"
  18. to be fair, new andorhal player have the same problem if they dont do FLs they woudnt get BWL gear without a raiding group.
  19. 1. Yes you can, just make sure the addons are made for Game Version 3.3.5a or 3.3.3. There are many backported versions of addons that where released later in Cata or MoP examples are ElvUI and WeakAuras two very powerfull addons replacing the entire standart UI. just google "ElvUI 3.3.5a" and download it from GitHub.com, same for WeakAuras. You also find a lot of addons on Ascension discord or you can use RisingGods.de - German Private Server with a well filled Addon database i got most of my addons from. 3. No. Mounts Flightpaths and Mage Portal are the quickest ways. 4. There are addons that help with that but i personaly never used one. You may wanna try QuestHelper or Carbonite. 5. No to go macros. They depend on what you play. You can play without macros fine but at 60 if you go into raiding scene you may want to look for it. 6. Try to avoid resetting talents/spells during lvling and dont dump Gold on useless stuff like that one Axe on auctionhouse thats looks so cool. loot everything and sell it to vendors you will need a lot of gold ones you 60. When you are 60, check out Discord for pinns. You find a lot of well made builds there. Do your attunes - google Onyxia and Molten Core Attune. Look out for FLs - easyest way to gear you once you are 60. Learn what Mystic Runes are there for !
  20. Even if you just release it 1 day before launch you call on 4 friends farm as a group for some hours and you will havve all pieces you need. When FLs where released you where able to check there boxes for the loot and than trade the boxes with other player when an item was inside they needet. What do you think what raiding guilds on Andorhal did with thazt information ?
  21. Correct me if iam wrong. but i think AQT gear drops in the world just C'thun gear is exclusive. I agree with Mograine, ignoring the selling of this items on LS, that people do that raid for 9 Months now. You do AQT to gear up for Naxxramas. Specialy C'thun got some Items that get taken over into this players Naxx BiS. If its dropping in the world, all of these players could have just stoped raiding after there first c'thun kill since gear would drop in the world annyway and its way easyer to get it that way than to do C'thun (specialy pre nerf kills). That would mean LS raiding scene would be long dead and with it the server itself. You cant take away reason to actualy do the Raids. C'thun Gear drops sooner or later. Jump into the raid and kill C'thun for it or wait untill people who actualy killed him got paid of in Naxx for it.
  22. Ye the one of Saphiron is OH only and got 1.5 speed, no melee will use it.
  23. Few months ago i addressed that in a veeeeery detailed post and asked for some MINOR tweaks to get new player into the game. Sadly, none of this happen : /
  24. Shamane Set is redesigned to be a melee set, so the proc shouldnt bother caster.

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