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  1. Huh? What is this.. Hunter WAS Overpowered back in Sarg, so that should not be the standard here. Then they got hit hard by PvP mods and was weak for awhile. Since then most abilties now have PvP mods and Hunters have come into a very balanced position. They have a good foothold in the meta, you are clearly not crafting it well or you lack gear/RE's or even ability to play. I actually got put under immence preasure by a Hunter in WPvP yesterday who wasnt even out in there full gear and before anyone suggests i am not good feel free too hit me up for 1v1s on Priest, i might school you. The fact Hunter are a good part of PvP right now by using what i can only discribe as, PvE builds with Blazeing Speed really shows there value as a DPS core. That said, CC exists. Most Hunters dont seem know that. Might i suggest Shadowstep into Shadow Dance with Cheap and Kidney, maybe a Vanish too or.. even Intercept to Intercept there Intercept after they Blink. (Cheap Shot does not DR with those Stuns). Nurtuting Instincts 2/2 and Quick Recover 2/2 can also create some sustain from Earth Shield, Riptide + PWS & Barrier with there baseline RE's. I wouldnt recomend using BM pet and Wrath as its too ability heavy for a build type that is already heavy on AEs for rotation Feral Spirits would be far more pvp friendly.
  2. (Just been approved) The Changes posted yesterday have tackled the issues with the Devouring Plague build very well.
  3. Its good for new players. Don't play on seasonal then ? Although I really wish they would give LS some love, starting with making it a stable server as it crashes every evening and work to balance the top of the meta more.
  4. An Elemental Devastation bug was reported way over a year ago on Bugtracker and been reposted 5 times up to recent ?
  5. Ranked Arena is needed for a complete PvP experience and it has been mentioned many times here on the forums over the years. They wont listen. What i really don't get is why they have blocks on 2v2/3v3 que, even if you wanted to set up some friendly Arena with your friends, you cant there is no excuses for that one, however you could argue that Ranked Arena would reduce WPvP, which seems to be there main focus, (i don't care much for WPvP). You will have to wait until TBC season 1.
  6. Great Video, i am happy to see Execute getting some love, it has been a good build core for awhile now. Although i am pretty sure Mortal Strike + Wind Fury is the best opening GCD for Sudden Death.
  7. I'm guessing because season 3 didn't exists in July 2018.
  8. Not being able to Heal Outlaws is pretty gaming breaking as a Healer.. I feel this should second in priority for attention, first being the stability of the servers.
  9. They should just add Polearm into Titans Grip.. That said, you can Tmog it and use TG + Devastate/Shield Slam build.
  10. lol SS is the weakest of the 3 rogue builds (Back stab / Mutilate)
  11. Good reminder as to why i have stopped supporting Ascension. Maybe there next step will be to introduce the Wildcard system into LS as well 😂 Have fun with that.
  12. @SirGank Ofc not 😂 we are veterans, they only care about new players.
  13. @Anthaney Actually ESO does this with their system, it kinda works, so no need to be rude.
  14. @MonkaS No.. Shadow Bolt is in a really good place compared with all the other casters right now. It can hit 3-4k as an Instant cast against other players from either from Nightfall or Backslash proc. Eradication is a high value talent in multiple builds especially in combination with x3 REs. Surge of Light makes Holy caster what they are, which again.. is another Meta ranked Caster. There is many builds that are desperate for buffs, Shadow and Holy clearly are not.
  15. I have never seen a harder nerf in any MMO 🤣 for me it was a 31% Haste loss. Healing feels like a different game, i already stacked additional Haste so there's no way to get it back. "But retail didn't have Spell Mastery" - who gives a **** its not the same game and you get used to playing a different way. I guess the patch being released at the same time as a wild card server was no coincidence I wonder how much backslash would of continued to pour if this new player promotion wasn't released.

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