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  1. that should work too but, at this point i must say ... i'm not a fan of this RE system (in my eyes a nice try to add the diablo style but not even close).
  2. @Tekkies It's ok i don't gonna be mad about your opinion. The thing is so that i'm not only "working" (more planning) on this spell. I Have much more ideas about any class ingame (also not only shadow priest ...)
  3. @Thismongrel + @SirGank Why 2 seconds? i wrote 3 in the pic ... ps "And should 200% too much for Shadow Bolt then 100%." it's near at the end of the sentence (above "For the PvP Players")
  4. One in advance ... This spell is just a suggestion and not planned for ingame (but i hope it will find a way in) Shadow Bolt = 200% Shadow Word: Pain = 30% Example: Shadow Bolt with 185 INT = 370 damage / 371 INT = 742 damage Shadow Word: Pain with 185 INT = 55,5 damage (lets round so 56) / 371 INT = 111,3 damage (lets round again: 111) And should 200% too much for Shadow Bolt then 100%. For the PvP Players "Shadow Mastery" can be silenced and the caster will get the 2 minutes cooldown. With other words: Watch what they cast and stop it or pay with your life.
  5. @Sky (again) yes it works with the shop pets & mounts
  6. @beauenheim np i like that you want to help 2.
  7. @Sky could you define what you mean with custom models. creatures, npc etc. works and i added some more extras (if you don't like it you can uninstall/change it back that should not be the problem).
  8. @ Soklava45 Jeder kann schlecht reden. Ich habe dies hier für alle veröffentlicht, die WoW mit ein paar schöneren Texturen als Standard spielen möchten. @ fabledtruth Was die Screenshots angeht ... Ich weiß ehrlich nicht, wie genau ich Bilder hier einfügen soll, außer über URLs.
  9. Updated I uploaded a texture pack for everyone they want World of Warcraft a little bit more in the Warlords of Draenor [overworked] style (characters, mounts, few world textures, creatures, npc's etc.). Oh by the way i put a small extra in it (soundtracks) so have fun. Edit: > The Pack is 3,12 GB big and include one more special folder (shaders). > White water bug / glitch in dungeons has been fixed. > Goblins model has been changed to the Cataclysm version. WARNING If you're not a fan of dark atmosphere don't put/use "Patch-I.MPQ". That patch makes your game mutch darker at night time. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gi9by859g58i9ss/World+of+Warcraft+Ascension+Texture+Pack+%2B+Sounds.rar

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