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  1. AP does more dmg and requires only energy, rage or very little mana for dmg. The dmg is instant and requires no setup.
  2. I think this will gimp the cc probably to much, there is only stun, silence, horror which has a long cd and short duration and basically one big CC left (fear, poly ,scatter ,trap ,DB). Scatter is close range you can outplay it with evasion, detterrence pretty easy. Felhunter can dispel all the magic cc already every 8sec, Berserker Rage breaks fear, sap and gouge on 40sec cd and makes you immune for 6 sec. Undying Faith Talent reduces the duration of Scatter DB by 30% for just 2 Points. Druid Forms vs Polymorph. Blink and freedom for stuns, Blink can also be used to dodge the warlock and priest aoe fear. It just makes the game way less fun if you can not cc probably anymore. The differrence between a good and bad player is being able to predict the instant cc and avoid it. This change just makes the server more unfun and less skill depenend. It favours builds that just rely on sustain and damage, which are super easy to play.
  3. he can not dispel the pet if he is cced, tremor would not have changed anything since I dont run a fear or incap -> Zerker rage op, cant beleive the dev team dosent realise how op it is, but thats a differrent story. the felguard is just a melee without mobilty that does insane amounts of dmg, you have to abuse it that is not mobile at all. BM pets are still superior in my opinion, because their dmg can not be avoided without immunities. Thanks to cc immunity and insane movement speed. as a caster i dont think its op at all. as a melee its for sure harder, but i think its possible to beat it too. as a burst cc melee you could also just do something like scatter trap the player, burst the pet if u run more cc, use something like hoj on it to prevent more dmg, vanish or restealth when u run out of cc or ways to prevent the damage and repeat that until you kill it. as a sustain melee i would run windshear, grounding and maybe even a 2nd interrupt, most likey a silence like blanket cs to prevent the player ccing or dmging me(i would run that package with every sustain melee build not specfific vs pets), slow the pet and slowly kill it and only attack it when i have energy stacked or the minor dmg abilities ready to not take to much dmg, while keeping the player controlled with the interrupts and grounding.
  4. as a caster you beat it with cross cc cc the player slow the pet and kill the pet as a melee i would slow it with poisons or any other slow and kill the player, when it connects dodge the dmg with deterrence or evasion its a melee pet and dosent have any speed increases or cc immunities/breakers like bm pets way easier to handle in my opinion
  5. Ofc because int doesnt do anything, crit is to weak and does not scale with all spells and haste is not in game yet outside of talents. Which other stat than sp should casters aim for lmao? meta is burst and cc not sustain and being resilent.
  6. it has become useless with this nerf, it seems like it never proccs and the duration is to short to make it good. Tested it in like 10 games vs a feral with the RE 5x, felt super useless compared to pre nerf. Nerfing all the anti melee stuff with poisons proccing every second 🐒
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Its only a 25% reduction, which does not change anyhting, since it gets applied every other second and you have to get it 5 times(lol). If you dont pick poisons as a melee you just make your build weaker, its so much value for only 2 AP and 1 RE.
  9. Poisons really need a nerf too, they are way to strong. It is a 50% slow, 50% healing reduction and dmg or 40% increased cast time debuff for 2 AP and 1 RE. They also cost no resource to apply or a global and get applied with every other hit and have a long duration too. It is the most OP ability that you can learn as a melee. It is at least 4 AP and even with 4 AP they would still be really really strong, because for the reasons i mentioned. Please rework them this patch too.
  10. 1) Yes, why not tbh? 4) Slow reduction is only so good, because most builds only run this kind of cc. Every sustain build has basically only a snare as a cc, so its basically their hardcounter, since they can not cc the target anymore. if you have more cc this kind of cc immunity becomes way less important and not nearly as good. Best example are good rogue builds with lots of cc and good burst like Balanar, Snuddle, Hers. They can beat the snare immunity, because they dont rely on this single kind of cc. I had lots of 1v1s vs the best players of every kind of specc and the only ones that really sufferred under it where sustain builds with no cc other than snare. The matchup vs feral is even with it, TG too, Rogues, hunter, pet builds all can win. CC caster too ofc. What made it also very powerful was the huge synergy between blazing speed and being immun to slows. You basically had a 50% sprint vs physical dmg. So one nerf needed to happen. Another possible fix could also be that daze effects work vs immun targets. In general snares applied by auto attacks and proccs are just to good on ascenion. The chance getting affected by something like crippling poison or frostbrand needs to be lowered by a lot if the counter for it gets removed too. Poisons really need a nerf or should be increased to at least 4 TP, it is a snare, dmg, healing reduction, cast time increase at once, with basically endless uptime costing no global or mana.
  11. the immunity gets way better because of blazing speed since you basically run with 50% increased movement speed without getting slowed even with immunity and blazing speed its like only a 50% winrate vs maniax(feral), its not possible to kite some melees at all, Tgs can kill me in a intercept stun without cooldowns with only WF proccing(turpa), if all this anti melee stuff gets nerfed do something about snares and gap closers and feral shifting all the snares and roots. Melee in the current state of the game without being slow immun are able to deal dmg to you all the time. You can maybe kite them for 5secs(if you have freedom,blink, disengange, shadowstep, ghost wolf with spirit dash and body and soul lol) and then they will be sticking at you again. The melee builds with all gap closers and a bit cc other than only snares, are still able to stick, even with immunity and blazing speed in current state. Poisons are way to op you get dmg, a perma slow and healing reduction for 2TP, they are so good i am trying to make them work in a caster build. If immunity and anti melee talents get nerfed some things need to happen: Limit the amount of gap closers they can have to 2, give them a small CD between usage like 5sec so they can not instant stick to you again. Reduce the chance to apply a snare effect on the target by spells like poisons, frostbrand. Give druid forms a CD on how often they can shapeshift the root/snare.
  12. Honor Among Thieves has been reworked and now adds a combo point to your target after using a melee ability. This effect has a 2 sec internal cooldown. Why got this nerfed srsly noone except me used spell criticals for kidney lol It was so much fun to shadowstep kidney them as a caster
  13. thats true, i accidentally mistook it with the ones from mobs, so basically judgement and getting more movement speed than the slow immun target are the counters remaining.

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