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  1. Question, why has there been no changes to hit and expertise on most of the sets. And from what ive understood now casters wont even be close to hit cap in Naxx gear? Meanwhile the shaman set was changed into some abomination of super stats for hybrids? And yes, for non crit healers there is still nothing that really outperforms [Valiant Shortsword] or maybe ive missed something. Either way should we expect an offhand that is an actual upgrade for them?
  2. Seasonal servers are really starting to ruin any sort of enjoyment to be had on the other servers. Seeing how it's always prioritized. I would argue A lot if not most of these balance changes should've been seen in the last 7 months as it's actually adressing things that have been completely broken in a PVP environment since season 2. 7 MONTHS is basically what it took. And these aren't even the PVP changes. Naxx is a raid that's been severely delayed already and you're actually prioritizing seasonal release. Which for some reason that i really do not understand is the day before Naxx??? Was it last December Naxx was supposed to be finished and released? Honestly cannot recall anymore. And please do answer some of these concerns about PWS and other builds instead of just avoiding them. 30-15 S duration on PW:S is a HUGE change to how the build is played. A working PTR is absolutely needed right away at this point with Naxx being 5 days after a balance patch, and so are info on attunement and other things that we for some reason do not have.
  3. Power Word: Shield - Now lasts 15 sec, from 30. Why change an actual staple of the build, really sucks when QoL things are changed like this.
  4. 2k is not A lot. SS - Eviscerate builds are not among the stronger builds atm and has no place getting nerfed.
  5. I cannot see any specific issues with having hybrid on LS. A lot of us started there with high-risk yes but with the amount of toxicity and in general just drama it has created, i think it's good with hybrid as it is. Yes there might be a few flaws and problems and bugs that needs to be worked on, but eventually they will be fixed. And actually having some population on the server compared to the previous state of LS is great if it remains. The only thing the high-risk players lose out on is ganking raids, something which i haven't seen in months and the few times i have seen it the raiders were the ones who receieved items or gold from sellbacks. People since the start of the server hasn't taken their BiS out in world as there is no motivation in for doing so, u only lose out heavily if u get ganked and get marginal gains in duels. Only areas where it actually happens is 1v1 zones which it seems we're finally getting rotating now aswell. With more population comes more possibility of strong communities and guilds, which means there is a bigger possibility of yet again having big group fights and guild vs guild. Which is by far the most enjoyable aspect of high-risk. Andorhal still has their shtick which is soulbound, LS does not. Hybrid will attract new and old players alike, there are tons who are tired of the high-risk aspect but do not want to go to Andorhal. And the population spike that has already happened since hybrid was implement has meant that dungeons, BGs, and even raid pugs has been happening. Ive also seen a huge spike in people looking to join guilds, and there are plenty of players around in both low & high-risk phasing. There are obviously some issues with a merge, but if that is to happen later on hopefully there can be some way both the realms populations can happily co-exist after the functionalities of the new realm has been decided. And when things like being put on high-risk or at least getting to choose the first time is actually fully functional there should be even more high-riskers around. Something that should be looked on with hybrid-risk being active is the karma system, as it really just punishes and makes the high-risk aspect of the server slower.
  6. I'm still so confused as to how this was thought to be a good change before Naxx. You'll have slower healers, meaning they have less chances for being interrupters if that is ever needed or any thing that needs them to not heal or react to is simply gonna gut healing completely since the cast times are much longer. Mechanics in Naxx are either gonna have to be slow and dumb or there will be no space for the now slow hardcasted heals - which mind you doesn't outperform the insta casted ones either. It would be at least somewhat understandable if there was a big gap between them in power to justify you sacrificing 1-2.5s of casting and standing in place but there aint. Compare it to the Hot & PWS based healers who can just keep moving and doesn't have to sacrifice anything but a gcd to throw an interrupt, stun or anything else. And as veryone else has said it straight up feels like shit to go from having haste to a 31% haste nerfs in just two patches. And I'm not sure but have you had a look at it for pvp yet? These cast times in pvp are not possible on this server, if u want to be of any value to a group against competent players with interrupts & cc.
  7. I would like to know this aswell, the 25% haste nerf to healers aint as simple as just nerfing healing output by 25% due to haste scaling, not to mention all the other shit that comes along with having higher cast times. And just giving us abit of % healing from Staff's is not a good enough compensation in any way.
  8. Removing spell mastery right now is a way of making sure that the only healing spells used in PVP are instant casts. It's 25% haste for fuck sake, and hardcasting is already suffering with the amount of CC, interrupts and silences available. And we lost 6% haste last patch aswell. Actually insane how something like this could go through right now. I mean even for PVE Creatures and bosses in dungeons and raids now deal 20% less damage. Removing spell mastery leaves the healers more open to everything, the changes makes it so we have less reactive healing, less mobility, become more vulnerable to interrupts, knockdowns or any form of CC. And this is along with the staff + offhand things are supposed to bandaid it? They don't help out with the problem that arises, just provides more overhealing%. All of this also applies to PVP. Not to mention you're really shooting yourself in the foot here when it comes to Naxx, I'd assume you'd want it to be the "raid" in vanilla. But at the pace we're going i have half the healing output i had in BWL. And slowing the pace of Naxx down aint really what should be needed here, the very opposite should be the case. It should be hectic & difficult. This is really the type of thing you change with an expansion, not just before a new end-game raid tier.
  9. Festering Wounds RE no longer decreases the mutilate cost on the PTR, is this intentional? Cause it's a pretty big nerf if so.
  10. Isn't that image super old? That should be back when raptors were used which is a couple of balance patches ago. And also why are you hitting sheath of light? Depending on the nerf that's gonna be a huge hit for healing builds in PVE. Properly nerf AGI sustain but sheath of light does not be a part of it, tbh.
  11. With you nerfing mutilate for PVE, is there any compensating buffs for PVP planned? It's decent but it definitely does not need a nerf in PVP atm. Honestly haven't even seen Mutilate perform on any top levels in PVE in a while now either. And if there is any AQ gear getting released soon it should start with AQ20.
  12. Cajden


