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  1. Good reminder as to why i have stopped supporting Ascension. Maybe there next step will be to introduce the Wildcard system into LS as well 😂 Have fun with that.
  2. @SirGank Ofc not 😂 we are veterans, they only care about new players.
  3. @Anthaney Actually ESO does this with their system, it kinda works, so no need to be rude.
  4. @MonkaS No.. Shadow Bolt is in a really good place compared with all the other casters right now. It can hit 3-4k as an Instant cast against other players from either from Nightfall or Backslash proc. Eradication is a high value talent in multiple builds especially in combination with x3 REs. Surge of Light makes Holy caster what they are, which again.. is another Meta ranked Caster. There is many builds that are desperate for buffs, Shadow and Holy clearly are not.
  5. I have never seen a harder nerf in any MMO 🤣 for me it was a 31% Haste loss. Healing feels like a different game, i already stacked additional Haste so there's no way to get it back. "But retail didn't have Spell Mastery" - who gives a **** its not the same game and you get used to playing a different way. I guess the patch being released at the same time as a wild card server was no coincidence I wonder how much backslash would of continued to pour if this new player promotion wasn't released.
  6. @Tiberius Yes Priests can have a great clutch with PWS However i have already mentioned the massive investment it takes for PWS to be a good GCD for a Healer while that investment can be quickly undone by Dispel/Devouring Magic making it unreliable + Weakened Soul. Divine Aegis has little connection to the priest core in fact if your using PWS as a focus, Divine Aegis will have less value on a priest build than others. Although absorption ignores Mortal Wounds, absorption also comes before mitigation which means the absorb amount will deplete much quicker than a Health pool, for this reason absorption is not always better than a heal equivalent. Penances GCD value is hardly better than Waves under Tidal Waves. If i was to consider that no investment is used for Penance, then yes it's very powerful, however the little ways to increase its value makes it limited. They should buff the Aspiration RE to 10% to match its talent, this way we can invest 2T3RE's to gain a 6 sec CD Penance. Borrowed Time has low talent value in single target, unless your in a group fight chaining off PWSs I have already mentioned Priest Core's are fine in large group fights, so this is irrelevant to my debate I also started this forum before the Spell Mastery nerf, so balance has shifted. Just.. because the build can have one situation in which it would do well in (Clutch saves) does not mean its not an underdog needing attention. Having two healing spec's Disc and Holy both amounting to AoE focused builds that take up similar roles seems like a lot of wasted ground. .... It's sad to see negativity from you, just because i displayed a little CONFIDENCE, how insecure must you be i wonder? I never "bragged about being R1" or "proclaimed myself Master of Heals" so don't be a **** and put words into my post to strengthen your random attack. "True rank 1:s dont act The way You do, they don't need to. " act like what? and don't half suggest you know anything about that, i have seen you play on LS 🤣 But sure, let's assume every player that has touched the top of the ladders automatically gains a humble personality.. genius psychology right there.
  7. On retail players don't have access to almost an infinite amount of ways to brake Hardcasting with CC, it's a different game. Also Blizzard dumbed down there game so much they actually increased the GCD at the end of Legion Go watch some retail 2019 PvP, its slow paced, dull and the reason some of us came here. Spell Mastery was a blessing and they should of worked balance around it, instead of taking this shortcut which didn't even directly deal with the issues the Spell Power meta was having.
  8. @Nickle There is no class fantasy here, this is classless, since when can Rogues Blink or Ice Block? Perma Stealth allows you to enter High Risk WPvP without any risk, which throws the entire "High Risk" ideals out of the window, the purpose is to enter the world at a risk of losing gear. Getting the opening in 1v1s can mean everything, Stealth can still help achieve that. Also you can combat stealth with Feign Death (resettable) and Vanish (resettable), which allows for CD/DR stalling It also provides access to Garrote and Cheap while boosting physical damage by 10% and energy regen by 30%. So it's not as dead in the water, like your claiming it to be. Perhaps dots not braking Stealth would come with some balance issues although in combination with the Stealth duration, i wouldn't say so. I don't "do it wrong" i also don't try to run away, i focus on winning. I use Cleanse and pillars to help with resets, however Deeps Wounds/Garrote/Rend are a huge part of the meta If you would rather have Perma Stealth instead of Stealth not breaking to DoTs, then you are doing 1v1s wrong.
  9. @Nickle I play Stealth builds, like i already said... So I am not bias, don't try make out like i am, when you so clearly are. Blizzard doesn't have a high risk classless system in WPvP, so what blizzard does its completely irrelevant. I have never said Stealth is overpowered. I suggested buffing Stealth just as much as nerfing it, by changing the way overtime damage can breaks it. It's called a redesign, not a nerf, in fact in most 1v1 situations what i am suggesting is a buff!! Hence: "I don't agree with the way Ascension has "redesigned" Stealth because they didn't give anything back in return." Having such a large talent investment being countered by 1 DoT/AoE is one of the reasons why Stealth is unreliable Which i have already stated here so why are trying to inform me of the talent investment ? I also mentioned on a different forum they should at least change the talent value of Stealth talents now its been nerfed such as Master of D being reverted back to 3/3 and by buffing Camo, (just like they did the day after).
