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  1. Every build can exist, whether it's viable or not is a different story, there are lots of boosts to SS damage and talents to help out too
  2. Have you tried deleting cache?
  3. Only the purchaser can gift levels.
  4. Shadowstep, mortal strike and earth shield or holy shock are the 4 abilities you want to pick. So you have to see, Do you have a slow? Do you have healing reduction? Do you need sustained heal (earth shield)? Do you need a quick heal like holy shock? I guess mortal strike will fix your lack of slow and healing reduction, and you will definitely need a heal like earth shield or holy shock, so it's basically between those three.
  5. Influx of players on seasonal is heavy on the servers, especially in the first couple of days. It's probably not your end. Just wait it out bud.
  6. Hm, it was said somewhere, I'll have to see if I can find it, can't quite remember where but it definitely said custom titles and cosmetics I know that 100%.
  7. 6PM server time on July the 26th
  8. They already stated custom titles and cosmetics.
  9. Amazing guide that must have taken a lot of effort!! Well played sir!
  10. If you take mortal strike and earth shield (or holy shock if you don't have a reliable heal) you have a pretty lit build.
  11. Why did you say "don't worry about the lack of block value", and about block value being swapped with block rating, then add no changes that correlate with this? Why would you make gag order silence work on a 60 second cool down ability? That's only ever used to interrupt bubble, hence will never EVER silence. Even if the silence is delayed, why would you make a 2 second cast time ability, silence for 2 seconds? If you EVER use it outside of shattering immunity it's literally useless because it took you 2 seconds anyway! Classic 200IQ balancing.
  12. I give up arguing with you honestly, you are such a child it's just embarrassing. It's about helping bring new players into the server and keeping them there. Not about being a 'carebear' or anything of the sort. I'm sad that you have to keep resorting to insults like this rather than an actual conversation so I'm going to just reply to people who have an actual input now. Thanks.
  13. Sigh... As I have mentioned before, you cannot lose your progress on Andorhal when you die. As I also mentioned before new players REPEATEDLY die to players in more gear and more established builds. Sure they might get 2-3 epics a day, but they probably also lose 2-3 a day too. I'm not going to carry on babying you and explaining every single point. You clearly don't understand Laughing Skull as much as you claim. Belittling... Because it wouldn't drop on death, or be repairable, as stated before. Sort of like the starter gear that comes with the instant level 60. It'd give new players a fighting chance, rather than saving up for MC gear, dying once then going back to farming in blues because they're too scared to lose items.
  14. Not asking for 'free loot' at all, I suggested a free set of irreparable and unsellable tier one. I never said that there aren't ways to gain gear quickly on Laughing Skull, I just said that it's hard at the moment for new players to progress from Blues into MC gear and then into BWL. And I would never suggest anything like that, the whole reason you are here is to try and belittle me on the forums, and attempt to embarrass me but you're frantically looking for new things to say, putting words in my mouth multiple times. Like I said it's only a suggestion, if you don't like it feel free to leave.

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