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  1. We'd certainly be open to this idea! I'll look into it. Give me a list of items you'd like to see this done to, just send it in a message!
  2. I'm sorry, I logged off before I read your question and Kaladin doesn't have the information to reply. What we were seeing was players dropping off early in the experience, when the main source of power gain was found in searching the Auction house. We'd see new players logging in, checking the auction house, then logging out, and eventually never logging in again. It was more advantageous to let other people play the game and then just search the AH for the RE you wanted, but it wasn't conducive to keeping new players engaged. In our latest news post we talk about the changes made to make Ascension more gameplay driven. Check out this news post with the list of things we did to make it easier for new players to get into the game with the mystic enchantment system that was paired with the prior change of making BOEs bound on reroll. http://project-ascension.com/news - Redefining Foundaitons The Drop/Roll Chance of Legendary Mystic Enchantments has been Increased by 200% The cost of rolling Mystic Enchantments with Gold has been reduced by 15% Increased Mystic Enchantment experience gain by 200% Upon reaching level cap, heroes will receive starter Mystic Runes via Mail Added tutorial systems to assist new heroes in learning the Mystic Enchantment System ...and more in the Future! Changes to Call Boards to include Mystic Runes as a prize Changing Mystic Rune costs to scale with i-Level The new paradigm speeds everything up by actually playing the game and paired with the call boards gives players a clearer direction on where to go. There is still a lot more we can do. This is not set in stone and we'll do more to make this better over time as we get a clearer direction based on feedback. We may end up implementing a system where you attach Mystic enchants to vellum like items where we can better design the progression curve in the game or other things to bring back what people liked about trade-able REs, but also addressing the issue of the largest source of power gain being tied to the Auctionhouse.
  3. @Minco I wasn't around to reply, I'm sorry for that. Let me put together some info for you! We've shown the data showing the Karma system helps maintain more players in the post season 1 analysis. This is not a debate anymore. WIthout it the realm would die just like Sargeras did, just like Laughingskull did (prior to seasonal releases.) We wouldn't make this call if we didn't have clear evidence it directly helps retention and population. We actually cannot afford to host the high-risk realms otherwise. We are not attached to the system, in this case we are attached to data driven evidence on what works. There are a lot of players that like the karma system and stayed on Bloodscalp because of it. I hope you can understand that. We're not attached to any given system, we're just doing what we can see works. This was the data from Ravenholdt Season 1, which was significantly worse than Season 2 as everyone knows, but still showed insane results. We'll be compiling S2 analytics soon. From what we can see just in the online numbers we held for the entire season, we're pretty optimistic. We didn't reach a ton of new players, but those we did reach stuck around. We maintained about 55% of our launch day peak for the vast majority of the season. This data only looks at new accounts + new IPs. Entirely new players in the first month of gameplay This data only looks at new accounts + new IPs. Entirely new players in the first month of gameplay What we found was the best correlate to whether or not a new player would still be on the realms 1-3 months into the game, was how many friends they made in that first month. Forced hostility like what we see on Laughingskull and no repercussion or way to gauge another players intentions, results in players not forming social bonds and quitting the game as they get ganked by the top 1% of players and have all of their items taken from them before they even have a group of friends to advocate for them to keep playing on the realm. You can read the full post on it here: Let me know if you have any other questions about Karma, and I will get back to them in the next Q&A!
  4. 1. No plans atm! 2. No plans at the moment, we have other Mystic Enchant plans first. Then we'll put it back on the table. 3. Yes. 4. lol 5. We plan to! It is on the agenda, that with the wiki 6. There has been talk about implementing a badge/emblem system, yes. Nothing conclusive at the moment, we'll see as we get into Naxxramas. 7. Crossfaction RDF. Probably, pretty soon. 8. TBD. 9. If the balance demands it, with that we're always looking at the power-per-point offered by the talent. Then determining how it stacks up to other talents for the cost of your talent point, then we determine if we need more dynamic range between the strength of a spell/ability. Dynamic range being how weak or strong it can be with investment. 10. Season 3. Consider it done.
