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  1. I would like to know why Holy Pally in general is being depraved of haste? This spec is the least fun to play in pvp since you can't cast a 2.5 sec spell. A person with one finger out of ten has enough time to interrupt, and fakecsting a 2.5 sec spell is unreal here, or I'm bad at it)) Every other spec has a way to deal with this - be it instant casts or passive/proc haste. Naxx sets: 1) Druid healing - passive 5%+2-3% from spirit conversion. 10% from proc. 2) Priest healing - 2% passive + 10% from proc. 3) Shaman even - 3.5% passive, 4% from proc. And Pally gets 3% while being below 20% HP. After being the victim of a critical strike casting time of your next holy spell is reduced by 3/5/7%. Stacks 3 times. Buff lasts 10 seconds. Taking damage has a 25% chance of reducing casting time of your next holy spell by 3/5/7%. Stacks 3 times. Buff lasts 10 seconds. When target of your Beacon of Light takes damage, casting time of your next holy spell is reduced by 3%. Stacks 3 times. Buff lasts 10 seconds. I'd like something like this.
  2. Dear Devs, I believe all community members would like to receive some feedback in return. Did you like any of proposed ideas, do you agree with our statements regarding recent design? What's your opinion on the current state of pvp after the balance notes? What do you think of the massive community haste nerf disapproval? I, personally, would like to hear your opinion on these subjects.
  3. Thanks for hearing the populations concern and starting this post. I agree that healing overall needs a nerf, but nerfing a slot (shield) is overall a very bad design. And completely removing haste makes the gameplay stale and boring. 1) Rework the Spell Power Stat To nerf "spell tanks" and offensive caster healing output - go through 60 level, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. For example, Nemesis set, gives 203 SP - change that to 152 SPD and 51 SPH. Redemption set - 206 SP change to 154 SPH and 52 SPD. 2) Rework and adjust casting time through talents, to keep 15% haste for everyone. Removing 25% haste, which determines the way both pvp and pve are paced, is too much. a) carefull positioning will become way harder b) long casts will become way more harder to finish - and additional 0.5 second window for enemy interrupts is too much for a sudden increase. For example, Lights Grace - in addition to lowering cast time after a successful cast, make it passively reduce the cast time of Holy Light by 0.3 sec (12% haste sort of). Add a similar effect to Nature's Bounty and so on. Judgements of the Pure - increase haste to 9% or 12% for example. 3) Why is fear-polly-botting still a thing? Why dont fear and polly have at least 5, or better a 10 second CD? People abuse that way too much, casting fear or polly 3-4 times in a row hasnt been adressed. If you are fighting 2-2 and someone starts chaining those two - you can let go of the keyboard.
  4. I will reply in two parts. Peel2G and other who share that point of view. Please don't think that I do not care for LS, it's rules and players. I just have a much much better idea of who is at the top of the food chain on the realm I play, and its Oak and Exiled players. There are ofcourse very skilled individuals from other guilds, but the overwhelmingly vast majority of top pvp players belongs to the abovementioned ones. As for the people that think that we are afraid of nerfs. I am indeed against a 25% nerf to my build, and I am totally ok, and repeatedly said so, that a 10% nerf is needed. So if I got a 15% nerf, I'd be a bit sad, but 25%.... However - this is not the issue I was targeting!! The design philosophy of the nerfs is just unbearably bad. I will repeat - everyone who equips a shield is nerfed. Just imagine the pain of a newcomer to the realm. "Oh I got a rare shield drop from that 20 level dungeon, hell it took us 2 hours to get the full group up and running, but it was worth it. *10 minutes later* Wait, why am I doing less damage...." And the second thing is a direct, DIRECT, contradiction to the plan mentioned several times and acknowledged by pretty much the whole pop. Healing needs nerfs, we all agree on this. IM A HEALER and I'm for heal nerfs. And they give a global healing buff to EACH 1h+offhand. P.S. you have no idea how many times i refrained from using profanity. it's deserved here.
  5. For the sake of argument lets say you have at least BWL gear, some defensive CD's and a general idea how not to die in 10 seconds. So, the best healing specs - nature hots - can suffer in PVP when your enemy is on top of dispel game. But still, the hps is best. Then we have hardcasting hpally - which takes a lot of patience, timing, fake casting and bis RE's to work - but there is nothing really to dispel - and you can get 6k crit heals with a 1.6 cast time. And here is where we get to priest based heals. Not enough hots, not enough simply overpowering high numbers (you will get 4.5k crits with all priest buffs active). The argument people put is that priests have a lot of buffs, that increase healing taken and reduce phys damage taken - which all can be dispelled. Basicaly, you dont have enough hot power to run around all the time, positioning yourself, even if you go iron balls mode and stand and hardcast - then your numbers simply aren't the highest (from my experience about 15-20% weaker than pally).
