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  1. @Nimzo You guys just posted a new change on the logs that has serious issues -.- Currently Rdruid is the top meta healer and its population really does support that, the nerfs to Dispel Magic and Purge is a huge buff for this top place build. Keep in mind Rdruids also use Subtlety which gives a 30% purge protection + all the passive buff effects like Natural Perfection.
  2. Actually it can be. Invest 8/10 talents into sustain While useing the Hunter utility core (Scatter, Wyren, Freezing Trap, Deterrence and Readiness to reset them) Then use your healing GCD's while you are not exchangeing blows/tanking with your target. Sustain hybrids can exchange healing with damage gcds and come out on top. thats clearly very strong considering its not the only way to play sustain. Only a full time Healer should be allowed to meet the gcd value of a full time DPS, not a hybrid. To put it simply, there doesnt need to be a seperation for 15% str into Healing SP, sustain can still be viable I even have a very viable Nurturing Instinct Mongoose build, which uses CC to sustain while doing good damage.
  3. @Beastly Seems like a reasonable change to me. Ascention wants player to choose between Spell Damage and Spell Healing (I personaly like that). They have been moving in that direction for awhile now and TbtL was the last remaining talent effecting both. IF there is still balancing issues or this has created new issues, they can be addressed seperatly for example maybe TbtL now needs a buff for spell damage, say 6/12/18% Str to Spell Dmg conversion so its value is closer to Mental Quickness, just because that buff may or may not be needed does not mean the TbtL seperation is a bad change, its simply the direction they want to move in.
  4. You should be much happier.. thats alot of moaning for one of the best balance patchs i have seen from Ascention. Anyway, the extra CD duration should make no difference in a 1v1 with melee and hunter, a good melee should be killing a Hunter within a time window before it becomes an issue, unless the Hunter is a Tank? I count 3-4 GCDs to land a kill. In Arena, its less of an issue, as you have pillers to los.
  5. Priest likes this. Really good work guys ❤️ The Seal of Justice, Blink and Freedom nerfs stood out to me the most. The only thing i may come to disagree with here regarding arena is the Disarm and Deterrence counter, because.. there is already a counter for this, currently Cheap Shot brakes Deterrence and they continue to take dmg for the stuns duration from all sources, this means Shadow Dance is already an existing counter to Deterrence, being able to prevent it and cancel it with disarms as well, may benefit heavy burst teams too much considering Bubble/Block will be Shattered.
  6. You are not giveing neerly enough information for us to give you any meaningful adivice. Build: Its impossible to tell you what to look out for without being given a build concept first, for example (TG, Mutilate, Frost/Fire/Shadow Bolts, Shadow Dots), Healer/Tank/dps even? Gear: Get most stats? Hunter/Feral/Cleave will want Agility gear most of other melee will want Strength, casters stack Spell Power regardless.
  7. @Numby I believe what your refuring to is fine-tuning, what i was refuring to is big issues such as Blink, every build has been useing this without fail forever or every melee build other than Retri uses SoJ to auto stun every target they look at, and casters always run Fellhunters in 1v1s. "play battlegrounds/raid all day and observe what's OP? " - Actually yes, it would be very good if Dutch was passionate enough to take part in PvP from time to time how can he be passionate about somthing he has no interrest in doing himself? "At least on Ascension changing spec is fairly painless" - What? No you can only que 1v1 skirmishs, the 2v2/3v3 or any ranking is not enabled, i actually tried to setup some friendly 2v2's & 3v3s with my guild and learnt this, and when i say later, i mean like 1 or 2 weeks, i am just saying its takes little effort to open the door here.
  8. 100% The developers work hard, i also don't doubt that this is a full time job for @Dutch however the issue is where the time is being allocated, I am no scripter but i would imagine simple balance changes and tweaks too build mechanics is good value for time, for example if you know how to change the databade for Blinks CD to make it 30 Seconds, how long would that take really? That example doesnt even need to be discussed, every player has been Blinking around like a mage since day one 😂 I would also guess the first step, enabling ranked Arena/3v3 is not a mountain to climb either. A reward system can come later and a website ranking tab can come much later on. Asscention makes PvP progression feel impossible, at times the devolobers make players feel like they are asking too much from them. However there is clearly a LACK OF PASSION with @Dutch and PvP, untill this mindset changes the PvP side is always going to be a disapointment.
