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  1. I for one am terrified about Ahn Qiraj invasion on laughing skull, can see zerg guilds massacring everyone and everything. Players with a low amount of friends on the server that are active are being punished as if these players are gods.
  2. In my time playing the server every single day there has been a dramatic increase in lag spikes, are the developers making changes whilst the server is live or are we just getting DDOSed? It could also be an automated server backup in which case, I'd rather just see the server shut-down because whilst in PVP or having to log during these issues can cause major consequences that are not even supposed to be happening!
  3. Apologies. I didn't see this. Otherwise, I wouldn't have posted if I had just seen this post. Not going to delete mine, however.
  4. Small issue with this modification, it can make the box for 'Friends' Under add friends appear white and not render the image that is supposed to be behind it. But considering on Laughing Skull if there on an opposing faction you can't see their level if their online and such it isn't game-breaking.
  5. Simply add this custom patch to your WoW 3.3.5a > Data folder and watch the magic unfold full credit to its original developer. I have recently attended the new realm and partitioned my drive so I was able to play on the server today; This Patch file modifies the water in Wrath of the Lich King's client to add a minimal improvement to the graphical fidelity of your game. I have just tested this in-game and believe it should be automatically installed or optional for players to use in their client. I know this is not a suggestion thread so I posted it here so all active Forum members can use it as they so please, I vouch it works as intended and is safe to use. [Download Below] https://mega.nz/#!nF8hxCCY!bLGekSO4z_zJXFcTW8mDv4m4msrA4NNXBziCGi3H3FQ [Ripped from Stoneharrynotban's EoC Client]
  6. Creating a separate post as I've found the Cataclysm water patch.
  7. I was watching the latest updates video that said we're searching for developers, your welcome. Addition: Stoneharry also had a graphical client-side modification that allowed 3.3.5a clients to have the new water graphics; I'm sure this must be worth something now days.
  8. Hi there, I'm your friendly Smurf! I'd love to be playing on the server but currently am having issues upgrading my laptop which is mainly for art design; It currently doesn't have the capacity on the C Drive to install anything other than Terraria and League of Legends; disappointing. I used to play on a server which was custom had its own classes and a few races, I was a highly active member of the community and will become one for this server. The old server was called 'Edge of Chaos', it was run by Eclipse and stoneharrynotban (themyst22) and (stoneharrynotban) are the youtube channels, you may ask "Why are you advertising!", the server was shut down a long time ago it consisted of level 30 twinks and custom classes such as Demon Hunter before it was implemented into retail near Cataclysm's release. They had a full custom quest experience which was extremely detailed and remade most of the map from level 1-30 it was a really unique experience such as Ascension. It was a so-called "Custom Expansion" developed by stoneharrynotban, eclipse(themyst22), mordred and many others The reason I have stated these particular Dev's names and another one named Mordred is because they are all highly skilled 3.3.5a client manipulators that have some of the best experience with the particular client and I have lost contact over the year's and would like for them to be found for this server as I believe it could be highly beneficial. I can't wait to get my hands on the server because the ideas are currently mind-numbing with that being said, I link the youtube's and hope the developers can find them perhaps through old means like BBForums that a lot of 3.3.5a Private server developers used to use to create their own server-side executables. Here is a link to stoneharry's work, I'm missing another really talented developer sorry about my rant above, this is just to state that he was one of the best developers I have ever seen for 3.3.5a and I would love to see him work on something that is popular due to his excessive amount of talent I felt Blizzard should have hired some of these guys. http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;sa=topics;u=435 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPFXCJbsapKo24tQ33EjS7A https://www.youtube.com/user/stoneharryNotBan https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalMordred I'll be an active member of this community with or without access to the server, get used to hearing that Papa is around.

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