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  1. Sorry im late didnt open forums for some time... no LS isnt dead.... when u have ppl doing stuff and all u cant say its dead. Be it 100 or 80ppl or how many there are cuz u dont know what ppl do each moment. Ya andorhal is more populated thx to the stay connected for nothing. I prefer mentality over numbers and on this season i saw so many ppl i like to call "andorhal mongoloids" i laughed my a** off. Because of the "high risk nature" piss off i've seen ppl on season 2 complaining about being scammed by someone they didnt know... like come fking on what do u expect, lets be real now. Yes andorhal is full of try hards accomplishing(hope i spelled this right) nothing other ppl can't. I cant even believe ppl play there BGs rarely pop so its less content between raids and when they do from what ppl i saw playing its sad. And again if u only raid log after doing attunements its just a waste of time. Im sorry to inform you but ppl roll out. Maybe not when you go out or where u do go out. Seems a bit weird but u find ppl in areas u dont expect at times u dont expect.
  2. I forgot to add Andorhal is a "log to raid" realm. People are online only to raid or mb to farm orbs for REs to use in PvE but that is it.
  3. Emmm Andorhal is as dead as it can be after seasonal is down wdym? I logged a few days after season 2 ended and i only saw 7ppl in Orgrimmar. LS has more than just that and even some ppl doing stuff in world or hiding in cities or w/e they do.
  4. Knees everything u need to know is on the first page. Only 2 articles are done rn.
  5. @Kaladin its been 5 days and i havn't been contacted. So im gonna ask are we getting the promised DP? If so when? If not what plans to give it do you guys have? Id like to make a few more articles but im not motivated if i dont see results of my work and Tommy just did a video on what i wrote so i guess my DP is gonna be halted... i dont like this.
  6. Only 2 topics got sent? Wow ... that's just wow. Btw Kaladin i forgot to add something to the article i sent can i correct it or ...?
  7. Next week? Holy bonoboes thats a lot of time. Btw Kaladin can you put a list with all of the subjects already expanded and if you need more of a kind like more content say so. Ty ❤️
  8. It will take time tho. Btw just finished the Mystic enchantment wiki english version ill do the translations at an other time when we finish with the wiki.
  9. I can do Romanian translations. Also ill be looking into explaining some of the stuff listed above but i will use only photos and text.
  10. It might be true he scammed but it is not a bannable thing and if ppl need stuff they will try their best to get it even if it means playing with luck. So you are complaining for no real reason. Anyways have a good one.
  11. Well mate from my PoV you fucked up xd. Yes he scammed you but.. you put your trust in someone you dont know and thats isnt a good choice. If u do death trades do them with ppl u know or are on good terms.. or take the item before you pay it might not please the seller but w/e its your own way to defend so.. good luck next time and stop sobbing like a baby it's a HIGH RISK realm what do u expect ? People willingly giving you their specs and giving away free items and gold? Hell no this is a everyone for themselves(more or less because of guilds) survival of the fittest.
  12. So I skipped a few facts. 1. We already have crappy gear in the world loot table because ZG gear is a thing and it is not used even if it is better than Dungeon Set 2. 2. Why would you want D Set 2 out... the set bonuses arent amazing, not even the items. I mean look at warlock and priest sets they dont help by any means they are weak. 3. This might reoeat in most of the posts if you read through them but the devs need to do more than just add items in the world loot table. They need to fix bugs, to balance the REs and Talents. It is not the easiest things to do so please refrain to bother them for a reason as small as this. Like i said before if you want D Set 2 just do the chain quest. Yes it might be expensive time and money wise but it is fun if you know how to enjoy doing stuff with different people. I hope i helped you and cleared the misunderstandings i caused by the last post.
  13. The quest for dungeon set 2 is repeatable.... you can even reset your progress on a chain to start from quest 1.

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