  9. Skray09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Yus.. Arena and PvP gear has been acknowledged, holy **** this has been the only thing i have cared about since the begining of this experience. I dont care what anyone says about the reasoning behind the population in High Risk / PvP Servers Its all down to the lack of competitive PvP content such as ranked Arena and the rewards from it. Just look at another private PvP server example, you can log on to Warmane right now and jump straight into Arena without delay that **** is old as hell and has not been worked on for a millennia and offers nothing new, yet its held an active pvp comunity since day one. Ranked 3v3 Arena = Happy Priest
  10. What about those of us who dont want to raid in order to play PvP? That option doesnt exist in Andorhal.
  11. I feel like you didnt understand my last post at all. Balancing is still needed in your suggestion as well, How is it any different? Blink vs Every other spell in the game = Blink Meaning anything rivaled agaisnt it is never going to be seen. The solution? Balanceing. Anyother example? This is literrally what Retail WoW has been doing since Cata, there is always a meta in what abilities you pick. One season every Rogue ran Death From Above, so they nerfed it then every rogue used Marked for Death, then at the end of Legion they had too move it another choice selection bar as well. On what planet is that better than increaseing Blinks AE cost too 3 from 2 and say increaseing its CD to 25-30 So players may not take this ability in PvP by there own choice without removing other abilities in the process.
  12. It is limiting and before you can even go on to justifying your idea you need to achowlege that for the sake of your own debate. Im sure there is flaws to be found in adjusting the AE costs but there is also many flaws in what your suggesting for example, it doesnt matter what abilties there are to choose from players will always choose an ability like Blink in PvP in this situations you would be simply removing its rival options from the game, hence the limitation. So here its clear a nerf to Blink is required, which is essientally what increaseing its AE cost would do, the issue you pointed out is unavoidable one way or another.
  13. limiting the choices is not what Classless is about. It really is not this complicated, if abilities are always being picked such as Blink, then there cost should be increased to 3AE instead of 2AE and abilities that are never picked should be 1AE instead of 2AE. This has been mentioned many times here on the forums, this is no new subject. Some personal advice, dont waste your time posting idea's like this on the forums, it will make no difference There has been some seriously good idea's posted on here over the 2-3 years that i have seen and like 95% of them wasnt acknowledged even when they have been acknowledged and dicussed (back when they actually comunicated with us) they still never made it into the game.
  14. @SirGank It only self heals alittle more than Lesser Healing Wave for single target which is currently still available. Nerfs exist not sure why you and the devs believe a removal was the only solution. Not that it needs a nerf even if its reintroduced, It was was OP because of Nurturing Instincts, which got nerfed hard. Hence why after they removed Chain Heal from Maelstrom, sustain hyrbids was still dominating with Lesser Wave, Riptide and Holy Shock it wasnt untill they addressed Nurturing Instincts scaling and the x5 RE stacking that they lost there place in the Meta. I dont think Mana had anything to do with there reasoning behind this as hybrids have unlimitted mana with Improved Stormstrike and Judgements of the Wise, also note the Talent and RE stack for Imp Stormstrike meaing there is a 50% chance to gain double the normal amount, Judgement is often not even needed. Ascention has a habbit of incorrectly nerfing smaller elements of a build type rather than the root of the problem in this case it resulted in a death of a unque build type. The only time where Maelstrom Healing was the issue was when TG had insane PPM with it which could then be followed into Healing Waves. @Zijarih I wouldnt recomend it unless your into this Wildcard stuff, this had been there main focus for some time now. There has been little changes to bring in new build types for older players and certainly nothing regarding healing, like ever.
  15. Heyy, yeah i remember mate, Your welcome ofc @Karlim Well these builds here are just BG Hero examples and are now outdated as of a few recent changes.

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