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  1. In pvp I'm constantly interrupted , melee just has to run behind me as a spell goes off ranged just use all the cc in the game while i try to cast something. I feel like unless you go a insta cast caster with maaaaybe 1 or 2 second spells your gonna get fucked royally. I guildy I played against in AB watched me get interrupted 4 times from 1 guy and then i had to use bubble to try to even fight....which just gets dispelled then its back to interrupting. Not sure how to go outside of cookie cutter builds if insta cast hunter and melee builds are the only option to be viable.
  2. When i launch i get a WotLK background and see no notice/update board. Did the launcher update something funky?
  3. The fact that TG and Judge have been top contenders for months... The amount of gear needed to be a good tg/judge player is VASTLY different compared to caster builds or any other spec that doesn't have the devs favoritism. Instead of buffing Judgement or adjust TG why not buff spells that rarely see use?? Chaos bolt doing more dmg or maybe increasing the range and AOE of rain of fire and blizzard? SOOOOOOOO many creative changes can be made to make the meta diverse and fun to build around............but instead we get buffed Judge and nothing is done to the number 1 build sense launch TG.

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