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  1. STV is a terrible zone even on Andorhal. I went through the zone on two characters, both times I ended up getting jumped by multiple people (sometimes in groups), for some reason there's even a handful of people who are twinked in the level range who roam around looking for easy kills. Be glad that the war effort is mostly finished, you'd frequently get level 60's killing people in parts of the zone because they wanted to farm without competition. If PvE is your main focus I'd seriously reconsider in general to be honest, the dev's are months behind schedule when it comes to PvE content, a lot of the existing PvE content is horribly buggy and has been for as long as the server has existed. The classless system is fantastic in many ways, and the server has a ton of potential, but from a PvE players perspective the actual experience is a poor one in my opinion.
  2. I've quit Ascension in large due to this, I know several other people who have done the same in the past few weeks. When I started playing I did so on the basis that the development team were at least going to try and adhere to their own road-map. That map clearly stated that we would see Naxx in December, it's now September and AQ40 doesn't look to be anywhere near ready for release. The dev' team are extremely PvP focused, the seasonal realm was built around PvP and I literally cannot believe that the other guy in this thread tried to claim otherwise. We've seen balance patches hit which have been based upon PvP, only to have a negative impact on PvE. We have the development team working on a new battle royal themed battleground. We have had very little communication regarding PvE and for the most part the Ascension team seem to be disinterested in that facet of the game. A small team such as the Ascension team has limited resources. Instead of pushing to release raid content as promised, or fixing the many bugs the game has which have existed long before I started playing, they're funneling their efforts into seasonal realms (splitting the player-base), as well as the creation of a gimmicky battleground that few people I've spoken with have any real interest in. There's an extremely vocal minority of people who seem to think all anyone wants to do is PvP, meanwhile the lack of actual appreciable content is causing people to leave in droves. It isn't the only reason, but it's a pretty major one which could have been avoided if the dev' team were at least more vocal in communicating the state of end game and gave us a realistic time frame for future content. I may return at some point in the future if they ever release AQ or Naxx, my real interest down the line was actually TBC content but I don't see that happening anytime soon. It's a shame as I think Ascension has a lot of potential, but I'm not going to sit around populating a server that has nothing worth doing on it.
  3. Not a problem mate. Ascension has a huge amount of potential, but the focus seems off to me. At this point I'm hoping the development team will give us an update on the progress of PvE, at the very least to better define their goals and update their road-map to better reflect reality. If Naxx doesn't hit this year I don't see myself playing on here any longer I'm afraid. I'd hate to see someone else put in time and effort only to be stonewalled by people that seem obsessed with funneling everyone into PvP. Good luck with your hunt regardless, I hope you find somewhere more suitable for your tastes. If you're into Wrath content, Shadowburn just launched a progression server that might better fit your bill.
  4. I'm afraid that if you're looking to focus on PvE (especially early game) you're probably looking at the wrong project. The population of Andorhal is pretty low, very few new people are starting up and people with alts tend to focus on leveling as fast as they possibly can. Unless you sign up with some friends and level with them, you're unlikely to see any dungeons outside of boosts until max level. Furthermore, there technically isn't a PvE realm, there's a "low risk" realm (The aforementioned Andorhal) which is basically just a classic PvP realm. So you'll still have to deal with a certain level of PvP in the game. Then there's the issue with the current state of end game, there's a severe lack of content updates focused on PvE. The development team seem to be pulling out all the stops in their focus on PvP, while PvE is by comparison being left in the dust. Others may correct me if I'm wrong here, but there haven't been any content updates for PvE for 8 months unless you count the AQ War Effort/Invasions, one of which is just grinding and the other often involving PvP gank squads while offering little actual content anyway (essentially just standing around a big rock and killing a couple of waves of generic enemies). Despite the road-map on the website stating we should be seeing Naxx in November, I've been informed by several people that AQ40 has had almost zero work completed (and that only one dev' is working on it), meaning that even if the gates were to open we wouldn't be able to do much. If we're half way through August with AQ40 being nowhere near completion, I have little hope of seeing Naxx launch on time. By contrast the Ascension team have been gung-ho regarding their seasonal PvP realm, and are clearly pumped up about introducing an original battle royal themed battleground. If you're a hardcore PvE type, I'd genuinely recommend looking elsewhere. I love PvE, I rolled on this server because I was intrigued by the classless system, but in some respects I regret my time here. If I'd known there would be so much focus on PvP, to the point it's a detriment to PvE, I'd have initially looked elsewhere. I've remained because I've met some cool people and the obvious time investment, but it's to the point where I have little interest in getting online anymore outside of raiding BWL (the current top raid in the game). I honestly feel like I've been mislead to an extent, as I foolishly took the road-map as gospel. I'd be more understanding if I knew the team were actively working on it with proper resources, I understand it's hard work setting up and balancing content, but it looks more as though priorities are simply focused elsewhere due to a lack of interest (from the developers) when it comes to the PvE aspects of the game. TL:DR: The focus of the Ascension team is very PvP centric, if you're mostly interested in PvE I'd go elsewhere.
