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  1. As I am very new to the server, I am trying to come up with a fun melee build for fast attacks with a high crit chance with it. I would enjoy some feedback on this build to see some things I should change or things I should take it. Thank you very much. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:78:100:168:324:408:588:687:781:853:1126:1243:1752:1766:1833:1953:2458:2842:2973:2983:5171:6673:8232:8936:19740:21084:53407:965200:157t5:201t2:221t5:223t1:270t5:274t2:382t1:602t3:1122t5:1303t3:1362t3:1581t5:1702t3:1719t1:1804t2:1827t2:2228t3:
  2. I am coming back from a break on Ascension. I decided on the newer method and downloading their custom beta version of the installer. After installing it and launching the game, I create my character and load in. After loading I closed the game and look for the game direction of my Progam Files. After doing so I was searching for the Addons folder so I can place my WoW addons into but I cannot seem to find it? Loading back in and see that there are addons connected to the game already and was confused. Closed the game and searched my PC for one specific addon that the game has "Ascension AIO" and still unable to find it? Can anyone help?

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