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  1. Only way u can have a 2nd pet is of it's summomable item. Like the dog whistle from scarlet armory guy or the ghost saber.
  2. Unlocked all of them. We are classes why we bound to only two professions y'all claim this ain't wow it's ascension so ascend the professions. Nobody does them, unlock them all so we can learn what ever we want to learn. Making alts just to skin something is annoying and a waste of time if it's going back to the same character anyways. Maybe at level 60 offer to learn more then 2. Learning all of them would be ideal, but I'd be happy with any increase over the standard 2 since 2004. Come on now even blizzard admitted they didn't know to make professions right and stuck the system we got in place now and forgot all about it.
  3. Would be great as outlaws are basically not horde or alliance, they are just that outlaws with no where to go but goblin towns. Would make sense to be able to make friends with other outlaws without faction being a problem. Or a whole guild of outlaws only that raid both factions horde and alliance.
  4. For example I got a ilv 75 caster shield it gives Mana, fat int, little Stam. No blocking or defense. But if i use it on my caster I lose damage and healing. If I use it om my Hunter i lose damage and healing. What is the point in using them. They are literally vendor trash cause of the debuff.
  5. I questiin this too. But you could just macro shoot into each attack and get same effect. Woild be different if it would auto shoot while running. If I recall you can also auto shoot while u cast shoot for a double attack can probably also macro steady into it for a triple shot. But i dont use steady never got enough time to cast It off.
  6. See but that defeats the purpose of it being a caster shield. I just don't think it should have same debuff as a tank shield which is obviously designed for reducing damage. You wouldn't tank a boss with a caster shield right?
  7. Dutchmaster


    So as we know shields got this negative healing and spell power debuff. Well so do the caster based shields, which makes me super useless for a caster.. My suggestion is simple, reverse the nerf on the caster shields so it's inline with caster off hands, or remove the Nerf/buff off those style shields only.
  8. I think it should be allowed given we about to have phasing in the world. Honestly most servers have a good stand on it being banable in pvp. Plus if someone finds you and say kills you, and you can't defend cause multibox. Fuck your a walking crows chest at that point which I'm all good with.
  9. I like the bounty idea. Could make it to both ways, or just an NPC we can talk to add a bounty on a chosen player name.
  10. You would think that. But it makes a really nasty volley, arcane shot.
  11. All this talk of hybrids. I'd like to add a few things to this that i see that are missing and stop me from even trying hybrid let alone join the dickswinging you guys call melee with ur endless AP, and re support. Rap to SP/HP, that right there is none existant. Unless you pick up melee attack power to switch it over to SP/HP. Which is a massive investment talent wise. As is rolling a hunter as all your main shots are talent attacks. Also unless I'm missing it there is no way to add combo points unless you pick up a rogue melee ability or take the 2 combo points from the talent that does just that only adds 2 that gotta be used asap almost. I'd love to give hybrids a shot again but I prefer the archer aspect mixing with melee or archer mixing with spell casting. Plus a few hunter abilities scale with spell power too, arcane shot, volley for example. But we can only buff those incombination with spells like holy shock for example by having to pick up the straight spell damage % increase. Cause we lack a way to convert Rap to SP/HP where as melee can have their straight melee attack power buff their spell power. This is coming from a pvper i don't do instances or raids so can't compare in terms of raid dps. But I have tested in open world, 1v1, and bgs.
  12. See I like that. Reminds me of aspect of fox. Which was really nice to have even with the ap loss from not using hawk.
  13. Take it how you want, and please add your opinions or throughts even on other abilities. I suggested some of these as REs but they might be better as ability/talent changes. Aspect of hawk-increased yards on attacks or increased critital ranged damage Aspect of beast 5% power melee and ranged. Aspect of Viper- increased Mana Regen % from attacks themselves also effected by spells/volley. Aspect of dragonhawk-increases yards and damage reduction/Dodge. Multi shot- cast time increase to .5 so you basically gotta stop to cast it like steady shot but remove shared cooldown with aimshot maybe share cooldown with arcane or explosive since those are spell damage not physical. Lock and load- increased proc chance from black arrow ticks. Hunters mark- gcd removed or an re that auto applies it on crits or chance on applying it for smaller duration. Steady shot- Increased cast time of steady shot for increased damage. It's at a weird like almost insta but not quite cause of the 0.05 cast time or what ever it's got. Makes it a weird shot where it's not instant but it doesn't do a whole lot either other then just buff other shots, and sure it's got a an increased damage on dazed but it's not much. Peircing shots- add multi shot, and explosive to it. Traps- maybe have them dropable in stealth without breaking it or give them an re, only one i ever seen at least for me to drop is the reduced cd. (This probably wouldn't be a problem with trap launcher later or the ice trap arrow thing) or make them grouped up so you don't gotta spend 8-10 abilities for 4/5 traps that all share partial CD maybe like a 4 ability bundle. Flare- maybe give it an re that applies marks or tracking on the targets affected by it and x amount of seconds after.
  14. I play hunter since day one on here. Yes we are very weak compared to other builds, mainly cause we have to spend the extra talent and ability on our attacks, not leaving us much room for other stuff. That and our damage is weak. Can literally pick up that paladin shield throw talent and be close to a fully talented arcane shot, that's 11 talents deep into buffing damage, and 3 re deep. Recently my build in bloodscalp as a hunter my main damage is that shield toss it's pretty bad. Not to mention it doubles as a 2nd silencing shot, and a consussive shot all for 2a/4t. where silence shot, and consussive plus a damage attack would cost you around more then 4a/1t, plus at least 3 globals to get them all off.
  15. I second the custom patterns idea. We need something like that to give professions a reason to have and do other then what they natural have to offer. Would be neat to gather regeants for a custom set of pvp armor, could be easy as copy and pasting other armor set stats together or mixing their set bonuses for ideas on stats. Let's be real, the end game professions to have are enchanting, alchemy tbh. They are the only ones that don't fall off after you start doing dungeons. Engineering is situational. But you can't craft end game gear minus one item or two and the gear in between is weak/situational.

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