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  4. They proc one after another. Cheat allways first. You can still die during Cheat, so Ardent maybe proc during it, resulting in absolute 0 healing since ardent healing is based (including other things) on the last hit taken that would kill you. But ye, a lot of people runn both.
  5. Nah we tested Naxx on PTR and our PW:S allmost solo Healed/Shield Loatheb, POH was kind of useless on Heigan. So were some dps, we thought of doing him with only Hunter specs as dps and Hots + PW:S. I think PW:S will become the must have spec along with Hots or POH.
  6. You could just take Mirror immage, duplicate it, change model summoned and switch thair spells used at same spell power coefficient than the previous spells.
  7. We have no tank classes. Bear dont needs Armor reduction, its not a tank defining spell.
  8. T-Clap was one of the strongest Builds overall on top of that it was THE strongest build in AE able to exceed the 10K mark on some encounters. (looking at Fankriss, Lashlayer). Its still good tho.
  9. Smashing Wickys face without penalty :F 10/10 would be in. VACHINA wants that ass.
  10. So my bear Pet can Thunderclap. Why cant a bear tank Thunderclap also ? And ye some more RE would be nice.
  11. Noth: "Fuck this shit iam out" xd So i want again point at Loatheb and give a sugestion how to improve the fight: 1. The Spores. When we tested it, we just killed the spores on sight. We did not stack up to get as many player the buff as possible, so not everyone got a 100% uptime. For our healers, they found the fight extremly easy to heal, even with impending doom comming up faster over time and just having the 7 seconds window t heal. The Spores work like this: You kill them, they apply a buff to everyone arround them thats grant a 50% crit buff and causes all actions to not generate threat. That last for 2 minutes. So before this buff would disapear, two more spores spawn. This is my sugestion: Instead of making the Spore buff a 50% crit chance, reduce it to (example) 20% and make it stack up. In addition let every spore also apply a debuff, increasing damage taken from impending doom by (example) 20%. While the Crit buff lasts 2 minutes, let the impending doom debuff only last 1 minute, so he runs out before the stackable crit buff. That would lead to the raid having to look out who kills the spores and who gets the buff, needing to coordinate players to get as many stacks of the crit as possible, while having to look out for the impending doom debuff. Example: The Raid splits the dps in 2 groups. Group 1 and 2. The fight begins and the first spore spawns (Spore A). Group 1. Kills Spore A = 20% Crit and 20% more damage from impending doom. Spore B spawns - Group 2 kills the spore and gets buff/debuff. Shortly after, the debuff from Group 1 fades. Spore C spawns - Group 1. kills the spore - Gets second crit buff = 40% total and ones again takes 20% more damage from impending doom. Shortly after, the debuff from Group 2 fades. Spore D spawns - Group 2 kills the the spore.... 2. Tank damage non existend and the tank does nothing than just standing arround. This is something completly custom. So i know from retail, Loatheb hits like a sissy to avoid random tank deaths, you cant do annything against cause necrotic aura prevents from healing. I have a simple sugestion, to bring in something to do for the tank: Every time impending doom kiks in, Loatheb gets a Buff, increasing his Physical damage done by (example) 20%. Stacking up infinite. In addition, every second Spore that spawns, another, but larger Spore spawns. If this "tank" spore is killed, it applys a buff to all player arround it, reducing Physical damage taken by 90% for two minutes. By this the tank needs to look out for something and has something to do.
  12. Ui! We tested Heigan and Loatheb today. Heigan: Bugs: - His AoE during the dance phase has a to large radius. It damages player on the lower ground if they come to close to the platform, creating an invisible death zone. Overtuned: So after a few tries we thought we could actualy kill him but than had to realize, that when the second dance starts, he casts his eruption in the entire room. Is this intendet ? If yes its a 4 minute berserk and with that a monster of a dps check. That would mean with 6 dps everyone needs constant 3K dps to bring him down even while the dance is happening. Loatheb: Bugs: None seen. Undertuned: We killed him first try with 9 man and half of our group didnt even did the fight on retail. Loatheb itself did 0 tank damage. A big part of impending doom was soaked by shields. The time window to heal up the group looked good. We no brained the spores, just killed them onsight, didnt stack up so everyone would get it, so i dunno how much uptime everyone had on them. Since Loatheb is a DPS Check, and Impending Doom serves as a soft enrage it would maybe a nice mechanic to let the Spores increase the damage taken from impending doom for a set ammount of time, so you actualy need to look out for them. like having two groups of dps tht rotate to pick up spores to get the maximum damage increse from them while not be insta killed by impending doom cause you just smashed 2-3 in a row.
  13. Hunter Builds, are one of the best range specs currently. Except for Pet Builds even they got buffed.... because if you buff something by 100% that deals 0 damage.... you still have 0 damage. F Roger 2018 - 2019
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. No its just horrible confusing. If you played season 2. earned a total of let say 500 points, you start seaso 3. with 500 Points. If you spend lets say 400 of that 500 points, you have 100 leftovers that you cant spend. However you still start Season 3 with your total 500 earned. So basicaly, as more seasons you play, as more rewards can you buy with every upcomming season. You get rewardet for sticking to the server long time.

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