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  1. maximum reward for minimum effort = Retail Wow..
  2. Doing gods work.. You take requests?
  3. Right click the launcher > Open File Location > Ascension.exe to launch. Sometimes the Launcher gets screwy. You can ALWAYS launch from the EXE if it's buggered. (Unless of course Ascension is truly down.)
  4. I am looking to trade some LS [H] gold for DP on Andorhal [A] I'm looking to get a 50dp mount, and a book of ascension totaling 65 DP. Let me know your price. Again.. the gold is on [H] Laughing skull, and I would like the dp items on [A] Andorhal. Thanks in advance.
  5. Found a couple of really great maps to help me remember all the Vanilla flight paths. It was pretty helpful for me. Thought I would share. Eastern Kingdoms Kalimdor
  6. Gotcha. I think if the mounts where a bit cheaper it wouldn't be such an issue.. But when you asking 35 - 50$ for an item (and I'm Canadian so tack another 10 on there) I think it should have more value Some of the stuff is actually reasonably priced. But yeah... Mounts, mailbox, cosmetics are a bit to pricey to be limited to server.. If the mounts where 10 or 20 bucks I wouldn't have an issue.
  7. Whoah whoah whoah. I'm not talking about dual specs. I think thise should be separate for each realm as you can get them in game in multiple ways... I'm talking strictly about vanity items, mounts, and things like the book of ascention/portable mailbox. Those should be realm wide.
  8. Fair enough. However.. personally I will be spending my money elsewhere.
  9. I understand 100% how donations, and micro transactions work in regards to keeping a game up and running. But gating off said items makes less people want to spend the money.. I would have thrown $300 at this project so far. What I am saying is if they where more accessible.. MORE people would buy them.. just sayin.
  10. Anyone willing to trade my Laughing skull (H) gold for dp on andorhal (A) ?
  11. Is buying DP from players in game with gold acceptable practice?
  12. So... For the third payday in a row (I'll come back to why this is relevant). I sat down in my chair... sipped my coffee and lit a smoke as I pressed login for the Wow Ascension servers.. as I always do Saturday mornings. I have been having a blast here.. I played at launch and although I really, really enjoyed the concept... there was a lot of things I didn't enjoy. It didn't help that I had been going hard in the new Path of Exile league at the time and was.. engrossed with it to say the least... I digress. Recently (a few months back) I saw a State of Ascension video pop across my YouTube feed, and gave it a watch. I was impressed.. pets worked, the RE system was in place, Laughing Skull had launched, and the War Effort was just around the corner. I saw there where player made addons in the works, Dungeons and raids where working'ish, and there was people playing. I had to give it another chance. I rolled Laughing skull. Leveled to 60.. never once bitched that I got ganked while leveling/farming.. and killed a few scumbags myself. I was having a blast... At the time I couldn't afford a Dual Spec book so I rerolled a bear tank, leveled to 60.. and again.. I was having a blast. However (and this is just my personal opinion) I wasn't really as big a fan of the open PVP on LS. I get it.. I think it's rad.. I LOVE the way loot drops.. but at the end of the day it wasn't for me. So.. I rolled Andorhal. I'm just around the corner of level 50 .. and THIS.. is the server for me. Again.. having an absolute blast. So.. here I sit.. for the third payday in a row.. trying to wrap my head around throwing some cash at this game.. and the more I look at the prices and limitations.. the less I want to spend money here... My issue is this.. every payday I throw $100 at my gaming hobby. My League of Legends account is probably worth $500, My Path of Exile account is probably similar. I have over 900 games in my Steam library.. I have NO fear of spending a little cash to a great dev team.. But to spend money on a cash shop.. and be limited to the server is absurd.. So.. until I can buy a mount and use it on ALL of my characters on ALL servers.. I will continue to spend my money elsewhere. I'm sorry. You have a very cool thing here.. and I will continue to play/enjoy this game. I would have purchased 3 mounts, book of ascension, Altar, and portable mailbox by now.. who knows what I would have bought this afternoon. Please Dev team. Adjust your shop policy and I without a doubt think you will see some more revenue from it. Don't be 'those' guys.. be the other ones.. now if you will excuse me.. there are some levels I need to grind out.
  13. The event is exactly the same as it was years ago.. Just higher quantity.. I'm sorry that you didn't do your research, and I'm sorry you fell behind. No need to come in here and be all butt hurt about it. BRB... Gotta collect my money from the mailbox. Getting rich off this event is hard work..
  14. Questhelper for 4.0.0 is working for me. It's a bit fussy.. but it works. As for a rare spawn overlay. I CANNOT for the life of me get NPCscan overlay to work.. I have been using Silver Dragon and my memory to find rares.

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