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  1. It actually makes perfect sense. You tame a beast which doesn't have any name, so as his owner you get to name him if you wish. Demon on the other side are assigned to Warlocks, since Warlocks have connection to the void. It also makes perfect sense that Demons do not die, they disappear back into the void, while you need to resurrect a pet. Making a long story short: Demons have names before the Warlock summons him, unlike Pet.
  2. Or just play Andorhal? It's populated and many 10 man raids progressing Naxxramas right now! No high risk and no non-soulbound items bullshit. So having gear actually means something!
  3. How about we don't forget that this server suppose to be "Classless experience with building your own hero". Obviously Meta will always be there, but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough) is a dumb idea. It limits the game and its idea in the first place. Sure, some of people will prefer Draft over picking abilities, but then everyone just farms the hell out of it to pick that one ability you actually need, while on Legacy you can do it with a gold charge of your wallet and no time spent. So why not just play Legacy? Raids are designed around them, and it actually bothers me that Ascension has to remove Boss Mechanics or dumb them down, making them more Tank n Spank, so Seasonals players can kill them...
  4. You can buy Faction/Race changing potions on Donation Shop. But racials will not be pickable. Blizzlike.
  5. Seems very strange, maybe the issue with Torrent, maybe try a different one? I have never had a problem downloading it, so maybe it's issue on your end?
  6. Don't use Launcher, it's not good. Try to download via MegaUpload, including the A-patch.mpq
  7. I believe Beta characters were deleted on Launch. Regarding Sargeras the realm doesn't exist anymore, but I believe you can transfer you characters to other realm from Shop page.
  8. Stamina all the way, you can't mitigate damage if you are dead.
  9. Transmogrification system was not made by Ascension, they just used open source NPC and added custom Runes of Transmogrification. Highly doubt they will be implementing any changes to the system, would like to see Fist Weapons as One Handed option as well...
  10. You know, if it was level 60 with BWL/AQ gear it would be understandable to try to reach to GMs for a restore... But considering it's only level 24 which can be achieved in few hours I don't think they will bother. Just level again.
  11. N - Collections - Vanity - Known Items - Deliver Item
  12. Would like a fix on Maexxna asap. It sucks that she can bug out (arachnid out, ba dum tss) and stuck on ceiling, reachable but would be considered as abuse if we kill her. There is no way to get her down without GM's help, which is not reachable since all hands are on Darkmoon I'd assume.
  13. There are 3 possible options for you. Melee Caster Fireball/Stormstrike (Fire Hybrid), the usual Fireball build, and Fire Warlock caster. Try to ask around on your realm, pretty sure someone plays either.
  14. I only remember them mentioning some Metal Mount as a reward for Ironman Challenge.
  15. What I need is Legion mobs which don't affect Custom Items AND Mounts on Ascension.
  16. Great job, maybe include some PvE builds cause half the population is Andorhal. Would also be nice to see updated version of Lyfe's Speadsheet, with added spell modifiers (I might do it myself).
  17. How about 10% more healing? But fair point nevertheless.
  18. Just make sure everyone in raid can loot the Token for himself, without any loot involved, kind of like Faction Leaders. 2 Tokens per boss, some times cost 1 Token, BiS might cost like 6-8 tokens. Rare and BiS weapons like C'thun's Axe maybe 14 Tokens (7 C'thun kills). So maybe not that bad, but the whole point of raiding is RNG, I guess... The system elimates it completly which might not be a bad thing, no more stupid farm for stupid rares, except maybe Legendaries. But alas, I don't think they will implement something like this. It will take too long to reorganize the raids, create vendors, tokens, change item cost from gold value to token value etc... Also, imagine for most raids having like 10-12 bosses, and how many vendors would it take... I am not sure about WotLK client, but vendors have limited amount of stuff they can sell, probably caps close to 80. Means multiple vendors for 1 raid instance. And probably most of the people won't like it because as I mentioned, it eliminates RNG and loot hunt.
  19. Must be the most detailed guide I have read in years, although speaking from Hybrid point of view, the OH hit cap on Ascension seems to be 24%, tested in AQT on Bosses. Also, not mentioned bullets from Stratholme and arrows from Lower Blackrock Spire? They are BiS, but may be hard to farm... Maybe you should mention them for hardheads why would want them. In any case, well fucking done!
  20. Although now that I think about it, it doesn't have to be currency. Just an item.
  21. I actually wanted for them to make something similar, like MC tokens for MC loot, AQ tokens for AQ loot. This way it's less RNG and you get the item you want. The problem would be is that you could farm few bosses in AQT and then buy C'thun without killing him, counter to that measure is having boss specific tokens, but I don't think WoW does allow so many different currencies.
  22. Knowing that Naxxramas was remade from WotLK one, can we please have the Armor/Resistances values, please, so we can adjust our builds if necessary.
  23. Try to contact a GM on Discord.
  24. You already can buy gear off AH, and you ask for more free loot? Andorhal players don't have a start problem, there are even 3-4 MC PuGs a week for them to get geared where nobody wants any loot.
  25. Just git gud and clear AQT. It's not that hard, but you are basically asking for free loot. People farmed C'thun for 9 months on Andorhal, and some people did same on LS. Imagine you spend time and dedication for 9 months for nothing, just so players that farmed one week before Naxxramas have the same gear.

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