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  1. Ye the one of Saphiron is OH only and got 1.5 speed, no melee will use it.
  2. Few months ago i addressed that in a veeeeery detailed post and asked for some MINOR tweaks to get new player into the game. Sadly, none of this happen : /
  3. Shamane Set is redesigned to be a melee set, so the proc shouldnt bother caster.
  4. So did you deleted the regular exe ? cant follow rearly. You should be able to use anny WOTLK client - download exe - download patch a - place them where they belong (Patch A - Data, Exe same as regular Exe). If you allready did that, may check your WTF Folder - Open the Config.wtf with anny reader (using Notepad) - check second line "realm list" make sure its set to: SET realmList "" If that wasnt the case also Check line 23 "realm name" and set it to: SET realmName "Andorhal - No-Risk" If that wasnt helpfull may leave a Screenshot of your folder both GameClient and Data.
  5. better then it's current set and could work for a lot of builds. I like it I think the mana should stay, could work for a hybrid spec who knows. Ye but notice the mana regen is rearly high by default, would be almost entire manapool by now and that thing rearly procs a lot. needs to be adjusted to stay "flavor" proc.
  6. I honestly haven't gottem much feedback on Hunter sustain until this post. Definitely hear you guys on that issue loud and clear. We'll see if we can squeeze anything for some upcoming changes so you guys won't even need to rely on a set bonus. Just remove the passive mana regeneration on Aspect of the Viper, Remove the Damage/Healing reduction, make the on hit mana regeneration range only. I'd argue that the Rogue set slightly favors Rogue builds. Don't get me wrong, it's meant to be a catch all melee build, but Rogue builds probably have the highest % of their damage coming from melee abilities which the 8 set is centered around. They also have faster GCD on their abilities and general use faster weapons, so they have more opportunities to have a higher uptime on the 2 set bonus. These 2 things might be marginal in their own right, but it was definitely never our intention to design a set around a single build or archetype. I put a link on page 3. to an efect that would fit perfectly.
  7. Ye twitter is garbage, believe it or not, but there are people like me who dont use twitter, i dont use social media in general. You could do this votes on disc instead. Also i cant vote for something i dont know what i get for it, so give us patchnotes and than do a vote.
  8. Thats not a good Idea at all lol. Would mean an unfair advantage for everyone who plays well in pvp in ... everything pvp, pve ... would be better than to sell etra TE on the shop and than we are on a pay to win server.
  9. I think the best example is AQT Rogue and Warlock set. Rogue is very generic, every melee build can get use out of it, some more some less. But the Warlock set is almost fixated to one spell - Shadowburn - making the set irrelevant campaired to the Mage set, whish 2 Piece is ones again more generic allowing a majority of builds to play it.
  10. how often you tested ? I usely do (for serious testing) 10 x 5 minutes with talent A + 10x 5 minutes with Talent B to get some reliable numbers. Cause ye, Ranged Spec. doesnt increase melee attacks. Oops forgot: It does increase Sheet damage tho, so me too thinks it is possible, that it increases the damage of annything related to % Weapon Damage (Including auto attacks) like Crusader Strike.
  11. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Heartpierce_(heroic) just copy its proc , remove the mana and maybe reduce the PPM - slap it on the rogue set as 6 set - profit
  12. No its useless. AQ Set got Spirit too and even Spellpower xd. But to be fair, the Hunter sets have extremly good stats allready, no need for aditional stats tho. Spirit just looks weird on it, but i can live with it.

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