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  1. Content is released roughly following the order blizz released it, so I bet DKs will be in when wrath hits. There's roughly 3 years till wrath. 3 years to playtest on PTR, listen to feedback from players and balance. It took blizz a year to tune the most bonkers parts of DK in line with other classes. 3 years should be enough for Ascension devs to do their job. Will the devs use this time wisely or ignore DKs till the last moment, that's the question. Though I have no doubt that S5 would be as fun and as engaging as it was back then in '09. Some things are doomed to repeat themselves.
  2. It's not like PvP here is any better in all honesty. On one hand you have players getting global'ed, on the other you have players achieving more or less immortality and the only way to stop them is to cancer chain CC hoping they altQQ since normal fight would last till the server shutdown without going anywhere. Such shizophrenic design is neither engaging nor fun. And, most importantly, not healthy for server pop. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer in a nutshell. And you have fake god worked on by green warlord on top of it. The only fun I still find in PvP on LS is mindstorming memespecs, since actual pvp experience is, to put it bluntly, trash.
  3. Rack off mate. This change had close to zero impact on actual stealthing. And it did absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem with stealth openers on LS. My [Certificate of Thievery] be damned, I still gank, still get away from retribution, still grind my Ravenhold rep bloody fine. For me, literally nothing changed besides having to spend 2 less talents on MoD, which is actually a net gain. If devs were actually smart about nerfing stealth they'll add a talent in surv tree to improve Flare. Something like 5 points, increases radius of the flare by 6 yards per point, reduces cooldown by 2 seconds per point. There, literal stealth killer with enourmos radius that you actually have to pay for. Pay less then you have to pay for passable stealth. Have to use it for effect. That's the prime example of what counterplay should be. On top of it since it affects anyone who enters the radius you'll get a early warning in combat log that someone's nearby. Implementing this will be really spiffy. But drongos gonna drongo and keep crying that "mum me got ganked pls ban stealtho", devs will keep listening to them instead of actually thinking with their head and rewarding smart plays, bad blood will flow, doomsayers will preach server death, etc etc.
  4. I just did LBRS junkbox run to see if I had no chance like you say and literally had no problems doing it. Well, besides usual quality of ascension NPC scripting, but that's a whole another can of worms. Haven't even used FD or Vanish since I always got to safe space to re-stealth with time to spare. If anything, it was actually quite fun to time everything right. Yeah limited stealth is absolutely bloody retarded lore and logic wise, but actual impact on the gameplay is minimal.
  5. With talents you get it to 45sec. And 45 seconds of stealth is enough. I haven't run out of stealth time playing my ambusher, there's little reason to stay in stealth for that long. Closing in for the kill doesn't take that long even without shadowstep. There is a problem with stealth CD though, it's simply way too long. I used to be able to grind mobs non-stop. 5 CP Ambush, evi, loot, restealth, lather, rinse, repeat - it all timed perfectly. Now having to wait a few extra seconds between restealths is really bloody annoying. Devs should add a RE that reduces Stealth CD.
  6. Remove base resilience, make PvP gear the only source of resilience(possibly at the cost of offensive stats), and dramatically increase the effect of stacking high resilience. You introduced this mechanic back when fresh 60s had 1,5k HP. Now fresh 60s have 4,5~5k HP. They don't need babysitting in PvP. PvE schmucks don't need it either. Make PvP gear great again. As an icing on a cake, you will no longer have to deal with coding abilities to do less damage to player characters. This type of ghetto resilience is really cancerous 'couse there's already well established and itemized on top of it stat that does exactly the same. Aditionally, I'd love to know the reason talents/REs that reduce duration of stuns/CC/movement impairing effects are getting nerfed or otright removed. Getting passive immunity to being slowed and/or severely reducing duration of stuns/CC was incredibly costly endeavour, we're talking roughly 25 TE worth of investment on top of multiple REs. Half of what you get to play with at level 60. Half of your build devoted to do just one thing. It was never optimal nor was meta for this reason, but it was extremely fun to kite heavy melee endlessly. Doing flag carry duty was also absolutely hilarious. Why are you destroying this? Is it wrong, bad fun?
