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  1. True, I lose cus I am lacking those things. But I am fairly sure i’d lose more in general If I repicked and switched out the defensives and slipperyness I have now. Also, dispelling Will cause me to go oom too quickly, I am fully stam stacked so I got like, 3,5k mana only ill continue to perfect my spec so I Can try to reach maximum potential 😃
  2. Felguard is actually super squishy. It looks scary with the HP but it is rather easy to kill tbh. Anyway man, have a Good one. I’ll follow the thread to see whats gonna happen, till then i’ll continue my journey of being Thooghuns slave ;).
  3. This however, I can agree with. The point of ascension is to explore and discover cool ways to build specs. There Will always be a way to counter certain specs, and catering to the “less” creative people with nerfs and constant adjustments is just not Good for the server. Limiting a server That is about Breaking limits just seems pointless.
  4. Aha ok. I see your point. I Should remind you then That the name lf This threat is misinformstive in relation to what you claim its about then. Forums are not only made to complain in but to share information and discuss subjects in relation to the game. My point being, complaining about This current meta is pointless, work Your way around it instead. Also, I Think you’re underestimating What it takes to make it viable. I could easily Pick up all those things you have mentioned, but I simple wont because they’re less important That the things i currently use. Also, Ofc I’m defending the spec. I made it, i’ve had it since the start of LS, and its Been nerfed 10 times already back When it was actually OP. I don’t mean to start any drama or anything, but I am just voicing my opinion, which is That I don’t agree with You in This matter.
  5. Oh its you Grenvalen? It all Makes sense now haha. Not being skilled and not being able to invest points in certain abilties is different things. Besides, my spec works fine without the above. But you Can Think What you want, If calling me bad, makes you feel Good about yourself then I say go for it kiddo.
  6. I have 35 points in demonoligy to make That spec viable. I struggle to even get hitcapped, let alone do more damage than a Wet noodle. Run me dry of mana or Kill my pet and victory is yours. It’s really simple, but once people have set their mind on something being “OP” then yeah, they’ll do anything to counter argument it. On another note - felguard specs requires lots of REs and gear, so its not like its easy to aquire either. Dedication towards any spec Can make it powerful - people just gotta try harder and not cry about it on the forum everytime they fail to one-shot their opponent..
  7. Every spec has certain counters, I Can beat Someone That Can beat someone That I cant, Thats How it is. But i’m just delusional I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  8. it is not the top 1v1 build at all. Any "good" player, should be able to beat a felguard spec. If you guys would just put some thought into how, instead of just turning to the forum to cry about it. Alp beats my spec quite easily, and we both agree on the fact that it's indeed not op. Wake up, figure it out, stop complaining. Or - continue to nerf every spec out there, and we'll eventually run around beating eachother with Fishing poles. Sigh.
  9. https://gyazo.com/f9625fb433733c5325ed4db7efb839c1
  10. Pick a slow, use it on the pet and kite. It's so simple.
  11. Can we stop nerfing everytime something gets a bit "harsh" and try to make something that'll counter it instead? Literally just pick sheep, kill the pet and you'll win.. Like honestly, this felguard spec got nerfed 50 times already... continuously nerfing everything is not the right approach. Felguard builds got nerfed to trash 6-7 months ago, and since they nerfed every other spec in the book it's viable again. Like, you can keep nerfing stuff but the circle will just repeat itself.. it does not need a nerf, you just got to get your head out of your arse and figure out how to beat it.
  12. My guy Aaron. you're making some valid points, and tbh. I support everything that has been said in this post. So far, the server has brought so much fun, but sadly also a lot of frustration, specially as an outlaw. The concept is really good but please take some of the above stated issues into consideration and do something about em' fast! A vast majority of the outlaw players shares the concern regarding the criminal intent debuff. Obviously, as Aaron said, we're banished from our main cities which is fine and we chose to go down that path... But being banished from the entire game for 30 minutes is beyond ridiculous and it is so frustrating it hurts.. You absolutely have to do something about this! I thought of an innovative way to at least deal with getting the debuff out in the world. You could add a system similar to the guards "stealth detection" system. They have a certain range, in which they can see stealthed people regardless of their level and stealth increasing talents. Adding a system where you'd get the criminal intent debuff only within a certain range of a guard, would add a more realistic and less punishing (for outlaws) feel to the game... Instead of getting the debuff literally everywhere in the world, and even for killing someone who attacked you first, you'd have to be witnessed doing a crime either by a guard or by a 3rd player. Protectors could be given the ability to witness you doing something criminal, and then give you the criminal intent debuff.. This would also add some diversity to the factions. Anyway just a thought, keep up the good work! Guccidiaper.
  13. Yes i’ve Been there and tried That. It just wont work on our server, due to the lack of population as mentioned earlier. Which is Why we need alternate solution - maybe like the one I wrote
  14. Sounds fun, but i doubt it’d work with the small population we have. Also, it would be a a looooot of work to make it like that. However, Dont Think they Should make any strictly horde vs alliance zones on ascension, as That would ruin one of the major factors of the server.
  15. The point of my post was mostly to turn AV into a zone rather than a BG. NPCs/bosses wouldnt have the usual functions, and perhaps the “cities” inside av Should even be safe zones for both factions, so you could return rep items and repeatable quests etc. In both sides of the map! Maybe you could gain rep with both factions? Then in theory you’d be able to farm and do pvp with friends from the opposite faction? Theres so many options! The point is just to give This zone a role to play on the realms, and this is just one way to do so.

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