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  1. How are you gonna PvP mod healing, smarty pants? It wasn't just the damage, it was that it damaged everyone and healed everyone. It's still quite good, even. It's just straight up an Arcane Explosion that cannot be resisted AND heals. It shouldn't also be 40% better for basically free if you're already playing a holy caster, should it?
  2. @Vedartha that was probably a bad metric for tank damage on Loatheb, lol. PW:S breaks that fight, even moreso with the 5set 2.5. If a group doesn't have PW:S the tank damage probably would be a bit tight.
  3. Why do you keep saying this? I'm directly addressing your points. So the majority of the build is pressing a button, then another, different button? Woah dude, you cracked WoW's code. That's what 99% of DPS builds are. Hell, that's what Backstab is.
  4. 3500 with the RE. You get 2225 AP from 2x dark edges just from the bonus feral AP on them with Predatory Strikes. 1900 with 2x ashkandhis. This is before any other stats on any of your gear, the stats on the weapons, AP modifiers, enchants etc. 1500 is a realistic number, and frankly underselling it. All that stuff about PvP is fair enough I guess. Edit: Ignore me, I'm stupid. Read the talent as 150% of the bonus AP on your weapon, not 20%. That's 1070/909 AP before anything else, which is still quite a big chunk of AP, and 1.5k absorbs are still quite attainable.
  5. You're saying muti is a crappy 1button spec, and I'm telling you it's not a 1button spec at all anymore. Previously you would obviously exclusively spam mutilate, and I'm telling you that's no longer optimal. Not only that, but Mutilate, the ability, literally got a 10% damage buff this very patch! You can ignore what I'm telling you if you want, but don't complain that your build sucks when stuff gets changed and you don't update your build. Energy isn't an issue if you change your REs/playstyle to eviscerating every 5 CP with Relentless Strikes+the REs, and Muti got a damage buff. It deals competitive DPS and is no longer a 1 button spec. What's the issue exactly? That it didn't get a complete rework ala backstab? You're joking, right? I have never and will never play hybrid. The fact that you think this tells me you don't know anything about me, so don't try to take this discussion to ad hominem. I've gone back and forth between Slam and Mutilate for almost a year now, and feel reasonably confident in saying that both are quite solid specs in all current PvE content.
  6. Savage Defense. Build it right and that's a 1.5k+ absorb every time you crit. You're not going to tell me that's not attractive, are you? Add to that the fact that bears are still the best at stacking HP and you have the ideal soak tank for Patchwerk's Hateful Strikes. No, they're not the absolute best tank most of the time, they lack the threat tools for that, but they're really not far behind the other tanks in terms of viability at all, and excel in their niche. It just did. Use muti to gen CP, evisc every 5 CP. Use FA + Relentless Strikes. Muti is fine.
  7. Well, mutilate survives by switching to relentless strikes. It's certainly not as good as it maybe was, but it's not dead in the water like hybrids, it's just forced to adapt.. A lot of the damage to mutilate was AQ fight design anyway; it's like saying DoTs are nerfed to uselessness. They're definitely still very strong, it's just there's no good place to be playing DoTs (outside of PvP in that example). And tbh, the change is for the better. As much as I enjoy 1 button specs, mutilate probably shouldn't be one of em. In fact, now that I think about it, mutilate is probably the golden example of what 3-stacking was meant to achieve. Reducing power and forcing 1-button specs to switch things around and add a little bit of complexity; though honestly mutilate was plenty complex, its complexity was just in correct positioning and gearing moreso than actual playstyle.
  8. That's a bit baseless, don't you think? The argument is that everybody switched off hybrid because it was nerfed so hard. It's not "nooo I have to use a worse spec!" it's "nooo playing the spec I enjoyed isn't even an option anymore!". This is coming from someone who never has and never will play a hybrid.
  9. *ahem* ting ting ting 12k shields -> 6.6k shields.
  10. Help us with what? Clearing AQ? Man come on, what's gotten into you?
  11. You haven't posted ANY proof or numbers to back anything up.
  12. I seriously hope you're being ironic. 1. We're having a discussion about PvE DPS. End of story. 2. I directly quoted you saying hybrids can and do top. Don't start backpedaling now, dude. 3. Hybrids were nerfed exactly as hard as we "think" because we're not just kicking our feet in a kneejerk, we're actually doing the math and testing. It's irrefutable that they were nerfed disproportionately hard, and it's irrefutable that they're outdone even by specs that do the exact same thing that hybrid does only without the magic damage. When the train of thought goes like this: "Oh hybrid's nerfed, how do I recoup my damage? Well, all my scaling was nerfed, so I guess I can swap frostbrand/flametongue for Windfury+rockiter. Hm, now I do less magic damage after changing that, do I even need to bother with seal damage? Nah, I guess I'll just use HS/cleave now instead. Huh, that's funny, I have no reason to run MQ now... and thus no reason to use any of these spells I have over physical abilities... well, agility is just straight better than the strength I was running for AP->SP stuff, so I guess I'll go agi now. I guess I'm not playing a hybrid at all anymore." Then it should be pretty clear that hybrids were overnerfed. 4. This is what I mean. Who are those 2 hybrids? What bosses? How far into AQ progression are you? How's the rest of your raid's DPS? What is the "correct synergy", pray tell? I can guarantee to you my raid group is running the same synergies and finding hybrid underwhelming. 5. Are you joking? You're seriously implying that none of us bothered to test? You forget the calibre of the no-lifers you're arguing with here my man.
  13. At the risk of turning this into a dumb dickwagging contest, do you have any proof of this either? Who's topping as hybrid? With what build? On what fight? In what gear? Not only that but "topping meters" is a relative boast. I can "top meters" in greens with no REs on my fresh 60 alt, assuming I'm playing with new players who don't know what they're doing. It doesn't prove anything in a vacuum. I can say "hey, I do 4.5k+ dps as slam and top, I guess that means slam is the best DPS spec in the game" and it would be equally as stupid as thinking a hybrid doing 3k or 4k in the same conditions is in a good spot. So what I'm trying to say here is, provide some damn numbers to back up any of the junk you're pedaling and maybe I'll buy it.
  14. One, that's not proof. Two, I already mentioned that gimmicks can succeed. What is your point?
  15. Correct, and it got nerfed well before Bloodscalp even opened. Why is this relevant? Let's take a walk through the changelog: Changes made on 2018/11/30 Fixed a bug where the Sword Specialization RE didn't share its ICD with the talent. Since then there were zero nerfs to hybrids excluding the seasonal changes. In fact, there were a number of buffs/positive changes to hybrid talents based around stormstrike and s2h hybrids. There were even indirect buffs, like the HAT thieves rework basically meant hybrids would trigger the ICD every 1.5 sec with only 1 point in HAT. Even with all those buffs, they were not the "pinnacle of PvE". They had a brief resurgence in PvP with the s2h hybrid buffs, but that was handled pretty quickly.

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