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  1. I'm not sure what "spies" has to do with the topic that you have created. Though it does have me curious at to the connection. I can fully understand the concern of, "But all that stuff is being wasted on someone that can no longer gain any benefit from it." The issue seems to still revolve around, "People getting rewarded for doing nothing or next to nothing." I don't even like the RAF mechanics of being able to give people levels that are just sitting in an area doing nothing, but that's another story. If people are wanting to get some kind of reward, they should be willing to put in some form of effort to get said reward. If we were talking a tangible limited supply thing like: "Stores throwing away food, instead of giving it to homeless shelters" then the argument of, "It's just being wasted and could be used by someone" would make for a great argument. This topic is talking about an intangible unlimited supply thing (Yes I know that the mobs are limited, but they can respawn over and over). and trying to use the same argument for a tangible limited supply thing just doesn't work. Is there anything that could be done, outside of what mechanics are already in play? I don't have an answer to that question at the moment.
  2. I think that would be a neat idea as well and it would possibly encourage people that are reluctant to try PVP to maybe give it a shot even if they prefer a more PVE experience. Yes there will be that crowd in the PVE scene that will complain, "Why are the PVP players leveling and getting a bit more loot?" which can easily be answered by, "Because they are taking that bigger risk of playing PVP instead of PVE." It has already been shown that the dev team has the ability to toggle XP gain. (Not sure if the reduced XP scrolls can be found on LS, but they can be bought from the general starting area merchants on Andorhal) It has also been my personal experience that even how much loot that will be dropped from mobs can be increased / decreased. Is this something that the dev team could pull off where it would be normal / x1 for the PVE scene and enhanced normal / x1 for the PVP scene? With everything that has already been done, I think it's well within their power.
  3. As I have watched new features get rolled out, especially with the ones I have been talking about. It reminds me of what Blizz did with the elves. You have people saying, "Hey!!, bring out the High Elves" and Blizz says, "HERE HAVE VOID ELVES!!" Maybe there will be new features in the future that don't undermine the core concept of PVP, just have to see what happens.
  4. I was thinking about another thing that was very recent. Keep in mind that things are all in perception and perspective. There are two? new things floating around that just seem to do a complete undermine the concept of PVP in general that this server seems to be all about. Please keep in mind that I think they are really neat ideas and actually really like them to a certain degree, I just feel from a certain perspective that the do in fact undermine the PVP aspect. I have already addressed my thoughts on the Dungeon Teleporting, so i'm not going to continue to air out that laundry. Instead i'm going to focus on the new Outlaw system that is being played around with. If my understanding is correct, this is a mechanic that will be put on Laughing Skull. In my opinion, with it being a free for all? PVP server. Why would you implement two concepts that undermine what the server is supposed to be all about? What is the point in free for all PVP if you are rewarded for not attacking your fellow players, and you are further penalized for attacking your fellow players? I get the idea that you want to try and encourage different social interactions, but is this the way of doing so? Wouldn't a Free For All PVE server do just that? Instead of working out the bugs of new mechanics, you could work out the bugs of the current ones that are still up on the bug tracker. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  5. While I can understand the where the OP is coming from, and I can understand the concept of this making you attached to your gear. Wouldn't it just become trading one vice for another? Instead of being attached to the gear, one now becomes attached to their talents that will either make or break their build. I think that might be the issue. I think all of the options are already there, people are just not using them because it's easier to copy what other people are doing instead of going out on that limb to make something unique. Not saying that is wrong, we all play our own way. I just think that it kind of defeats the purpose of the PA concept.
  6. Aegenia

    New content.

    Not having a lot of knowledge about the outlaw system. I like the concept, I just hope the buff the guards so they are not just pushovers.
  7. @AG007 I vagely recall hearing about the Priest Racial abilities, but I agree with that idea over this. SUGGEST IT!
  8. Watched the overview yesterday and decided to chime in with my thoughts today. Staggered Level Cap - Time Gate Progression: Not even playing on the realm and find it annoying. I can understand how this will help people that might have real life responsibilities play catch up, but for those hardcore players I don't see how this benefits or will enhance their enjoyment. - 58 Level Cap: While they may lack access to top end meta talents. The land is still going to be filled with meta builds. All that was done is the bar was lowered one tier. Karma System - I think this has a lot of potential and could even get me to want to try the seasonal realm. My only question currently is: Have the guards in town been buffed up or are they still just going to be walked over like they currently can? 1v1 Combat - Not sure if this will encourage people not to form Gank Squads. Curious to see the end results.
