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  1. It's not news that the pop here is starting to grow, which is amazing. Problem is all of these people are experiencing a shell of what this server truly offers. It's about creating your own build, experiencing fights with high risks (or low-risk if you so choose), and creating your own build which excels. You can go for a 1v1 zone build or a teamfight zone build. With Wildcard it's just luck of the draw, which basically shafts most of the people wanting to play on high-risk. (This is not even counting the amount of ppl that abused early and got away with it, while the rest of us have to rely on winning the lottery). I get that wildcard is this seasons niche, but in my opinion it's just not Ascension. So why not open a server that's normal, and let people choose if they want to play the wildcard version or the full version where they get the experience of the Ascension that they'll get on the normal servers when the seasons end.
  2. (Reposting this out of the veteran forum and into GD so we can get input from newer players dealing with this system.) .....but why the FUCK is Criminal Intent still a thing? Especially now that high-risk and low-risk is a thing. It does nothing but hinder people for the sake of hindering them. It's an absolutely terrible system which just hasn't made sense since its introduction. It wrecks what Ascension is meant to be in my opinion, a FFA WPvP experience, no matter your faction. For those that are new here and don't know, the Criminal Intent mechanic makes it so you have to flag as a "criminal" to attack your own faction out in the world. How Ascension normally works is you can attack your own faction outside of capital cities with no penalties, which in my opinion is how it should stay. This trash system was introduced in season 1, and for some reason is still around... So I have to go crim just to fight half the pop, which banishes me from capital cities, not to mention makes me get killed flying into certain world hubs (nethergarde keep, chillwind camp). AND I also lose 3 items on death instead of 2. I've been here on and off for nearly a year now, and while you've made some bad decisions in terms of server direction, you've made some good ones too. This is not one of those good ones. It just seems like you guys are constantly adding more carebear stuff to this server. Maybe someone can explain to me why this system is good but I see nothing except what I said before, it just being a hindrance for hindrance sake
  3. Doesn't matter at this point. They nerfed a major thing at level 60 which just gives anyone who used it before it was changed a HUGE advantage over others who didn't. So anyone without an insane build by now is basically mostly fucked in any 1v1 situation.
  4. Let's keep buffing casters and nerfing melee. PvP is in a great state and balanced btw.
  5. So why was my post deleted?
  6. Need to remove most of the useless abilities like sense undead, track humanoid, etc. from the table of spells you can pull from. It's unfun.
  7. If these massive TG/Melee changes get pushed to LS you can be sure you'll lose a player permanently.
  8. Funniest thing is people don't do them even if the message is spammed. They're not worth the time.
  9. Pumpfake

    PvP tweaks

    Oh boy another tg nerf thread.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I've been asking/saying this for awhile now. Why is LS balanced the same as Andorhal?
  12. For any new players reading this and is stuck in this situation, just simply try to buy a build from one of the more successful players. Most players will sell their build to you for the right price. Yes it sucks spending what little gold you have on a spec from someone, but at least you know that spec has been tested and proven to work well (in most situations).
  13. I like how @Kaladin completely ignored my post and replied to someone else who has no idea what he's talking about.
  14. You sure it's not cause you guys completely delete builds instead of buffing others or just giving them a love tap? You effectively screw people that invested in gear and RE's for that build. Unfortunately I can't find it but I remember reading or hearing you guys saying you didn't want to completely nerf a build because you didn't want to fuck someone over that invested a lot into their build. Imagine you're a new player and you just spent all of your mystic runes you farmed (probably getting smashed in bgs) or even what small amount of gold you have left to get extracts. Then you use those extracts (which yes, are easier to get now, but mystic orbs are not), and the 30 mystic orbs you spent forever farming because god forbid you even know what DME orb runs are as a new player. Finally you find out that instead of just tuning down damage they removed a core part of your build. This isn't even counting gear that you spent gold on which has now halved in value and mostly nobody wants. Would you want to keep playing after that?
  15. As it stands I've done over 40 level 60 invasions in 2 and 3 man groups (so I have a decent sample size of loot possible), and from my and others understanding the gear can't be higher than T1. I personally have only seen epics from T1 content. My suggestion is to increase the level of gear possible from boxes to T2 level. I don't know about others, but I rarely see anyone do an invasion under lvl 60 since it's not worth the time at all, and lately even level 60 ones have been left up for days at a time because I've stopped doing them and I don't see anyone else ever clearing them. This topic is mainly for Laughing Skull as I don't play Andorhal and don't know what it's like over there in terms of the amount of people doing the invasions.

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