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    PvP tweaks

    I didn't make this thread just for the TG nerf , but the TG is the best example of a big problem in pvp right now , all I want is for PvP to get some love around here and I made a few suggestions that could maybe make it happend. I don't know if you are doing bgs on Androhal but TG and SoR are EVERYWHERE. Those two are by far the most popular builds (specially TG). And I believe that I've heard a developer say in one of their videos how they like diversity and how that's why they added Chromie , so people can experiment more etc. Not sure if it was from video tho , but from what I've seen in PvP , diversity is non existant. I was told that PvP here is TG faceroll before I joined so I can't say I didn't know what I was getting into but I didn't know it was this bad , I am playing PvP for years and I just think it's shame that a server with such an amazing concept suffers from this type of a problem. Least that they could do is add PvP gear that is better than PvE in pvp , that way everyone who farms enough honor will be able to do pvp without the need for raids which would be perfect. I alredy stopped playing here once but my friend started playing 2 weeks later so I just redownloaded it and now I would like for it to be a better expirience for all the new coming PvP players and hopefully they will stick to this server so that the PvP community can grow , in case you didn't notice if it's not a call to arms there is only a few people in every bg and that should change.
  2. Skoljac

    PvP tweaks

    Hello , I've been playing on Ascenson for a while and I can see that PvP isn't having it good right now. If it's not call to arms , bgs are usually 4v4 , 5v5 and not many people seem to be playing them. I wouldn't be playing here anymore either if my friend wasn't here so I have a few suggestions that might make PvP much better and more fair. 1st like the title says , pvp templates , maybe something where you could tweak talents/spells without ruining them in PvE (something like Legion has right now) 2nd. Custom PvP gear that would be better in PvP situations than the PvE gear , right now raid gear just destroys the PvP gear and there isn't too much point in buying it. 3rd. Add system where people are being put in team according to their gear (high gear people get in teams with lower gear) to make sure there is no huge diffrence in gear like it oftenly is right now. SoR and TG was extremely popular , and then you nerfed SoR a little bit but it is still extremely powerful , now I see a bit less SoR but everything is full of TG. That particular talent should be tweaked as well , increase it's points cost , reduce the damage they deal once they take the talent or increase the damage they take (would have to be quite a bit). Right now PvP isn't in the best position and I can see why it is not really popular , thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to your reply. 4th. Reduce the stats of PVE items when you enter Battlegrounds/arenas. That way there would actually be PvP players gearing through PvP , and not just high end PvE players steamrolling everyone who actually does PvP. They did this on retail in MoP (not sure if in MoP or earlier , I just know that it was active during MoP) and it was great , and I believe that if gear that's obtained via PvP is the best for it will have more people gearing for it as it will be easier for them and they might stick to battlegrounds for a little longer than they are right now.

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