  5. If Andorhal players want it, we'll add it!
  6. 1. Definitely will release Naxx before mid-summer. It is nearly ready for PTR testing! Checkout my previous reply on Naxx. 2. For now it is our intention to keep rerolled BoEs becoming BOP, but we will be making further Mystic Enchant tweaks in the near future with that in mind. 3. We're in the process of doing performance rewrites of all prior raids, once that is done we're going to be taking a look at the design of every prior raid release to tweak up numbers. So, yes! We will do balance pass on Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. 4. You'll have to ask balance-man wicky that one! 5. Thank you! Unfortunately, None planned at the moment, we're focused on providing some serious value to the game and fixing long outstanding issues before we ask for anything back. We're looking to roll out fixes to issues with REs, Range Indicators, GCD issues and others before we expand the shop anymore. We do however have a personal bank expansion developed.
  7. We will be implementing Karma on Laughing Skull. I know there a group of long-standing Laughing Skull players that do not want Karma on the realm. If you review other games in the industry that feature styles of FFA MMOs with any level of repercussion for dying, they almost all feature a karma system of some sort for a reason. The most populated games in the space with FFA pvp have it, the others all die. I must stress sincerely, the Karma system is the only reason we can continue to afford hosting high-risk realms. Without it, we would have to close them down.
  8. 1. The entire raid is designed. We corrected upon a lot of design mistakes made during Ahn'qiraj development, things like stacking antagonistic mechanics within the same timeframe or phase and things like that. It has all been scripted its first time through. We'll have the cleanup/performance pass done in this next 1-2 weeks. Tuning is happening at the same time. We'll likely start PTR for some bosses in the next 1-2 weeks. 2. They'll be similar in design to the War Effort invasions if we meet deadlines for implementation of them. There is a small chance we'll have to skip scourge invasions all together, trying to avoid that though. 3. We don't have plans for this at the moment, we have other priorities related to macro-cosmic and bug fixing content at the moment.
  9. We've already lowered the GCD on druid forms as far as I know already! We won't remove them though, GCD on druid forms is necessary for a multitude of reasons. I don't see us ever allowing stances with druid forms.
  10. 1. I'm not actually sure what you mean. 2. We've considered making drops a bit more themed out in the world, ultimately we've decided with limited manpower, we have to be a bit more picky with what we spent out time on. It would be a huge timesink for not a ton of benefit. 3. No plans at the moment! 4. Are you asking me questions or are you pitching me ideas ? 5. We've definitely considered it, but we're more inclined to just push to incentivizing World PVP more. It certainly isn't resoundingly clear the fix to creating more world pvp is stopping any other type of gameplay that people are choosing to do, because they like it. 6. Likely not, doesn't fit with high-risk gameplay during the leveling process 7. Greedy Demon is getting an overhaul this month! 8. They don't 9. Bounty Systems are complicated, because any way you slice it they end up having high potential to be abused or gamed. We're more inclined to spend our time on other systems with that in mind. 10. I'll bring the foam swords!
  11. Hello! As a part of our efforts to open up more team to community communication. I'll be answering any questions posted on this thread throughout the majority of today. Feel free to ask me anything pertaining to what's going on with Ascension currently.
  12. @F3lix One article with categories for both is likely ideal, we're happy to piecemeal that together in the end if you are able to contribute on one difficulty and not the other.
  13. We're working on it right now For now, just make document and send them our way. We'll eventually open it up to standard open-edit wiki templates once we have some of them implemented to set a standard for quality and format. Thanks so much!
  14. It was a late night last night when we were working on this, we didn't even think about adding in translations. That will actually be amazing, we've always struggled with non-english speaking audiences due to the burden of in-game constant translation. We're adding that into the main article
  15. These vote sites are botted and paid for. They don't actually garner much traffic now-a-days either. There are other more viable alternatives that we'll engage with when we have the funds and a more developed funnel to get players in-game we lose too much traffic trying to get people into the game. 80% on the first web page alone, so we've opted to allocate funds towards improving the game and developing a better website and launcher to make the startup process smoother. Once that is all done, we'll allocate funds towards promotional content and advertisements on the newest mediums just like we did around a year ago.

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