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  1. Lead Balance Dev : "Guys the scaling has gotten too high, we have to nerf stuff, NOW! *puts on blindfold* "What about this RE?" Balance team: "BURRY IT! BURRY IT! BURRY IT!"
  2. Melees and hunters have every ability with a baseline of 200% crit dmg. Whereas casters have to invest up to 5 TE's for some specs to achieve the same goal. And that talent will most of the time only be usefull to ONE class school of magic. (think of how taking crit dmg in frost mage wont apply to frost shock/frost band) To me, this is ruining a whole lot of possibilities in the creation of unique builds. It's only encouraging casters to make a one overbuffed spell class, because forced into it by a one class school crit dmg talent that also costs 10% of their TE's. So my question is the following: Would it be possible to implement talents that improve the crit dmg of a whole school of magic, rather than a class school of magic ? Think of the way ignite works Same for the range on spells. See how someone playing shadowdot has to resign having half of his spells handicaped by lesser range or has to take 2x2 TE's for a few yards of range that are so crucial. I really hope this would be possible development wise. And if not, at least reduce these two types of talents in cost for every caster spec. Altho that second option will help balance wise, ii fear it wont give casters the classless experience they were promised on this server. Second question; Are you planning on nerfing PvE content after the RE/abiliities nerfs go live ? If so, will these nerfs be simultanious or will there be an observation period first ?
  3. Giving ArP to every melee spec is nice and all but when are we going to see Mpen in talents ? Cuz i gotta say, resistance is the most anti-fun mechanic there is, and it is completely abused atm. Sure you can obtain some via gear. But since melee's are getting free arpen in talents I see no reason casters shouldnt as well. #makecastersequal #devsplaymelee
  4. Nice to have some work on some of those boring set bonuses. Can you explain a bit what you mean by : 5) Your Arcane Power, Combustion, and Icy Veins further empower your abilities: Arcane Power: Your Arcane Missiles fires an additional time The wording leaves it a bit open to interpretation. Does it fire and additional missile for each cast ? Does it give an additional arcane missile cast after cast ? Does it double the amount of arcane missiles per cast ?
  5. It appears to be already fixed now. For the record I did 2 runs in the three wings and none dropped. So there was clearly something wrong. Not sure this thread helped resolve it this quickly but my point still stands. Constant little fuck ups shows some lack of attention. Which make me realise why some other things can take so much time to resolve.
  6. There was a boost to silk cloth drop this evening. And since then silk cloth doesn't drop AT ALL in Scarlet Monastery anymore ? Normally I would put this kind of topic in the bug tracker. But since I'm getting the feel the server is being managed by 16y/o devs lately, who don't mind reading that same bugtracker cuz its too much of a hassle. Therefor i'm feeling like posting this here so that the few people visiting this forum can see how long it takes for you to solve this. I'm feeling stupid for ever standing up for the devs against people trash talking about them. But I'm starting to get it now... Messing up basic stuff over and over seems like being a habbit. I've been checking the bugtracker regularly this last month and all kinds of broken stuff keeps being posted, dev's reaction ? Nothing. I have no idea how you hope people can talk well and recommend this server when these events keep happening. Nor how people would trust/reward you by giving money to lousy work.
  7. I hope this thread isn't too old for it having some visibility from the dev's again. There are some RE tooltips that still need to be fixed ! You guys started well by adding colors to most RE's but as usual, the job hasn't been done completely ! It is very important that you complete this task since it can create a lot of confusion to newer players. The RE's I have in mind are : Bountiful Gift (shows of as green while being legendary) Phase dodge (all ranks are listed as green) Demonic Synergy : the lower tier is blue while the upper tier is green (this + the fact that both tooltips are wrong; stating 100% chance on the lower tier and 50% on the upper tier) edit : Lower tier is green (as should be) but states 100% chance while upper tier is blue and states 50% chance There are some more unfortunatly, but I can't have the complete list of them (since I don't own all RE's). It makes me very sad that once more the job has been half done, for a task that looks rather easy.
  8. stop spamming shitposts and use bugtracker.
  9. I don't mind the waiting on AQ release if it's to make a good experience raid like I had discovring HM in MC. It's the war effort in itself that's a bit lame the way it is designed. I hope the Ascension team will learn from it for Nax release and find other methods to let the playerbase keep its interest in the server. Those methods could be like mentioned: HM dungeons, or HM end bosses (like a very hard C'thun mod) that would give players something to achieve as a guild with rewards equal to the achievement.

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