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  1. Well, maybe it's not that bad, considering it gives a boost to low tier builds and a small improvement for high tier builds... The only thing that bothers me will it affect competition between caster builds and melee builds.
  2. I mean, eventually they will enable Seasonal transfers to main realms, either LS or Andorhal. And he will be able to play with his favorite characters on either realms... I don't know what's the fuss about, indeed sounds more like a troll.
  3. Does Ranged Weapon Specialization increase Magical Damage? I didn't do in depth testing, but overall my damage as Hybrid did increase by approximate 5% (Testing is done on Dummies).
  4. Did you try closing Chrome? On a serious note, did you try to log in to other realms? Does the problem persist or is it Seasonal only?
  5. Yeah, imagine making a poll on Twitter when half the community doesn't use Twitter, when about 90% are on Ascension's Discord. Regarding Naxxramas, I really hope you did the most important thing: did you replace Baron Rivendare with Alexandros Mograine?
  6. Already been posted by Skray but I need to shout it out: make T3 and T2.5 quests repeatable. I am tired of holding onto the item for the future "in case I need it" in fear if I delete it I can't have it again. Zul'gurub sets are repeatable, heck even the Neck part is.
  7. Can't say I am completely pleased, but I am also not disappointed. The time will tell with balance overhaul before Naxxramas, can we please have an approximate date when to expect it?
  8. What's wrong with backpeddling if there is no boss that needs fast relocation? Exactly, nothing. If you want to insult at least do a better job.
  9. Curiosity will be the end of me...
  10. LS is oriented around world PvP, the gear drops from World mobs and is BoE. Since you wanted to join Raiding Gank's suggestion is on point. Join Andorhal, get into few MCs and get gear people don't need (mostly people are already BWL/AQT geared). The gear is BoP on Andorhal, and pretty much has more value.
  11. Do Andorhal players a favor, stay where you are. Thanks in advance.
  12. What Gank said, hunters are fairly balanced. Even saw some sick DPS in AQT on some bosses, above Hybrids/Smiters.
  13. If you actually want to pick spells you may want to switch to Andorhal or Laughing Skull.
  14. You are using Legion model pack which affects custom things on Ascension. To fix it simply do not use creature models, only character models. Or perhaps if you are good with patches you can remove legion mounts from the patch but you would have to do it manually for every single one of them.
  15. Highly doubt that I am wrong, but you're welcome to prove me wrong. Beside, there is nothing wrong in small backpeddling to adjust mobs, sometimes they tend to run behind you for some pathfinding reason. It's not like I am backpeddling the boss to a tanking spot.

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