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  1. I have 15 TE and 13 AE invested into strictly healing, I wouldn't say that it's "handed out for free" xd Then there's abilities which are absolutely needed to support the playstyle due to being a super mana hungry spec, like Life Tap and Shamanistic Rage, and a shitton of damage reduction and defensives on top of that. While those aren't strictly sustain based, they're absolutely needed if you want to be even be remotely viable, as your sustain is fairly low compared to the old days of 1k healing power (which was obviously broken), and you need everything you can get to stretch out the fight as your damage is nowhere near the same as most other builds. it really isn't as simple as saying "pick 8 talents and you're good to go"
  2. Seperating TbtL into 2 talents is exactly the suggestion I came up with. That's what they are NOT doing. They are simply removing the healing from it, taking away the last option sustain melee really had. When this change goes through you DON'T have the option to choose between healing or spell damage, you have to option to choose between spell damage or... nothing. As I've said before - unironically this change punishes any sustain player NOT playing holy hybrid way harder than it's intended target. Funny enough, this kind of just pushes the last sustain players who didn't play hybrid into playing hybrid, coz it's pretty much the only option left now. Seems like a waste of man hours to do a flat lazy nerf to str conversion and then buff melee sustain further down the line - what's the logic behind fixing a problem when you can just not create it in the first place?
  3. First of all, a melee sustain doesnt utilize spell damage, and it wouldnt be on the talent if you moved it. Second of all, if the talent was so op, everyone would use it - they dont coz it takes heavy investment to get decent sustain, this talent doesnt automatically make you a sustain god, not in the slightest. Second of all, noone uses the crit healing but holy hybrids coz its holy spells only, and nearly all, if not all spells a normal sustain uses are nature. I couldnt care less if you removed the crit part or put it somewhere else completely, its just plain bad for anyone but holy hybrids as it is. So yeah, it really isnt that strong. Youre literally taking away such a small fraction of their healing power, theyll still run around with like 600-650 healing power, and crit with FoL well above LHW. Meanwhile a str sustain will run around with below 300, and loses over 1/4th of theirs. This change just misses the mark completely lol. Also, its not like this is a standalone nerf, bundled together with the other ones you made, removing 3 TE from them really isnt that big of a difference from just straight up removing the healing for everyone. Just seems like laziness to me that you cba to work around nerfing other specs unintentionally, and insist on going through with something so detrimental to everyone else BUT the build you claim to be specifically targeting. Btw, if maelstrom works so well with 2H, I wonder why no one in the history of Ascension has ever used it and been successful with it. Anyway I said what I wanted to say so I’ll stop it here, but thanks for chat.
  4. How is it too strong? In my build with 700 STR I get 105 healing power from this talent, rest is from Sheath of Light. Saying str -> healing is too strong literally makes no sense, melee sustain is as balanced as its ever been. As a dev, do you think it's a good tradeoff to nerf a dominating build slightly, but by doing that hurt another viable playstyle badly? Agi sustain is just bad for the average sustain build that doesnt have any specific synergy with agi (might be DECENT, but amongst top players, decent = bad), they can reach approx the same amount of healing as STR-based builds, but they just dont have the same amount of damage str based build can push out. Please elaborate what's wrong with seperating the healing power and spell damage and have them on 2 different talents - making fx Benediction a 3 pointer and adding the str -> healing on it is such a simply fix and it even makes an unviable talent viable again. It's still a nerf to holy hybrids, but doesn't nerf any other builds unintentionally. I still haven't heard a single good reason why this change would be problematic. Could even keep it as a 5 pointer, so holy hybrids (and everyone else) would have to sacrifice 2 extra points for it. Honestly what you're doing right now is nerfing an entire archetype in the pursuit of balancing 1 single build. If that's how you'll continue to do balancing in the future you're gonna create ALOT more problems than you're fixing.
  5. Sure they can do that, but good luck getting 5 maelstrom stacks with a 2H weapon lol. Holy hybrids arent exactly known for having crazy power spikes with dual wielding.
