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  1. Hello, I am Zean. Some of you know me on the server and others may not. I mainly play as a rogue and spend most of my time on the server (probably 80%) of it in the world doing PvP. So my viewpoint and opinion will come from that. I have not raided on this server at all so that will also be a factor in what I have to say. Thank you. ----I half agree with this statement, BGs are an important part of the server. They are the main way to obtain honor for new players to buy gear, talent and spell resets, dual spec, and other misc items. Removing the option to do it during the week would hurt many players trying out different specs and gearing up. This would hurt your whole point of trying to get players to stay. ----What raid loot are you talking about? Molten Core, BWL or AQ? Because AQ isn't out in world yet. So it must be BWL, and if so, we have already seen this effect with the addition of Nef loot added to crows chest. The top 2 main guilds zerg the chest with groups of 5 plus, making it impossible for small groups of friends or solos (aka new players) to have any chance of getting it. If you force out raid loot from world mobs and only into Crows/Invasions/Dailys. You will just create more of a gap. Even if you leave Molten Core/Ony loot in world mobs and increase their drop rate, without the chance to obtain BWL gear, most new players and even veterans will lose any chance of making gold to gear up or purchase BWL or better gear seeing as Molten Core/Ony Lair items are already only worth about 10-100g if that, and most are vendored as if it was a blue, even by me. No. No. No. No. No. What the f*** is this? As I have stated and most people know, I play ambush rogue and do world PvP 80% of my time on the server and I hate this idea. I do not want to know where players are by just having them added to my friends list or /who or a addon. This would DESTROY new players from ever getting gear or doing anything. Just no. Even with the idea that you have to have spoken to a player or been in their guild, I have been in 6 different guilds, with a total of probably 200+ players combined, I have whispered and interacted with over 100 players on the server. So I would then have "spoken" to them through a whisper, allowing me to then /who or add them to a friends list and find their location and kill them. No. No. This is awful and hurts new players the most. I wouldn't want to hit lvl 60 my first time, have some guy whisper me "Hello how are you", me to reply and then 2 minutes later get kicked in the nuts because I have now spoken to that player. #No This is fine to increase world drops as long as you don't remove BWL items from the loot tables as I previously stated. Molten Core and Ony Lair items are already vendor trash for most veterans, increases its drop rate for new players would give them the a good head start IF they can also get the chance at BWL gear. Yeah, not sure why this wasn't already done. Yeah, the daily quests generated lots of opportunity for new players to get gear and have a go at world PvP How about instead of Deinstanceing raid/dungeons. Make them only doable once per account/ip per week. If a guild has gone through the effort to learn the strats to the bosses, make the a spec to do them, get a good group of players together. They shouldn't be punished for that, there will always be Hardcore and Casual players in any game. You can't take that away to make everyone equal. ---How about just a dungeon daily where you get a chest like during the brewfest event which will give 1-? pieces of gear. If you allow people to just spam run hardcore dungeons for raid loot, you will get the same issue you stated in #7 that you don't like. Big guilds learning the hardcore dungeon strats and farming gear to hoard. ../sigh A reward system for logging in to play a game? No, thats worse than a participation trophy. Typing in your password, hitting enter, and getting free crap. No. Daily quests would be enough ----I have talked about a glory system before in a previous post about the Outlaw system. I do think a world pvp glory/reward system would be a nice addition. I paid 30$ for this god damn altar. It is not getting removed. If you want to make the cooldown account wide instead of character, thats fine. The rune/orb system is fine but does need a new player tweak. The main issue with alot of builds currently is REs and Gear. Gear is obtainable by world loot but REs not so much. I would HIGHLY recommend making all or a majority of the White/Common REs not require orbs to put on gear anymore. Give each new player 5 free Random Enchants when they hit 60, (common ones only) and make them cost 5-10g or 1 orb to put on a item. This would bridge a huge gap between new players and veterans. Giving them a easy fighting chance with the build they want. No. You cheat, hack, dupe. Get. Banned. Delete their account, let them start over from scratch. Don't have to ban the IP, but ban and delete the account that has cheated/duped/hacked. This is my opinion. Enjoy. Sincerely, Zean your friendly ambush rogue.
