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  1. Yes understandable, however it has been like this for a number of weeks now. This should be a number 1 prio. You have admitted to leaving a bug alone so the people who are using it don't get upset? thats a bad look.
  2. I keep hearing this about heavy nerfs...its not a nerf, its not suppose to happen in the first place. Its a bug that needs to be fixed anyone wilfully using this is bug abusing. I didn't really think it was much of a problem until I saw a top guild using 4 frost mages in AQ all with this bug active. This is highly disruptive to high end raiding. Its becoming a joke how long its been usable to be honest P.S people get one shot in bgs by it too
  3. This is some solid content here. The question is WHY has the molten fury bug not been fixed yet? you need to buff casters and fix this bug. Leaving the bug alone is promoting bug abuse for casters to keep up.
  4. Molten fury mage RE is active at all times when you have finger of frosts buff which basically has 100% uptime when REd meaning mages are getting 30% more damage from 100% hp instead of 35%
  5. When is the melee patch dropping?
  6. Karlim

    Arena format

    Also I personally know many players who are not actively playing who would come back if arenas were implemented with a decent incentive behind them.
  7. Karlim

    Arena format

    Right now on Laughing Skull we just spam warsong for pvp and the occasional world pvp fight. With all the different possible combos and builds I see it seems that arena is a complete win win for Ascension as a whole and has amazing replay ability. Whilst also providing that well needed orb boost
  8. Karlim

    Arena format

    2v2/3v3 arenas with either fortnightly or monthly ladders with Orbs/runes/honor/glory rewards for high rankings teams (top 5 for example. 1st place 100 orbs each, 2nd place 50 orbs each etc etc) This would be very effective for player retention. BONUS : achievements (finish top 3 in 3 ladders) with group achievements with rewards similar to glory of molten core
  9. "I know people were able to farm up thousands of orbs for themselves during the opening of the AQ Gates. I'll make sure to pass your feedback on to the rest of the team though!" What are you referring to here? how did they farm thousands of orbs during the opening??
  10. I would like to see the viability of Regular 1H dual wield warrior. Right now TG reigns supreme, I believe it could be balanced through REs. Its a shame to see all the 1handers dropping without use
  11. I have pmed multiple GMs + submitted an ingame ticket with no avail. Seeing as my guild has cleared BWL this week and the reset is on monday. The timing of the quest line release has made it so I have to wait nearly 3 days at step 2 of the quest. Whilst a guild who has wiped/not done the instance has a 3 day head start on me and my guild. Thus we have been punished for being the most efficient guild on the server. Can this please be addressed ASAP so I can start progressing with the quest line. The step i'm talking about is the looting of broodlord lashlayer, i have gone to the instance and he has long despawned Thank you
  12. Hi! Does anyone have a dkp or similar system thats works for the server?? Thank you

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