  6. After reading the newest balance article, I feel like quitting until TBC or for a half a year at least. 1) First, players will have a global 10% reduction in all magical damage and healing while a shield is equipped. 2) While a Staff is equipped you will get a flat 6% damage and 4% healing increase and while and Off-Hand is equipped you will get a flat 4% damage and 2% healing increase. 3) This should help offset the power lost by not dual-wielding and the additional power lost from the RE slot you have to forgo with using a Staff. 1) So, I just equip a shield, anybuildever, and get a huge nerf. Best design ever. This deserves profanity. 2) Then, you want to bring up an idea, that helps going staff-only or 1h+off hand, and it is totaly contradictory to our current problems. "Casters have too much healing power, we are going to adress this" and the next balance patch will give a global aura that gives EVERY caster a healing buff. A+. We want to nerf but we will buff. You will probably say something like "don't forget - healing spells are not getting the haste bonus now - this is one of the ways to nerf caster healing". Just no. Everyone uses rejuv, riptide, earth shield. Hard-casting long heals is pretty rare. And your new design just buffed a problem we have. 3) People are going for shield in PVP because the power levels of having bis gear and RE's is way off the scale and you cant survive w/o that physical mitigation a shield provides. Until this is tested, and we have a post going through all spells individually, with current info i receive a 4.35% total heal amount nerf, and a 24.48% total HPS nerf in both pvp and pve specs. It is atm pretty much damn impossible to cast a 2 sec spell w/o getting CC'ed while dueling. I'm not talking about icy veins or some other buffs, just a regular cast. Now it will jump up to 2.5 and the player experience and timing gap for CC becomes even worse. I would much rather: 1) Go through 60 level only sets, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. 2) To get rid of spell mastery w/o effing anything up too much just work on all spell talents, ALL, not just casters. 3) Feel like healing is a bit too high? I'm the heal that says so in our gchat when we discuss balance. Just nerf it by 10% for a season, and then adjust after it. All base amounts, scaling and so on. Dont just nerf everyone ever who equips a shield. At this point I'd much rather see the next stream a dev call in chat a 10-10 wsg and get some live experience. Get some top Exiled and Oak players in the other team, and survive vs them w/o the shield and spell mastery as a heal. Show us da wae. I keep my fingers crossed until full notes come, and there actually will be some haste for heals. And not the "spell mastery gives now 25% haste" (but it still is actually 20%) kind of haste. Until then, yours 0.75% of Hysteria.
  7. Do we need to download a new ptr patch?
  8. Hysteria


    У нас есть группа в ВК?)
  9. Is cast facing being adressed? There's quite a lot of spells, that you can cast w/o facing the target. Judgement, Repentance, Fear for example.
  10. My two cents. First of all, thank you for fixing Guarded by the Light talent, its good seeing your bug reports being usefull (even if its a coincidence). I've been a Holy Light healer for eternity, so seeing the improved crit for Flash of Light was good news. 1) I tried out Illumination once again - and it still is about 20% of mana gained, 5% is Blessing of the Divines, and 75% is Life Tap, and I really was trying to limit tapping. 2) Recently, there was a nerf to Light's Grace talent, a significant one. If you were to add 4/7/10% of int as mp5 to this talent, and buff Illumination a bit, from 40% to 50%, maybe then it will have a better chance. Holy Light healing talents are pretty much not available to any other spec, so these buffs won't affect anything else. I can't imagine anyone picking up 10% of int as mp5 for 3 TE. 3) I couldn'r roll Divine Litany, so can't say anything for Divine Favor working with the RE. Honestly, imo, just change Divine Favor cd to 1 min by itself. The idea is good, adding more utility, but no one will take 3 RE for 1 minute cd reduction on a single crit. Especially considering the low pop of Holy Light healers. And I got really lucky with ALL new priest healing RE's. 1) They work together pretty well, the rotation seems natural. Solid 7k Greater Heals. 2) No mana issues in a PVE build with t1 set and other items from AQ. No need for Life Tap here at all. 3) I don't think it has a chance of being viable in PVP though since heavy talent and RE investment leaves you with zero talents for protection. My overall thoughts and feelings: 1) Supply and Demand. If there will be encounters where single target heals are required - then you did a good job with priests. Its a good spec that will have it's place. If upcoming content is more focused on AoE - Prayer of Healing priests will still be way more stronger and prefered. 2) I think you need to address holy paladin mana, maybe do something to Benediction. Judgements of the Wise is good - but requires too much AE and TE to compete with damn Life Tap.