  5. Why? Are you speaking specifically for PvP reasons? I ask because I don't personally see any issues with them being used as suggested on a more PvE orientated realm (aka Andorhol).
  6. Update/Bump. We have a new officer in the guild (Welsh) and I've updated the post accordingly. We're running and clearing ZG/MC10 on a weekly basis now, and recently forged our first guild legendary. We're still looking for new members to flesh out our team as we get ready to enter BWL, and expand into 25 man content.
  7. I got my hammer today guys! Thanks to everyone involved for their help, I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun smashing it into faces!
  8. My first Sulfuron Ingot dropped last night, just another 7 to go! I'm still looking to buy them if/when possible guys, so if you know anyone that has an excess they wont use spread the word!
  9. Cheers guys. I check on a daily basis for Ingots and I ask every so often in /world but no luck so far. No drops from our MC runs either, so who knows when I'll finally get enough to make the thing. I have pretty much everything else already, just need a few more arcanite bars and the dark iron bars, although I believe we've the ore to make a bunch of the dark iron already.
  10. Bump for the sake of bump. We still need new people to raid with us!
  11. Not a problem, I'm more than happy to clarify if people have any questions.
  12. All we ask is that if you wish to raid with us that your build works well enough for the environment. We're not going to force you to do X or Y, that's totally up to you. But if you're really enjoying playing a build that at best nets 600dps in good gear, you're either going to need to work to improve it or sit out when it comes to progress related content. If you want advice and you ask for it, we'll do our best to give it to you. However, we absolutely will not force anything down your throat. A number of guilds are far more strict in this regard. If a player wants to do X type build, they'll be funneled toward a specific tried and tested spec. We don't do that, we believe that there's a lot of functioning builds out there that are often overlooked, we also understand that being able to execute tactics is the most important factor in a raid. We don't want to be a guild that funnels people into specific builds, then attempts to zerg everything -- those guilds will hit brick walls when it comes to progression, there's a few of the larger guilds that are already in that position.
  13. Bump! Reminder that we're clearing all content prior to BWL on a weekly basis (10 man), we just need a few more people for consistency so that we can gear for BWL. Given our past performance we expect swift progression through BWL and hope to clear in time for the AQ launches. PS: Also a reminder that if you're looking at current recruitment messages while wondering which guild to join, it's worth noting that the GM of Long Live Cenarius made a second recruitment post in which he copy and pasted our recruitment post and made minor changes to it.
  14. Bumpity! Updated staff status, I'd also like to add that we're now clearing ZG10 and MC10 on at least a weekly basis with our NA team. We need more members to flesh things out and start gearing for BWL.
  15. Hello guys! I'll get to the point with this, I was lucky enough to get the Eye from Ragnaros last night, my victory came in the form of a roll of 4 against zero competition. The problem I'm having now is that I'm woefully unprepared to actually craft the hammer, in large due to the Sulfuron Ingot requirement (8 for crafting, 1 for the pattern). I haven't been playing the game for that long, and my guild (Hand of Evil, we're recruiting by the way!) is fairly new -- we've only just started running MC on a weekly basis. I don't often do 25 man as I'm not overly fond of mass pugs, and the chances of obtaining an Ingot that way are slim anyway. Are there any guilds (or players, for that matter) out there with an excess of Sulfuron Ingots that would consider selling them? If so what what would you want for them? I'm not exactly rolling in gold right now, but having a defined goal to work toward would be great. Thanks in advance for any advice/offers. Drann. PS: If anyone wants to contact me in game, you can find me on either: Drann or Dranntwo.

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