  9. Even though it doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the realm of lore for certain races to be certain classes (even on a classless realm) when talking practicality it does make a whole lot of sense. Why couldn't an Undead be a Paladin, they can already be a Warrior and they can be a Priest. Even going beyond that, there is nothing stopping one race from teaching another race the ways of a class. The Elves did it with the Humans after all, and I'm sure in lore there are other reasons. I don't think there would be a huge diversity, because people would just pick the best racial's for their specific build. That is where the diversity in racial's does come into play. You want to get that slight edge in your caster build? Play a Gnome. Want to get back to your corpse a bit faster? Play a Night Elf. All of that diversity goes out the window if you can just pick and choose which racial's you want. It looks like all races have 5 racial abilities. On top of the already insane builds you can do with the Abilities, Talents, and RE's Let's add to the chaos. I want to make a really good BM / MM Hunter - Increased critical chance with Throwing Weapons & Bows (Troll) - Damage done by pets increased (Orc) - Increased Intelligence (Gnome) - Maximum health increased (Tauren) - Regeneration increased (Troll)
  10. I agree with what you are saying to a point, but there are some that staying true to the nature of the server makes sense somewhat. 1. Teleporting to BG's - I don't think I have ever done a BG, but I am under the impression that they are for PVP stuff. This server being about PVP kind of makes sense. One could argue that this doesn't allow for WPVP, which might be a better argument if the zones were not as big and there were more people. 2. Portals / Teleport Scrolls - This I'm on the fence because of the above issue of the zones being so large and the population being low. If the population was higher or the zones were smaller. I would agree 100% that this undermines the concept of PVP. Then again, there are safe havens and safe zones. Those undermine the concept of PVP, but that is what Laughing Skull is for. 3. Mounts / Flight Paths - I don't think these make the world feel empty. Granted you might not be able to interact with the people depending on what they are doing. But at least you can see them in some manner in the game world. Might not see them for very long, but at least you can see them.
  11. @nasmi What is it that you are confused about? Maybe I can clear something up or explain it better.
  12. I think the idea is neat and if done right would further the motto of PA "Embark onto Azeroth like never before, as you create and play the hero of your dreams." This made me start looking at the various abilities and there was a good number of Marksman abilities that I think would go great with the concept idea. I do understand the concern of there being a lack of top ended throwing weapons. If the idea is something like a Warden type character, unlike a Marksman hunter. If one were to look back at WC III and how Maive played out. She was more melee and her knife attacks were secondary. I'm sure there are plenty of one handed melee top end weapons that could fit the bill and the thrown weapons being high enough with abilities and talents to make them at least viable for use. I had forgotten about her in all honesty. But after reading this idea, it made me start thinking of what class abilities could be used to somewhat mimic the class type. Is the overall concept a viable one for endgame content? Probably not, but there are plenty of character concepts already in game that would be slaughtered to death in end game content. Hide - Stealth Fan of Knives - Multi-Shot Blink - Blink Shadow Strike - Serpent Sting (or maybe a DoT poison that also slows) Vengeance - No idea on this one
  13. Not at all, the arguments being made that the level 10 limit is to help curb certain situations from happening before they can begin right? Which I have shown the flaw in the logic using various examples. If you break down the examples that I have provided to their basic idea, they revolve around this concept. People do bad things. Let's punish people now for crimes they might commit, even though they didn't. I'll throw some other information at you and you'll might see where I'm coming from. I wouldn't consider myself an expert WoW player, but I would like to think that I'm okay at the game. Go to an area, gather up all the quests and stay questing as long as possible etc. I don't care for senseless mob grinding, though I will do it if I'm heading towards or returning from an outing. Anyways, I was level 6 and was curious how long I had played. Used the /played command and it said around 46 minutes. Which averages out to about 8 minutes a level (7.6 minutes to be exact, rounding up to make sense) If this rate stayed constant, it would have taken me 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes) to reach level 10. In that time I saw a total of four people. Three of them were mob grinding and were gone before I left the starting area, and the other person was flying over head. The argument was made that (say) and (group chat) is not hindered by this wall. Can't socialize with people around you when they are not around long enough to socialize with can you? "There were those three people where you were though" YES!! there was those three, but read the paragraph right above here where it says that they were senseless mob grinding and it's not an activity I care for. They were busy doing stuff, it would have been rude of me to hinder that. Yet if people are already talking, that's another story all together. Especially not when they are doing something and gone before you know it. I guess I could have tried to talk to the person flying over head, though they were gone in a few seconds. The other argument could be made that I could have headed to a capital city to socialize with people there. That is just a bandaid on a severed limb. If i'm out questing in an area, and need to take a few minutes to go through junk I have gathered or whatnot. Going to a city to socialize and leave an area where I need to be makes no sense whatsoever. World Chat tends to be an active spot, outside of the occasional craziness of: - Where is Mankrik's wife?- Did someone say [Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]- Anal insert random [ ability / talent / item] here- Let's sit and complain about X user for 20 minutes People can ask questions or just socialize if they wish to socialize. Can't do that when you have to wait and level up. Hence why I think something needs to be done with the World Chat level wall.
