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  1. Afaik at level 60 you get 4 AE. you can then choose either 2, 2AE1TE abilities or 1 3AE and 1TE and a 1AE and one TE. Im unsure about rerolling though
  2. This is a cool concept and the fact you've put time and effort into making this is super cool! BUT Shadow builds are already incredibly strong in PvP, they do not need another big CD. It's a -1 from me I'm afraid!
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  4. You can check the "Builds" section on the forums! Plenty stuff there to help you out.
  5. Tekkies


    You haven't read the changes... MoD is 3 points Camouflage is 3 points 45 seconds is MORE than enough to prepare to engage someone. You do not have to 'catch someone off guard' at all, you should be able to engage someone at any time, not just when they aren't ready. This a problem you have in yourself, you need to get used to engaging people who are ready, not just some random AoE farming in HG. This has always been the case even when stealth was permanent, I don't see your point?
  6. The servers are also seperated by the soulbound / non-soulbound aspects. I'm not sure if the Andorhal population who worked hard raiding to get to the point they are at would appreciate LS players who didn't have to do that merging with them and having a much easier time. Perhaps I'm wrong though! The Karma system was introduced in season 2, as an outlaw you drop an additional piece of gear but you do not have to keep toggling criminal intent all the time. As a protector you can only kill outlaws, unless you toggle criminal intent, and you drop one less piece of your equipped gear.
  7. There aren't really many specs that are PvPvE viable. In PvP you want to put talents in survivability and 1v1 potential, in PvE it's all about DPS. I think it'd be a lot easier for you if you focus a single spec on PvE, then save up honor to get the 2nd spec and use that for PvP afterwards. Best of luck to you anyway though!
  8. Tekkies


    Well that is bug abuse and I'd suggest you report it rather than talking about it here. Abusing that could lead to a ban. In terms of stealth, it has always been a somewhat problematic ability in high risk realms. I feel like permanent stealth is really cheesy I guess. I love the idea of rogues, and I think they still have more than enough potential even without permanent stealth. As Jandice said 45 seconds of stealth is enough to set up once you find someone, and go in for the kill. You can do your combo, use blind or something, restealth and then go again even with the 10 second CD. There are still abilities you can use to drop any DoTs etc you have on you and run to restealth if you really want to. It's just a little harder for people to play like that.
  9. Why was shadow DoTs the only class to receive buffs. Other casters have lost 15% damage on most spells and have been given a relatively small reduced cast time in comparison with 25% haste. I feel like other specs have received mediocre changes while DoTs have received a really good change and this will funnel players into this playstyle. With flat 15% damage increases all round. I feel like instead of broadening the options certain changes are funneling more players into certain builds. Hybrids and DoT sustain builds are incredibly powerful right now and will remain so until they are correctly addressed. Why do tanks in PvP have to suffer for having a shield? With a total loss of 20% healing to self. You cater to this for PvE but PvP is ignored which is rather disappointing. Would you consider reducing the healing reduction on defensive stance to 5% rather than 10 as it is currently?
  10. AFAIK these are from Lyfes updated blogspot. They might be incorrect but I'm unsure.
  11. A lot of people do not like the next textures, myself included. It's easier to just make those who do want them, to have to install them theirselves.
  12. Hi everyone! I just want to make a little bit of a complaint about the recent balance changes. I'm curious as to why every other caster received a reduced cast time, but most of those spells were nerfed, except dots. DoTs received a 15% flat damage increase AND 15% increased scaling. Now correct me if I'm wrong but that feels like a HUGE buff, much more effective than 20% haste? A flat 15% damage is enough imo, but to also increase the scaling by 15%? Not to mention drain soul with already does 4X damage to enemies on low health? It's already the strongest execute in the game it's ridiculous. This was said to bring "shadow DoTs in line with the meta' as they have been historically strong. However, this seems to me they are benefitting the most in this change. Perhaps they did use spell mastery but now this is a huge huge power spike, every other hard caster has received massive nerfs in the form of reduced damage to players. Except DoTs. I feel like these changes are extremely overtuned. Most casters have received a 0.4second or similar reduced cast time, with a 10-15% reduction on "damage to players" while dots has a 15% increase in damage and 15% scaling? How is this balanced. Edit: Coefficients of said buffed spells: Vampiric touch 200% (40% per tick) - now 230% (46% per tick) Devouring plague 160% (20% per tick) - now 184% (23% per tick) Shadow word pain 110% (18.33% per tick) - now 126.5% (21.079% per tick) Corruption 120% WITHOUT talents (20% per tick) - now 138% (23% per tick) (With talents corruption can reach a base of around 158%) Drain soul 42.9% per tick - now 49.335% per tick Haunt 42.86% - now 49.289% These are all ALSO with a 15% flat damage increase.
  13. Some fun and interesting concepts for tanking! I really like these ideas! At the moment it seems phase dodge sort of stacks but with diminishing returns. It seems to absorb around 350-400 damage with 3 REs which is of course incredibly weak. I like your suggestions, especially in the aspects of bear form!
  14. I have to say I agree with this. I'd like the balance team to remember that this is now a deterrent from ANYONE ever using a shield in a non-caster build. Let's say shield slammers for example, they're now suffering a -10% damage and healing done from Defensive stance, as well as an extra -10% magic damage and an EXTRA -10% healing with to me is sort of ridiculous. Also if someone wants to make a 1 hander build using a single one hander and a shield for a lil extra survivability they can't do that without suffering a massive penalty, which is -10% healing to self. I'd like to see some way in which only the intended audience of the spell mastery nerf will be addressed. Not anyone using a shield ever. +1
  15. I have to say this sounds incredibly overpowered. You're basically turning any cast into an instant cast and the only downside is not being able to use poisons (unless you imbue them?) or enhancements and a 1.5x mana multiplier. The downsides to this DO not in any way weigh equal to the positives. If this was more balanced I'd support it. But right now it's ridiculously overpowered. If I infused my weapon with fireball and I talented fire spells I could easily reach a 2/3k crit that is an instant cast with no prior set up required like Maelstrom weapons stacks needed. Even with the damage multiplier you suggested this would still be incredibly powerful just because you're making 'casted' spells instant. It's a -1 from me I'm sorry. I would not like to see this implemented. If your idea has some more thought and perhaps nerfs it'd be a great idea.

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