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  1. Let me correct you on this one: Ironman Challenge was failed fairly. Allow me to explain: The two mobs you have encountered are linked together, the demon you saw is for Rokhdelar quest and is special type of elite designed around hunters. It should hit like hell without the proper string debuff on a demon. By attacking its pet you put a mark on yourself, and made it aggressive. You didn't have this knowledge and failed Ironman Challenge by your own mistake. Next time you do it try not to attack mobs you don't know, and please, don't bother staff members for "unfairness", in description of Ironman it says EVERYTHING including lags, your PC specs, realm disconnects, custom mechanics etc is part of Ironman Challenge.
  2. What are you smoking? The scrolls are cheap as fuck, and even before you only needed 250g. The cost of unlearning a spell is also reduced by 50% making it so much better at adjusting your build!
  3. Here is a list of viable raiding specs: SnD Tank (OP atm) 2H Tank Bear Tank (3 different variants depends on weapon) TG DPS Melee Fire Caster DPS Melee Lightning Caster DPS Execute Cleaver DPS Poison Cleaver DPS Fire Mage RDPS Fire Warlock RDPS Smiter RDPS Lightning Bolt RDPS Dotter RDPS Melee Hunter DPS Hunter RDPS Melee Hybrid Fire DPS (close to Melee Fire Caster but run Hybrid items with Convertion) Mutilate DPS SP Seal Paladin DPS AP Seal Paladin DPS Rain of Fire RDPS Balance Druid RDPS Arcane Missiles RDPS Backstab DPS 2H Arms DPS SMF Slam I missed a few but these are general you will encounter. I don't have their builds, it's just something for you to decide and then go for. Every spec is gear dependent so don't even bother asking which is the least.
  4. During AQT I have been running Melee Fire Casters with 24% hit... Basically getting around 700-800 SP, 24% hit, Flametongue, Maelstrom Weapon for instant Fireball, Very Slow Haste Weapons and Talents, Fire talents like Ignite and SP gain, Flametongue Weapon for additional Speed RE and damage, Flameschock, Stormstrike to boost my Fire Damage, Searing Totem... With AQT gear it can still do 4.0-4.5k DPS in Raids if played correctly. Since the build was based on my friend's (He ran heavy SP with less hit) I can not share it. But the general idea is there, I believe it's the only build that will require OH Hit Cap due to Flametongue, you would also need minimum for 17% spell hit, but since you will go for 24% Melee it won't be an issue. It's worth to note that on Ascension for some reason, bosses have 24% hit cap instead of 27%... At least every time I checked the meters I didn't miss a single hit (not counting dodges, but if you can get some expertise it wouldn't hurt). With 2.8 Weapons you should be hitting the target every 1.1-1.3 seconds with Haste proc, and since Flametongue is based on non modified Weapon Speed you understand how it's so benefitial.
  5. It actually makes perfect sense. You tame a beast which doesn't have any name, so as his owner you get to name him if you wish. Demon on the other side are assigned to Warlocks, since Warlocks have connection to the void. It also makes perfect sense that Demons do not die, they disappear back into the void, while you need to resurrect a pet. Making a long story short: Demons have names before the Warlock summons him, unlike Pet.
  6. Or just play Andorhal? It's populated and many 10 man raids progressing Naxxramas right now! No high risk and no non-soulbound items bullshit. So having gear actually means something!
  7. How about we don't forget that this server suppose to be "Classless experience with building your own hero". Obviously Meta will always be there, but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough) is a dumb idea. It limits the game and its idea in the first place. Sure, some of people will prefer Draft over picking abilities, but then everyone just farms the hell out of it to pick that one ability you actually need, while on Legacy you can do it with a gold charge of your wallet and no time spent. So why not just play Legacy? Raids are designed around them, and it actually bothers me that Ascension has to remove Boss Mechanics or dumb them down, making them more Tank n Spank, so Seasonals players can kill them...
  8. You can buy Faction/Race changing potions on Donation Shop. But racials will not be pickable. Blizzlike.
  9. Seems very strange, maybe the issue with Torrent, maybe try a different one? I have never had a problem downloading it, so maybe it's issue on your end?
  10. Don't use Launcher, it's not good. Try to download via MegaUpload, including the A-patch.mpq
  11. I believe Beta characters were deleted on Launch. Regarding Sargeras the realm doesn't exist anymore, but I believe you can transfer you characters to other realm from Shop page.
  12. Stamina all the way, you can't mitigate damage if you are dead.
  13. Transmogrification system was not made by Ascension, they just used open source NPC and added custom Runes of Transmogrification. Highly doubt they will be implementing any changes to the system, would like to see Fist Weapons as One Handed option as well...
  14. You know, if it was level 60 with BWL/AQ gear it would be understandable to try to reach to GMs for a restore... But considering it's only level 24 which can be achieved in few hours I don't think they will bother. Just level again.
  15. N - Collections - Vanity - Known Items - Deliver Item

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