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  1. Qap definitely needs a nerf lol. As well as Dallas, Bavne, Leetbix, Toez, Stubben, Xain, and Alumentor. and Moosedan could use a look as well. shadow dot damage. huge damage and huge survivability. Main problem I seem to observe in pvp is damage reduction/absorption as well as huge instant heals and castable heals with or without 50% reduction applied. (Also generally shadow dots with sustain/dmgreduction/heals needs a nerf) (Also please remove the flag of ownership from bgs. It promotes toxic behavior and deters players from enjoying the server because of the general attitude). Also on a seperate note a please create a proper bg matchmaking system because at the moment the teams are always stacked. Thank you!
  2. The player Bothersome on Laughing Skull ESPECIALLY needs a nerf. Rofl. Huge damage and insanely tanky. Qap - rogue - insane damage
  3. You are completely wrong. I am fully geared and a good spec and skilled. These players are just taking advantage of the system in place and it needs to be adjusted. I hope a GM looks at this post. I am also constantly updating my previous post to show all of the ridiculous build players I am coming across.
  4. I mean, people like Regi, Downonknees, Moosanity, Cutegirl, Jokers, Flark, Ajax, Nxc, Lewds, Ithiria, and Vem. Their specs are nearly unbeatable/unkillable by many and need complete nerfs. Just look at all the "best" players and nerf/adjust their strengths to balance and adjust metas to fix the pvp environment.
  5. great, disvalue an entire class over some basic fixable problems.
  6. Im not talking about pve. Im talking about they are significantly below meta in pvp matchups and could use some serious buffs when it comes to pvp. They have to sacrifice many points for damage in ranged, can pick up some utility, but lack real damage compared to other class combos in pvp.
  7. read title. buff ranged hunter damage and pet damage for ranged hunters (Laughing Skull.) Thank you!
  8. The two piece set bonus from the Windrunner's Pursuit/Battlegear set grants Serpent Sting ticks the ability to critically strike. Each tick then has a chance equal to your ranged crit chance of dealing double damage.

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