    ^Beastly you hit it right on the mark. I agree entirely, they have no place on a loot drop server at least not in their current state. With them being able to pick every single fight they take, it's just no risk for them. And Inssanity no shit you have no problem, look at the builds you play. But i guess you think it's fine for everyone not playing a SUPER tanky build being straight up one shot without being able to do anything about it?
  13. Cajden


    It's time to dumpster Ambush, there is no risk involved in playing it. And setting it up to instantly kill people is way to easy, and the required gear for it is so cheap that even if you were to die it's at no loss compared to the possible gains from it. With several players grouping up and playing ambush together there is no counterplay to it especially with off gcd silences, unless you play full tank builds and then they simply wont go for you. Not to mention the cost-opportunity for countering it as it's useless against pretty much every other build especially with the stealth detection range not being big enough to counter them just standing far away and using shadowstep onto you when they're actually going for you, which they already are for the extra damage it provides. Not to mention that it's definitely the build that has made the most players quit on LS. Even more so if you look at how little AE they actually need to spend to get the build going, so they can just invest the rest into defenses or way so of getting out of the fight. They'd need Ambush 2 AE, Shadowstep 2 AE 1 TE, Stealth 2 AE, Rockbiter 2 AE, Spriest silence 2 AE 1 TE, Master of Deception 5/5 TE, rest of the TE can be damage since they pick every single fight cause of improved stealth. And the rest of the AE can essentially be buffs, meaning they rely less on other players, and defenses outside of that.
  14. Combat Potency is gonna be trash for PVP now, and it made Mutilate builds at least enjoyable again. It getting removed from specials, and losing 10 energy on hit is just an insanely huge nerf. Doubt it's even gonna be worth putting talents into now.

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