  14. I think it's all just about offering something new for the players to play around with. Generally speaking having more options is better than less and who knows. Maybe there are more Twink players out there and this could be something that could enhance their game play.
  15. If the argument is going to be about inconvenience and then factoring in time. Let us put two situations side by side and compare times. 1. A person having to Click on their portrait to enable PVP 2. A person having to run back to their corpse because they were killed by a player and they were not wishing to engage in PVP. One could easily argue that a person that did want to PVP would have the same issue as the person that was attacked that was just looking for PVE. I would agree 100%, but there is a key difference in what is going on. One is wanting to engage in said content and is wanting to take said risk, the other player does not have that option and is forced to take that risk regardless. I was going to comment on corpse camping, but as before it would be an issue on either side, so it's kind of moot. One could then argue the point of, "But you knew this was a factor when you joined this server." YES!! I would agree with those people 100%, but at the same time this is exactly why this suggestion was made. People asking for a way to enjoy a PVE experience in some way without interfering with those that wish to just have a PVP experience. Now I will do my best to address the various points that you have brought forth to the table. 1. I would like think that people care more than one would be lead on to believe, though I could easily be wrong. I would like to think that if someone was looking for a specific experience they would try to do whatever they could to have said experience in the environment. If they couldn't have said experience, I would like to think that they would then seek out means to try and get that experience. 2. Fair enough; that they can toggle it on to get the jump on you before you can react. Couldn't the same be said about: Stun, Fear, Freeze, Stealth? Attacking someone that is AFK etc. 3. That is another fair point, and I can understand the factor of time. People don't like to waste time. I don't like to assume, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are people that love PVP, and in order to be rather good at it, you have to have pretty good reflexes with your hands. I was watching someone play SC II on YouTube awhile back and how quickly they were able to click their mouse and get their units to do stuff I found mind blowing. I'll be the first to admit that I have terrible reflexes and I don't have the largest monitor in the world. If I read it right, it's 23" wide. There is a point to the monitor thing though, I promise. I did a little experiment using the in-game stopwatch. I placed the stop watch near the character portrait and was going to go to the bottom right corner of my screen after starting the stopwatch and then enabling PVP. From start to stop it took me a total of 00:00:05. I would like to think that the person that has been PVPing for who knows how long and has what I would consider insane reflexes could pull that same experiment off faster than I could. If that few seconds would be considered an annoyance, is a game that relishes wasting time a good idea? WOW is plagued with quests that I like to call ping pong quests. Go here, come back, go back there, come back here etc. Not to mention Rep grinds 😵 4. And there are people that just want to PVE. Each side is looking for a way to engage the game in their play style. PVP players are looking to gang / not have a fair fight. Stealth, Fear, Freeze, Stuns attacking people while they are AFK. All of these things allow a PVP player to engage with other PVP players giving them edges over the other player. Especially if you know how to mess around wit the RE's and your opponent has no clue. I read on World chat not super often, but now and then people asking, "What is the best build" These should be the PVP'ers cup of tea I think. Just because someone can copy a build, doesn't mean they can play it to its full potential. 5 & 6. Going to lump these together. The reason being was that I had an answer for 5, but after reading 6 my answer would have been the same. I think this would strongly rest on the person in question. Since none of us are mind readers. The best either side can do is speculate and toss theories around. We would need to have more solid proof.

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