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  1. These picture links are all screenshot proofs.
  2. https://ibb.co/fAEAeJ https://ibb.co/i8UbKJ https://ibb.co/feSwKJ https://ibb.co/j7GOzJ https://ibb.co/b6nVeJ https://ibb.co/hUa5Dd https://ibb.co/fbpMmy
  3. Player named Smitty/Slimsue (his main/alt characters) scammed gold from me and other players. He claims to be selling donation points and then said he is "scared of scammers" and wanted me to give him 160g deposit first before buying donation points from store to trade me items. After, I gave him 160g, he immediately logged off his alt Slimsue, and then logged back on his main Smitty. When I messaged Smitty, why he hasnt traded me the item from donation points, he /ignored me. I have screenshot proof of the whole situation and how he scammed me.

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