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  1. I actually quitted Ascension because of the Fearpathing and Deathcoil-pathing, I really love your server but I can´t handle anymore with this bug. I actually checking everyday the changelog. But actually when I can expect this Bugfix ?
  2. http://prntscr.com/lbjg3p If I remember right you nerfed ''Fired Up'' because of Immolate Builds, I´m pretty sure you could nerf Immolate builds aswell without touching all builds that based on Fire spells. At all this change was a super big nerf, the balance team needs to think more about how they can nerf or buff, the pyroblast buff of 35% damage against NPC´s is not so usefull as you though, because without fired up proccs it´s simply super difficult to procc a hotstreak, since you nerfed Fired Up my dps dropped from 2.5k-3k depends on boss to 1.5k-2k. This is a super big issue and makes me actually to change the fire build to a lightning bolt build cuz my fire build is simply crap now, cuz i cant abuse my fired up RE. If you want to nerf a Specific build you should nerf the SP scaling of the spell thats used to be so strong and not a Random Enchant which affects so many builds like Fired Up does. I hope you will think about it and start to listen to your community.
  3. @Beastly it was bugging before the last Update, so i had time to practice and its actually fear takes the DR of every single CC except Stuns and deathcoil, this needs to be changed otherwise would be Dragons breath really usefull. I did alot of duels during this weekend and its just super awfull to dragons breath for 3 seconds and fear for 3 seconds, its actually gamebreaking, cuz not everyone is running a sustain build like you dirtbag.
  4. Hi guys, since the change of the DR of Fear, you actually gamebreaked the game a bit. So the intention of the DR was to avoid Fear into Polymorph CC chains, thats really fine I liked the change. Well I´m using at the moment Dragon's Breath and Fear in my build, and its awfull There is not a single CC i can use to reset a fight, I always have to decide do I Dragons Breath my enemy to fear him for 3 seconds, or do i wanna take about 1-4k damage to cast fear to get a full Fear, also fear can breaked easy by berserk rage. So at this point the Balance Team failed a little bit. My suggestion is to let Fear and Polymorph sharing the same DR but dont add disorientating effects like dragons breath, I mean its not OP to dragons Breath into fear and its nessasary for casters to have a time to slowdown a fight, otherwise the meta will be changed again into a meta of melees what I really dont want to have again I would leave the server then.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. So well, to spent 11% of my mana after I used 3 of my spells and living bomb isnt even used in this rotation, you call this good ? U must be an TG player to call this ''good''. Melees got an endless resourcen pool and casters got nerfed again by Life Tap changes! @Ascensionstaff what ever u smoke to become crazy like that, share it to me ! Please u actualy could apply to ''Riot Games'' their changes are brainless like these changes!
  7. The sad story 3 spells and 11% of my mana left.
  8. Ahja... when a melee got 4 gapclosers with under 30 seconds cd... pls :thinking:
  9. Well then the devs should just disable the caster trees and make ascension to **Project of melees** I dont wanna play a ''meta TG build''
  10. Really great to see someone who likes that. I checked Judgment of Wise and its just restoring Basemana thats like 600-800mana points per Use, what is aswell not enough. @Ascensionteam u can help the caster player alot with that, it would be great to see more casters it feels everyone except a handfull people plays TG or an melee Hybrid specc.
  11. It would help if I could have the TE´s to spent into, my build wouldnt work anymore so well how it does right now. If I follow this suggestion i have to spent 5 TE´s and we all know TE´s are limited and we all could need some more ^^. Greetz Gottz I tested it meanwhile i were writing this thread and yes I used 11% of my mana after i used 1 scorch, 1 fireblast, 1 Pyroblast. Those mana costs are just far to high because i need to use my mana to escape the 4 gap closers and shield and heal myself. **Thank you for ur correction about the restore mechanics I adjusted it. greetz gottz
  12. Hey dear Community, I play most of time a Full caster build, because these charge, -> intercept -> Shadowstep melee´s are just dumb to play but thats fine for me! My big issue are the Mana costs, in example: In my build i usualy need to cast 2 scorches + 1 fireblast and then I generate a hotstreak procc to shot an instant pyroblast, after i did that i used already 11% of my manapool. In addition i have to Blink a lot in this melee meta and I use power word Shield aswell both costs 5% mana. so almost 1/4 of my Mana is alerady used. Well I got dispersion, innervate and Lifetap. I wanna talk about every spell Dispersion, this is a great defensive cooldown for me, what i mostly like to use to avoid the 3k hitting Bladestorm by TG´s, because it shouldnt be like that, I have to ice block or use bubble to avoid a simple charge and an 2 min cd (Bladestorm). Innervate, i use this and it helps for the time meanwhile it is up but after the duration of Innervate I´m going already oom in view seconds because scorch and fireblast + living bomb are really fast casted/used. Life Tap, yea this spell, its great to Use a whole Global cooldown to spent Hp into Mana and then to use another Globalcooldown to restore the HP. Let´s compare a Full Caster build like my Firemage to a TG or a hybrid-build. A hybrid and TG has 3 resources (Energy,Rage,Mana) on this server got almost every Melee (Charge,Intercept, Shadowstep and Blink) and thats fine absolutly, and they can always restore 20% Mana if they use Stormstrike or 30% if they use Judgment of the Wise talent. Meanwhile I have to use one of these 3 spells i talked about (Life Tap, Dispersion, Innervate). I think the ability (Spell Mastery +20%spellhaste) it feels good. My idea is to add to this Ability 33% less mana costs on all damage dealing spells, it would help to give full caster builds a chance to survive longer 1v1´s or 1v2´s especially on Laughing Skull were it happens more then sometimes to meet alone a group of 2 and i like to fight alone versus one or two but i dont like to use my HP to restore mana to restore HP. I just returned because you increased the damage of Firemage abilitys and it feels really good right now view months ago i wasnt able to crit with my mage higher then 800 with pyroblasts. Greetz Gottz !
  13. Hello, i just noticed that my Mealstrom Talent doesnt work for me, its bugging. It hasent procced in the last hour i´ve played 1 time. At other people it proccs well. If youg to problems with it REequip your Weapon. !
  14. Gottz


    Hello guys actually I tryd some selfmaked caster builds and they´re pretty cool i think, my big problem is just I get oneshoted by every melee. What are you doing against those Titan grip and oneshot people ? Is there any way to play caster or only hunter and melee ? I tryd a dot specc but the dotspecc is kinda boring and mana hungry as hell also weak as hell for a 150 ticking dot compared to 2,5k crits of melee´s I also try´d a firemage build but it depends to crits and they based on **Luck** Also my Pyros didnt critted that much. I really love this concept of the server but if only Titan grip is viable to dominate the pvp. i have no point anymore to play here. Would be great if someone could help me ! Greetz !

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