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  1. You're a stubborn little donkey aren't you 1. Ok I guess I should have explained better for the rest of the class. Only people who already have the broken thing enjoy the broken thing. Everyone else think the broken thing is broken because they don't get to abuse the broken thing. 2. Hard=/ tedious. Farming mindlessly random mobs is not hard, it's just a matter of luck. Hard would be when you get rewarded for using your brain. Seeling blues to vendors and buying your best gear doesn't sound hard to me, just tedious and braindead. But hey, people enjoy different things...I guess. I didn't ask for handouts, just for a proper catchup system that is not as punishing for new players. 3. LS is dying and Andorhal is well precisely because the things I've listed. That's the whole point of making changes and making these posts 4. I'm not arguing against losing your bis. I'm arguing that in order to get your best in slot you have to do silly things like raiding and zerging, which is against what the server was meant to be. I'd love to lose my bis, just give me a meaningful way to get the bis to begin with. 7. Sure w/e I don't think bad content is something to be kept around just because it's content. And speaking of problems that LS is facing, please do tell those. Obviously you are such an expert and love giving your "personal opinions"
  2. 1. Well rich people also like oil and having all the power but ok. Also stating that something broken will be hard to fix so let's just keep it broken is silly. 2. If you like to be drowning in useless blues sure, there are plenty to go around. We're talking about the good stuff. It's definitely an issue if someone is bringing it up. 3. Dead-er than this? Mkay I'll take your word for it . Also no, wrong. People don't like raiding, otherwise they would have joined the raiding server. People do raiding because it's the only way to get the best items, and it yields risk-free results. Introduce lose-item on death in a raid and see how quickly the raid will dry up. 4. In one of the plaguelands there is a measure that you can't kill the player you just killed for 300 (?) seconds. PvP safety measure can be easily implemented, it's not a rocket science. 7. This is just a personal preference chill lol. With all DUE respect, I don't want anything for free. I just don't like some features that are causing massive imbalance. I'm not saying all steps should be implemented at the same time. For example if you get rid of RE and raiding, you might even go as far as reducing the item drop rate. And CLEARLY I'm not the only one who has issues like that
  3. Hi all, hope you are all alright This will be a post summarising my experiences and thoughts as a veteran WoW player but new to Ascension. Just to get it out of the way sarting moments and leveling were really fun. You can be whatever you want and you get the items you need to level smoothly. One small note is that I would prefer to be able to pick your racials too but that's just a flavour thing. Now let's get to the meat of this whole thing and the reasoning for my post - I'm around 58 and I don't want to ding to 60. In a world where TG exists and players in Moonkin Form with 8k health charge you with 2 giant axes and crit you for 5k I don't want to bring my fragile mage-like Hero to 60. There is no catch-up system in place. There is no way I can compete with a zerg group of raiders who took the easy way gearing up. Crow Cache? What Crow Cache all I saw was a massive swarm of guildies who dominated everything. Why is RE even in the game? All it does it enables people to stack Stamina and get their damage through RE, rather than sacrificing survivalability for damage stats/talents. RE are not interesting in any way, they are just stats and damage boost - something that this server clearly has an abundance of already. It creates a MASSIVE disparity between new players and old ones. Why is raiding even a thing on a PVP focused realm, you have the other one for that. On a realm where currently gear determines everything you can't get very good gear through PVP?! It was a Vanilla problem and it seems it's LS problem too. Sure I could zerg with my in-game friends too...oh wait I don't have any. I'm new and while leveling I've met literally 2 people. 60s stay in major cities, queue for raids and bgs, and only leave in massive groups. World PvP is absolutely dead. the problems and issues are blatantly obvious yet very little seems to have been done. I read some changelogs and watched some videos and yet I'm left baffled. Drastic change is needed in order to retain new players or the server will die. Which would be a shame because as far as I know this is the only classless server and I love the idea of it. Do I know how to fix it? No, I don't claim that and the suggestions I am going to give are probably flawed and won't work as I imagine but hey we need to try something: 1. Remove RE, they are unnecessary and bloat the damage to gargantuan and unsustainable proportions. 2. Increase item drop rate, especially epics. Farming players is fun, farming mobs isn't. If I wanted to farm mobs to progress I'd join Blizzlike servers. 3. Remove raids. It's counter-intuitive that the way to get solid items on a PvP realm is through PvE. It wides the already wide gap between players. 4. Create honour vendors or some other currency that you can get by killing players. You can spend that for good items as an alternative to raiding. 5. More/Easy respeccing. One of my biggest issues is that I can't test stuff. I'm not necessarily talking about specs, just the functionality between tweaked abilities. For example stances and stealth. From purely mechanical point of view I don't know what interacts with what in what way. Asking in global chat doesn't does nothing. Tooltips aren't detailed enough to explain to me what stacks and what doesn't, not always. I don't want to farm and farm and farm, and respec only to find those two spells/talents don't interact the way I think. 6. Introduce party penalties. If you are in a group, the players that you kill will drop less and less items depending on the group size. More than 6 players (aka raid group) will yield absolutely nothing from killed players. It would deter zerging. 7. OPTIONAL - I would prefer to see only Vanilla talents and spells. TBC and Wrath abilities aren't made for Vanilla items and lack of resilience. It's fun, don't get me wrong but I feel it might be causing a lot of balancing issues. Feel free to discus but be respectful. I'm simply putting my opinion and I genuinely want the server to get better and grow.
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  5. Every time I tried to create a bug report it said error. And I have a game breaking talent bug that I need looked into :D

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