  10. @Billyww Yes i was "Asking to break them from they have always been" I suggested a redesign of how Stealth fits into classless on high risk I don't agree with the way Ascension has "redesigned" Stealth because they didn't give anything back in return. Like 90% of all patches the dev's only know how to "balance" by nerfing and sucking the the fun out of it Instead of changing the way it works/fits in. My Healing build also lost 31% Spell Haste in a month and didnt get any redesign/changes at all, so it could of be worse for you. I wouldn't waste any more of your time here, they honestly dont give a **** about your opinion They got huge backslash from Spell Mastery and Stealth and they put all there energy into defending their logic instead of collecting new logic I have screens of some of my guildies talking privately to a few of them, they proved very closed minded and completely out of the loop They didn't even know Shadowbolt can hit 3-4k Insta's in PvP when the LS players have known that for months, just one of many examples. Even when you do finally get them to accept another point of view, they just put that point of view into a minority group called "Veterans" and push it aside then hide behind new player retention (literally a fact based on multiple debates with them ) Which is ironic considering most "new" players are Wow Veterans 🤣 Should either accept "they know best" or move.
  11. @Billyww "people like you wanting no one to ever have a way to sneak around." = lol I clearly play stealth builds, so unlike you, I am not bias as **** Perma Stealth is a horrible design for everybody else in WPvP on High Risk. I use Stealth on pretty much every 1v1 build, because getting the opener can mean everything. Did you even read my post here before you replied or did you just start venting ?? I suggested to allow stealth NOT to brake on certain damage abilities like DoTs, some could argue that's an overpowered trade for perma stealth. Also why are you saying its 20 sec ? Stealth and Prowl changed. They now have a 30 second duration and a 10 sec cooldown. Camouflage changed. It now reduces the cooldown of Stealth and Prowl by 1/2/3 sec and the duration of 5/10/15 sec (and still increases movement speed in stealth by 5/10/15%). One of my builds is a Haste Stacked Healer, the other was a Muti Rog, so i got ***** up by this patch. So i wouldn't whine to me about it, if you don't like it, just quit, that's what i have done.
  12. Master of Deception is no no longer worth 5 talents revert back to 3/3 and buff Camouflage - Stealth problem Revert Spell Mastery and give flat healing nerfs instead - Healing problem
  13. Because they are actually retarded and have no idea that they just buffed half the current meta while nerfing some underdogs. Spell mastery was the separation between caster and hybrid. I would also describe it as a direct nerf to the fun factor, they don't even know what the gcd reduction means in PvP.
  14. I feel like Ascension balance in PvP is about to take a nosedive, can just feel it coming.. The balance team want to steer the buss all of the place. Regarding Spell Mastery... Honestly I would rather have a flat 25% healing nerf than a 25% haste nerf and I'm a healer!.. Don't take away the fun factor just for some lazy fix because SP builds are dominating Most SP builds in the meta are Hybrids without Spell Mastery or Casters that function from Instant casts anyway.
  15. @Sky My purpose here is obviously to bring attention to single target priest builds, hence the simplicity of my first post. I was trying to save time, by preventing someone like you from giving me mediocre advice. which I felt came across too strongly, so I edited 1 part of that that just before u finished posting. For PWS to be viable you need to make large investments into it which can be instantly undone by 1 Dispel Magic or even a passive Devour Magic, while currently there is an army of Felhunters around.. alongside Weaken Soul it's consistent single target is nothing compared to its rivals. Mortal Wounds 50/60% reduction renders Flash of Light, Holy Shock, Flash Heal and Circle of Healing (single target) to be weak GCDs and puts it under the GCD value of a good DPS build, also this build design is nothing new and not really relevant here as it's 90% built from a Holy Pala core. Might I suggest you stick to PvE on Andohal instead of trying to school me on the LS PvP meta. You have assumed wrong, I would not quit from losing 25% spell haste because of balancing issues but rather how it would feel to play, as I enjoy a fast paced playstyle while stacking Haste. The meta has almost unlimited ways to prevent hardcasted heals anyway. There is plenty of ways to correct Spell power without breaking the enjoyment of it, that's just stupid. After retail raised the GCD time in Legion/BFA to dumb it down, was the day i quit and came here. Although regarding the balance.. to lose 25% spell haste in a single patch (+6% last patch) while gaining nothing to compensate, as a hard casting Healer in PvP this would result in being the hardest nerf i have ever witnessed in 13 years of WoW & Classless, I wouldn't blame anyone for quitting so it would be logical to assume the Ascension team has more plans for this.......

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