  6. Care to mention who, and what kind of sustain they play? I havent lost to any agi sustain for a very very long time! I havent seen any agi sustain perform well since agi cats either. Perhaps theres something to it but I dont believe it be4 I see it
  7. So you're basically killing off every other melee sustain spec for a somewhat minor nerf to holy hybrid specs. Agi sustain is laughable, it simply doesn't scale well enough to be worth it for anything but cats and perhaps melee hunters if you stretch it a bit. People had to think outside the box and found out the only viable option left was Str conversion - now that has been ruined aswell. There's no direction left to turn to for sustain players. Sure, I can use the points and get more damage, but at some point a sustain build is just not a sustain build anymore. Running around with 300 healing power with half ur TE/AE invested into healing seems like a bad joke. That's exactly my point... It's still a strong talent for Holy Hybrids ONLY. They still benefit greatly from this, while every other melee sustain loses a large chunk of the fairly small healing power they have left. I even gave you a super simple solution to the problem - remove the healing power and put it somewhere else, so they will have to sacrifice 3 TE to get it back. Or perhaps just remove the extra holy crit healing (or even BETTER, make FoL through AoW not able to crit), as noone but holy hybrids actually utilize it at all... (LHW, Rejuv, Riptide, Earth Shield are all nature) There's simply no good reasoning to justify the fact that you're taking a fairly small cut from holy hybrids sustain and in turn just completely shit on every other melee sustain spec that's around nowadays. Who does this "holy hybrid nerf" really hit the hardest in the end? A holy hybrid with 640 healing power instead of 700, or a str stacking melee sustain with 300 healing power instead of 400? EDIT: just checked ingame, I have 343 healing power without str of earth totem and self-buffed, fully invested into healing power conversion - both agi and strength. I'll be close to 250 when this goes through lol... With BoK dispelled it'll go even lower and I'll hit an absolutely abysmal level of healing power. Ripperino indeed.
  8. If you're targeting holy hybrids specifically, why do you do a general nerf like this? This will hurt every melee ALOT who intends on going sustain, not just holy hybrids. You could've just seperated the damage/healing from eachother and put the healing on another talent that holy hybrids would usually not pick, meaning they'd have to sacrifice 3 more points for the same bonus. Honestly super sad to see you gut specs you arent intentionally going for again and again. Atm a fully sustain-invested melee has like an average of 400~ healing power with like 2,5k AP, and will lose an avg of 75-100 healing power from this alone (that's 1/4 of their healing power btw...). Any other sustain spec has to sacrifice damage for healing - this talent included. The reason why holy hybrids are broken is because they have both damage AND healing bundled together in several talents. Just seperate the bonuses, and you could've easily avoided this problem without ruining other peoples hard work on their specs... I kinda feel like this change will hurt so much more for the average melee sustain build than a holy hybrid sustain build, as they can get the healing power from gear anyway (and melee sustain had better scaling with this coz they naturally had more STR than a holy hybrid). Especially since it will still increase holy healing crits - it's still healing and dmg combined into 1 for holy hybrids, whereas the talent beforehand was just pure healing power you had to sacrifice for damage in any other melee sustain spec. Ironically this change to the talent will be the final nail in the coffin for any other melee sustain spec THAN holy hybrids. Ripperino.
  9. Also 1,5s polymorph seems broken. Haste applied on top of that and you will have 0 chance of ever countering that with travel form. Seems like you forgot how it was before the nerf, where casters could just instantly reset every fight whenever they wanted, and either reset the fight untill you burned all your shit and kill you, or run off to safety if they didn't have the means to do so. (this is already the case, but with this buff it will just make the issue even worse)
  10. As others have said, their burst potential was never a problem to begin with. It's the fact they have a built in magic dispel in their damage ability and is pretty much impossible to hit with any shape or form of a melee attack. I don't understand how you can reply on this with "they're naturally a counter to melee". Would it be fair if a caster resisted 80% of their spells against a certain build aswell? Would you also be able to justify that by saying "it's just a natural counter to casters"? Is that really the type of PvP gameplay we're aiming for? Having certain builds just completely shit on every single caster or every single melee. They can literally stand half afk and just press a button or two here and there, and still win as long as they are facing you. Oh and btw, this is not even to mention that shield tanks do very well vs casters too. It completely destroys the point of playing melee. You can meet the most braindead player in world and you instantly know all you can do is RUN when you see they have shield equipped. There's literally 0 point in even trying, coz you can't hit them with ANYTHING. I even got buffs for my build from these changes, but what does it even matter, I still won't be able to get single attack in. You could increase my damage by 200% and it would be the same outcome, coz my attacks simply don't go through.
