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  1. I feel like you didnt understand my last post at all. Balancing is still needed in your suggestion as well, How is it any different? Blink vs Every other spell in the game = Blink Meaning anything rivaled agaisnt it is never going to be seen. The solution? Balanceing. Anyother example? This is literrally what Retail WoW has been doing since Cata, there is always a meta in what abilities you pick. One season every Rogue ran Death From Above, so they nerfed it then every rogue used Marked for Death, then at the end of Legion they had too move it another choice selection bar as well. On what planet is that better than increaseing Blinks AE cost too 3 from 2 and say increaseing its CD to 25-30 So players may not take this ability in PvP by there own choice without removing other abilities in the process.
  2. It is limiting and before you can even go on to justifying your idea you need to achowlege that for the sake of your own debate. Im sure there is flaws to be found in adjusting the AE costs but there is also many flaws in what your suggesting for example, it doesnt matter what abilties there are to choose from players will always choose an ability like Blink in PvP in this situations you would be simply removing its rival options from the game, hence the limitation. So here its clear a nerf to Blink is required, which is essientally what increaseing its AE cost would do, the issue you pointed out is unavoidable one way or another.
  3. limiting the choices is not what Classless is about. It really is not this complicated, if abilities are always being picked such as Blink, then there cost should be increased to 3AE instead of 2AE and abilities that are never picked should be 1AE instead of 2AE. This has been mentioned many times here on the forums, this is no new subject. Some personal advice, dont waste your time posting idea's like this on the forums, it will make no difference There has been some seriously good idea's posted on here over the 2-3 years that i have seen and like 95% of them wasnt acknowledged even when they have been acknowledged and dicussed (back when they actually comunicated with us) they still never made it into the game.
  4. @SirGank It only self heals alittle more than Lesser Healing Wave for single target which is currently still available. Nerfs exist not sure why you and the devs believe a removal was the only solution. Not that it needs a nerf even if its reintroduced, It was was OP because of Nurturing Instincts, which got nerfed hard. Hence why after they removed Chain Heal from Maelstrom, sustain hyrbids was still dominating with Lesser Wave, Riptide and Holy Shock it wasnt untill they addressed Nurturing Instincts scaling and the x5 RE stacking that they lost there place in the Meta. I dont think Mana had anything to do with there reasoning behind this as hybrids have unlimitted mana with Improved Stormstrike and Judgements of the Wise, also note the Talent and RE stack for Imp Stormstrike meaing there is a 50% chance to gain double the normal amount, Judgement is often not even needed. Ascention has a habbit of incorrectly nerfing smaller elements of a build type rather than the root of the problem in this case it resulted in a death of a unque build type. The only time where Maelstrom Healing was the issue was when TG had insane PPM with it which could then be followed into Healing Waves. @Zijarih I wouldnt recomend it unless your into this Wildcard stuff, this had been there main focus for some time now. There has been little changes to bring in new build types for older players and certainly nothing regarding healing, like ever.
  5. Heyy, yeah i remember mate, Your welcome ofc @Karlim Well these builds here are just BG Hero examples and are now outdated as of a few recent changes.
  6. :596:642:759:1454:1953:2006:2458:2782:4987:5384:6117:6366:8170:12051:20484:20608:29166:32374:52127:322t1:404t5:413t2:590t1:827t1:1261t2:1722t3:1747t1:1771t2:1772t3:1774t1:1815t1:1867t1:1895t3:1898t5:1905t5:1911t1:1916t3:2060t2:2179t3:2192t1:2195t3:2211t1: RE's: x1 Blessing of the Divines x1 Omen of Clarity x1 Rejuvenating Light x1 Divinity x1 Holy Power x3 Divine Aegis x3 Divine Providence x3 Healing Prayers x3 Master Conjuror ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Sky The amount of spirit gear/talent investment needed to outdo double Omen of Clarity is absurd and Mana Tide + Divine Illumination are both high value. Even as an AoE healer, the single tank support of Guardian and Pain Sub is unparalleled for 1 talent investments. I would also question the value of Inspiration, Test of Faith and Penance for some fight situations. "Spellstones and Firestones no longer get removed when changing weapons." - 08/09/19. Not tested to see if it actually works but this may mean you can switch out the off hand before you use Mana Gem so you can run both Leg RE's I am not sure why you shot down @dinmamma suggestion on 03/30/19 with just a "No" seems alittle arrogant, i would say there is no right or wrong as there is some fights in which Blessing of the Divines can be better and as you value burst Haste highly i also woulder why there's no PI. "should be just about as optimal as you can get it." I would recomend you dont think that way, as i have done many times then after speaking to others you can see things in a different way or even just because of missed bug interaction.