  7. How about rethinking your stance on multiboxing and allowing it, but: 1) only in PvE, under no circumstances can you use multiboxing to PvP 2) only in instanced content, no multiboxing in open world 3) other players in your group must consent to having a multiboxer in party Reason for why I want this change is quite simple. Due to a combination of factors pop of blue bois on Andorhal is abysmal. It's hard to find group for daily dungeons, let alone some specific ones. And I want to collect the D sets on multiple characters. I was even offering guildmates gold to run unpopular instances with me, but got a cold shoulder since it's generally considered to be waste of time. And rightfully so, dailies offer a chance for much better rewards(trash geared people with DFT anyone?). So with no pop, D gear being so behind the curve, and general daily/raid-logging attitude I'm really struggling to find reasons for why PvE multiboxing must remain a taboo.
  8. While we're on topic of sustain, maybe it's finally time to make purge and dispel target specific magic effects first and foremost instead of dispelling random crap? It's not that hard to add a simple weight and priority system. Going like hots>barskin-like magic mitigation>PW:S and other bubbles>hard casted buffs>procs>buffs with charges. So tired of using my GCD in attempt to stop hots and dispelling god damn bloody water shield charges. Make mass dispell destroy every single magic effect the target has active instead of just one. This will reward skill, smart play and there would be no need to nerf so hard.
  9. So basically a ench shama's Maelstorm Weapon on steroids. I'd rather have expanded spell list on Maelstorm(Shadow Bolt, Smite, Wrath, nerfed Starfire to cover all the damage types, maybe some utility with Polymorph and other CC) then entirely new gimmick. Just having more options to work with Maelstorm will dramatically increase potential variations in gish builds while using alrady established mechanic. And I'd love to see something viable and gish-y that's not based on fire. And Magus aka "The only spell I know is Shocking Gasp and if I don't spam it, I'm literally useless" is a really, really bad example to copy from. Spell Combat/Spell Strike are way too clunky mechanics that barely work on top of it to serve as a role model.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. The purpose of Arcane Blast is not to be a proc fishing filler, fireball/frostbolt can fit this niche without problems since you can RE the Missile Barrage proc to decent values. Arcane Blast, if you haven't noticed, also increases any Arcane damage you deal by 15% per cast, and it stacks. First cast — you do 15% more damage, second cast — 30% more damage, and it keeps going and going. The whole Arcane Mage rotation in Wrath was about keeping this buff as high as you can reliably sustain without running OOM. Without this buff from Arcane Blast any Arcane Mage-y build is trash by default since you're dealing at least 30-40% less damage then you're intended to do by Blizz. And again, this spec archetype has zero synergy with any other spec due to specifics of rotation. Such artifical limiting of specs is not okay for a supposedly classless realm.
  12. As you all know, Arcane Blast is a core part of full Arcane Mage rotation in Wrath. You use it to proc super Arcane Missiles(Missile Barrage talanet), increase the damage of the Barraging Missiles, with odd Arcane Barrage thrown in when you move or the mana cost of the Blast gets too high without proc'ing Missile Barrage. Arcane Mage in Wrath was extremely fun spec to play due to this rotation which was entertaining, engaging, and at the same time required a lot of skill to precisely control of you mana pool since stacking Blast too high would suck you dry in seconds and stacking too low would lead to lacking DPS. Now, the problem is, you can't get Arcane Blast till level 64, removing a core part of rotation, in turn completely gutting the whole Arcane Mage build. Now this is classless server and all that jizz, but without Arcane Blast any kind of build that's focused on Arcane Mage archetype is doomed to failure. And same can't be said about any other class archetype since they get all their core abilities through talents rather then abilities being trainable by class trainer. And finally, here's my question. Are there any plans to add scaled down to level 50-60 version of Arcane Blast, and if there are no plans, can you guys consider adding such watered down version of this spell? Even if you add it there is no way Arcane Mage-like archetype would be able to dish good dips due to absolute lack of synergy with abilities from other classes and good damage boosting REs(unlike cough single button braindead frostbolt/lightning bolt spammers cough cough). Come on, show Arcane Mages some love!

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