  11. Hi Wicky!) This is a typo, right? Otherwise - thank you, i will always be protected)
  12. I believe you are referring to Huntank's pet, who indeed is more valuable in bg's than half of the pop))) I have to agree - 1k AA vs 7k armor is too much. Although, yesterday I didn't have too much trouble vs him. Still scary and very high on dmg, but I didn't die once during the whole bg. I'm using Slow, Repentance and Hammer of Justice to CC the damn demon.
  13. I have a question - is there any need of russian/ukranian translation for the wiki? I can do that)
  14. You clearly have an issue at this point in the game, I dont have it, thanks to simple stat allocation and different choice in some enchants. I can ofcourse elaborate a bit. So you start at 60, get some gear, have 4500 hp and 1500 AP. Try to pvp - die in 3 seconds, learn nothing and complain. Then you get more gear, you have 5500 hp and 2500 AP. Another try at pvp - die in 5 seconds, still have no idea how and what to do. Why won't you get more survivability, mitigation, live for at least 15 seconds, learn the rotation that's killing you, adjust your spec afterwards, get recount/skada. Adapt or die. Simple as that. I started here as a generic TG idiot - oh i can get TG, and windfury, oh oh do poisons stack with windfury? We all know "this guy". Guess what? Billy one shot me. And again. And again. Then Supreme one shot me. Then Naks oneshot me. I got tired of that, dumped stats in stam, got 7k hp, and finally started learning something in this game. Worked out well for me.
  15. Dear players above - are we all playing an ascension? Are you all from Badscalp or something? These "points" - where do they come from? And I really wish I didn't reset recount every couple of days so that I could pull up more screens. It's hard to prove points without actual proof. 1) PoH dead? I'm playing it. Yesterday had a full BWL and we had time for half of Temple. 47% of all healing not counting absorbs. proof => http://joxi.ru/Y2Lk8owt77kE5m I really liked the RE stack limit here - the real nerf is the mana-side of PoH. Previsously, i did not go oom at all, and I did not use Life Tap. Now, I can't just sit and spam. 2) Melee sustain dead? That's why these players still are on top of the food chain? 3) Metamorph and felguard killed? Felguard's AAs for 1k noncrit vs 7k armor in pvp is bad? Huntank's Felguard is a better player than some out there. 4) Poly and fear share cd? How is that bad? I'm sorry for being rude but are the complaints coming from those people who have no balls and cast fear 6-7 times in a row? If you genuinely think casting fear-poly-fear-poly-fear-fear-poly is ok - put me on ignore and never talk to me. Poly was "strong but ok" in wow because of class limitations, on ascension - it's pure cancer. 5) TG dead? Killing 80% of players in 5 seconds and not 6 is not dead. Sometimes you don't even have time to target the player Naks charged. But then again, he probably has /played 1 year so... 6) Increased health pool? There is no reason for that. Put stats into stam, get stam enchants, ZG stam enchants, good stam PVP gear, some protective talents and you're good. I can't say for the people above, but I really enjoy reading in-game comments from 4k hp glass canons that they are getting 2shot. I've got 150 stat points in stam, 2% stats RE, and I run Blessing of Kings. No other % increases and i have 7865 HP, and it feels enough. I feel like the real issue of all of the above complaints is gear and RE's, not the builds and balance. If you have BiS gear and RE's you must obliterate a fresh green-blue 60, and be relatively stronger that a medium-geared player. Otherwise what's the point of it all? I play only one character, /played is 48+, I have 1 pvp and 1 pve spec, I have tinkered with them for a very long time, I have spreadsheets, and I spend time learning stuff like https://goo.gl/Wj5wNd. I should, in all possible ways, be way stronger than a fresh player, or a veteran who is using all resources among 3-4 characters with different specs. We don't have enough of fresh-medium players to balance things out. With the current state we do have a bit more fresh players, but its not substantial. When there will be a good pop, and both sides of WSG have 4-5 trash, 2-3 medium geared and 2-3 monsters - then things will be way more enjoyable. Whereas now, in 90% of cases its 3 monsters, 1 medium geared and 1 newbie. And dear devs, overall, I must say I do agree with most balance changes, even with those that hit my spec specifically. Some are really weird, and I don't understand - like the Shield of Templar RE change. Also, I've just finished watching the stream. Finally some love for healers. Its good that priest single-heals are getting attention, they were on a weaker side for a while. I liked Divine Litany and Faith in the Light. When they come out I will definetely try to implement them in my build. Thanks for your work.

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