  7. Would be even nicer if you didnt lose your transmog on death in high risk lol..
  8. SS build can work rather well in PvP its very viable, although.. not so much in PvE as far as i know.
  9. Caster 1v1 = Spell Haste > CC > Healing > Damage By this is i mean.. 33% base Haste min Every DR group covered + more around 30% of a healer core build in with just enough damage to create a win condition. Or just be a cheese ball and stack mitigation and sustain while a Felguard and some Dots does the work for you. Times have changed with casters, only melee can afford too invest into heavy damage atleast when it comes to competing in high tier 1v1s.
  10. lol, they wouldnt even refund you if a family member died, and you needed to suddenly pay for the funeral. Its sad, but actually true, Im still pissed from a refund that was refused 2 years ago for a good reason. They can lack in customer service and fail to undertsand that "the customer is always right" resulting in more income later on for example i refused to use there shop for a year after that, essentially costing them more than me. But good luck..
  11. @Xronize Both my player name and Discord Link are on my notes at the bottom. If you wish to doing some crafting with me, feel free to add me, i enjoy crafting very much. No i am refering to the actual top 1v1 players, I also am not even considering there performance in BGs, as i stated i mean 1v1s.
  12. @Xronize Well i know that i could play Hunter and compete against the top 1v1 players on the server as i am currently already doing that in a few different builds. I can tell from your close minded post, that your build is far from perfect, as you have 0 interrest in another opinion one thing i will say for sure, is no PvP build is perfect, there is ALWAYS away to improved it, I have learnt that by crafting with others and shareing idea's since Sarg too (as you seem to view that timeline with great value).
  13. ... You just got some buffs for Hunters? Honestly think i need to make a post about Hunters or somthing The majority of hunters dont know how to build a PvP hunter. Its seems to me like Hunters play almost PvE builds in PvP and still expect to win 1v1's against top players.
  14. Really good work, i agree with most of this. Although Stamina Tanks are still going to be an issue in PvP. I think one of the biggest issues since the Spell Mastery nerf is alot of long casting spells are dead in the water Sure they may work in a BG hero build in BGs, but try casting them while under the effects of a -30% cast time reduction from Slow/Numb while being locked down with CC, before you can even think about using spells like these half the build must be invested into max Haste and CC leaving little room for much else, which still doesnt make it competitive enough. A perfect Example of this is Fireball, casting this with -30% cast reduction is neerly impossible against a good player and the damage over time effect prevents the build from running most of the good CC to setup multable casts, Fire mage also requires alot of crit, so going Haste instead means it does no dmg. Another is Light/Wave/Great, a good Melee player can solo one of these healers in no time, unless they go full on tank and do no team healing. Rejuvenation is the only healer core that is needed as it is miles in the lead this meta. A 25% Haste loss, is one of the largest nerfs i have ever witnessed in an MMO, much more balanceing is still needed here. I believe there needs to be some more cast reductions for some abilities and access to more Haste through talents/RE's on top of that the -30% cast reductions should be reduced to -20%.
  15. Huh? What is this.. Hunter WAS Overpowered back in Sarg, so that should not be the standard here. Then they got hit hard by PvP mods and was weak for awhile. Since then most abilties now have PvP mods and Hunters have come into a very balanced position. They have a good foothold in the meta, you are clearly not crafting it well or you lack gear/RE's or even ability to play. I actually got put under immence preasure by a Hunter in WPvP yesterday who wasnt even out in there full gear and before anyone suggests i am not good feel free too hit me up for 1v1s on Priest. The fact Hunter are a good part of PvP right now by using what i can only discribe as, PvE builds with Blazeing Speed really shows there value as a DPS core. That said, CC exists. Most Hunters dont seem know that. Might i suggest Shadowstep into Shadow Dance with Cheap and Kidney, maybe a Vanish too or.. even Intercept to Intercept there Intercept after they Blink. (Cheap Shot does not DR with those Stuns). Nurtuting Instincts 2/2 and Quick Recover 2/2 can also create some sustain from Earth Shield, Riptide + PWS & Barrier with there baseline RE's. I wouldnt recomend using BM pet and Wrath as its too ability heavy for a build type that is already heavy on AEs for rotation Feral Spirits would be far more pvp friendly.

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