  2. """There is no competition in battleground when players are not on an equal playing field. 1v1 Zones are the best thing I've seen on the server so far; although, it is very buggy as well. The crow's chest won't spawn in 1v1 Zones I believe? Something along that matter."""I would consider a whole revamp on Crow's entirely, there has been rumors for Nefarian only items--ashkandi, nelth's tear, etc--drop in the world . Honestly, I think this is the worst idea. I would much rather see it get implemented into more group scenarios,"""" I agree with this statement. 1v1 are the best added so far. Though crows not spawning in them is a good thing as 2 friends could combat each other and loot chest without interruption. I feel as though 50%-75% of zones should become 1v1 zones. If not all. And when a crows chest spawns in one of those zones, it become FFA pvp for the time limit. If you force BiS items into crows chest from Nef, it will become a guild zerg of 10 players with no groups of 3-5 having a chance in hell so I agree with that. Crows should however, stop dropping useless epics and remove the chance to not have any epics at all. Going through the effort to loot a crows chest and get zero epic items is irritating and a waste time. """I would find it best in ascension's interest to implement things to obtain orbs; Certain RE's that are good for some specs which allows people to use their orbs. """ Yes please for the love of god add a new way to get orbs. This is not Andorhal. Not everyone keeps the REs that they get. It is frustrating and mind numbing to have to farm orbs to put on gear you will just lose if you go out with it and end up ganked. Overall, good post and i agree with it.
  3. NOTE: I had this typed up before I knew this forum post was going to be made. This is my opinion and i'm happy to debate it. Karma/Outlaw System and Why it is good The main complaint when asked, “What is wrong with the Karma system” is EVERYTHING, with no real answer to the question. Just a general hatred of a system because of 1 or 2 quirks. Even though, most the people who complain about the system, did not actually play for the entire season. People also believe having the Karma system discourages world PvP but it actually makes it more rewarding and “high-risk” like. During my time playing on the seasonal, I saw more world PvP while leveling and while at cap, than I saw on LS. Non-Outlaws would go out into the world to do their daily quests or farm for gear, with a lesser concern since only Opposite Faction and Outlaws could attack them, instead of FFA. This allowed many players to form groups while out in the world by just running across another player, instead of out right attacking them. Though you would occasional be attacked, or attack an Outlaw when encountered. So being a outlaw became a challenge for most, including myself. Everyone would try to kill you, even other outlaws. However, the challenge was welcoming. Though losing 3 pieces of gear as a outlaw was not enjoyable and I do think needs to be set back to 2. One of the more common complaints is that Outlaws are required to be in Goblin cities, mainly Booty Bay. I can see where this may of been a issue to begin with, but as the server progressed and was tested more and more, Booty Bay became my favorite city even when I wasn’t Outlaw at times. There was easy access to both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms from a easy boat ride or just flight path out, and when the Drop In Teleport machine was added, it was even easier to get around for dailies and farming. Every class trainer was added and PvP vendors as well. Some may not of noticed, but as a Outlaw, you could use both the alliance and horde pvp vendors, allowing you to buy paladin gear as a horde, or shaman gear as a alliance. There was nothing in Booty Bay (other than 1v1 arena que and mount trainer) that was not also in a Major city, though you take the boat to Ratchet and train your mounts at the trainer there. While some may prefer to AFK in Org or SW, there was no significant difference in Booty Bay to a capital city. Now some ways to improve the Outlaw experience for some may be to give it better incentives. While being a Non-Outlaw, as your rep went up, you gained a Buff that showed your prestige in slaying Outlaws. You would also gain access to quests and dailies that Outlaws could not do. I believe this could also be done for Outlaws in the same manner, not by rep, but by kills. Every time you killed a non-outlaw, you would be rewarded with a token or coin of some sort. This in return would be used similar to the War Effort Commendation Signets, and allow Outlaws to purchase gadgets or gear to assist them in hunting down players. Though this would need a timer of some sorts to stop players from killing their friends over and over. Another addition could be a Outlaw only way of transportation, such as outlaw only flight paths.

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