  11. I agree that the amount of new REs coming out is pretty much 0 atm, but that is something the devs could change rather quickly, and not really a good reason for why the sets should only benefit like 1 build. I dno about the warlock set being the only one doing that, I dont think things are that grey and white. People will perhaps consider new builds now that they can actually benefit from most of the sets instead of having to use off-set pieces again.
  12. I think you're totally wrong on this tbh. The way most of the set bonuses are now, they're gonna be used in several different builds instead of just boosting 1 specific one, which is great. Ascension is all about build making and making set bonuses benefit only 1 or 2 spells totally ruins that, and pushes people into certain things, instead of giving them the freedom to play whatever they want. New RE's have the purpose of pushing underused and weak builds into the meta - the sets should be for everyone, not just Arcane Missile mages or Thunderclap warriors like what we've seen before.
  13. I'm really sad to see none of these sets give anything of value to melee builds that aren't focused on purely physical damage, except for maybe the shaman one. I for example play a poison build, and like 50% of my damage is nature damage. The rogue set seems most optimal for me, but both the 4 set and the 8 set bonuses only benefit melee abilities. Why not to make them benefit from other things aswell? It's not like casters will start using 8 rogue set bonuses, due to the stats being awful for them. What was fun about sets from previous raids were that sets like druid, paladin and shaman had bonuses and stats that could benefit melees, as well as casters (or stuff inbetween) which gave wiggle room for different kinds of off meta playstyles. This time there's like 2 sets that can be used as a melee, which is shaman and rogue (shaman being clearcut hybrid set, only benefitting that 1 type of meta playstyle - leaving pretty much only rogue set for AP melee builds). It seems to me that casters are getting so many sets this time, with melees not rly having much to choose from at all. I mainly play a poison melee spec on my main, and for me these sets just seem bad. There's barely any set bonuses I get something good out of. The few ones that seem good for me, are trash for me stat wise. - Druid 8 set: would be cool with on hit effects, but the stats are just purely for casters, making this not an option. Not even shapeshifting builds can use this for anything. - Rogue 4 set: would be nice to have this give ALL crit rating, not just melee, for above mentioned reasons. - Rogue 6 set seems kind of boring? Barely any builds use stealth, and even for the ones that does, this just feels wrong for them. - Rogue 8 set: would be nice to have this proc on spells AND abilities, not just abilities, for above mentioned reasons. - Shaman 8 set: would be nice if this worked on ranged abilities too - to see a hybrid hunter playstyle, going int>RAP - Hunter 2 set: this is another set bonus pushing people into playing a specific playstyle, instead of giving people the tools to create whatever they want with their build. Would love to see this changed. We have REs to give super specific boosts to certain spells, abilities or builds. Sets should be more general, while still being interesting imo. This goes for the mage 8 set aswell. - Would be nice if shaman set gave a mix of agility and strength, instead of just strength (same reason as 8 set bonus) - In general I would be happy to see bonuses that are interesting for off meta builds aswell, and having new content/updates reward people theorycrafting new builds, instead of pushing people into playing the already played meta cookie cutter stuff we see on the daily. Just my 2 cents. Other than this, you did a good job. I'm looking forward to Naxx and future updates
  14. Is it just me or are the scourge invasion rewards overtuned for no-risk players on seasonal? Atm a no-risk player can go there with absolutely 0 risk, and get several raid items a day with almost no effort, just from doing invasions (guaranteed!). Meanwhile high-risk players risk getting ganked while farming mobs or doing Crow's Chest, and they aren't even guaranteed any loot from it. They also risk getting ganked while traveling back and forth from invasions. I honestly like the hybrid system at it's core, but imo the fact that no-risk players can farm epics easily every day without risking anything just seems contradictory and demotivating for high-risk players. Where's the carrot at the end of the stick? I feel like no-risk players have nearly the same accessibility to epics (outside of raids) as high-risk players do. Agree/disagree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, all opinions are welcome.

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