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  1. Is it just me or are the scourge invasion rewards overtuned for no-risk players on seasonal? Atm a no-risk player can go there with absolutely 0 risk, and get several raid items a day with almost no effort, just from doing invasions (guaranteed!). Meanwhile high-risk players risk getting ganked while farming mobs or doing Crow's Chest, and they aren't even guaranteed any loot from it. They also risk getting ganked while traveling back and forth from invasions. I honestly like the hybrid system at it's core, but imo the fact that no-risk players can farm epics easily every day without risking anything just seems contradictory and demotivating for high-risk players. Where's the carrot at the end of the stick? I feel like no-risk players have nearly the same accessibility to epics (outside of raids) as high-risk players do. Agree/disagree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, all opinions are welcome.
  2. Beastly

    Crows Cache

    Imo it was destined to be a failure as it's basically the exact same thing as it was on LS and nothing has been done to change it. As much fun as it is to do large scale fights, they happen so rarely that it's just not worth it. It ends up being a race of who can recruit enough ppl to manage to outzerg the other raid, which is just unfun in most cases. The population isn't big enough for anyone to knock down the top guild(s) anyway. I suggest you do 1 of 3 things: 1) Split chests up into smaller ones, spawning in different zones and 2-4 of them in each. Each chest has some stuff in them, but nothing major. Perhaps a decent % chance for a raid item, while always including some orbs/runes so it's not a complete waste - could even make a token system so each chest gives you a token, which you can turn in for rewards such as spoils of war etc once you gather enough. It could also be an option to make the chest automatically give 1 token to every1 in the group, and make it so no tokens drop at all if you're in a raid group. This would force the bigger guilds to split up and make smaller groups, as zerging would hopefully just be too inefficient for it. 2) Make it a tournament, perhaps once or twice a week, where ppl sign up for it in groups of 2/3/5. Groups would then be matched against eachother (maybe teleported some cool place in the world to fight each other - where ppl can spectate fights), and the top 3 groups would get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place price. (no drop on death) This would 100% be the most balanced way of doing it, and honestly sounds cool as fuck. No more unfair fights where ppl just run you over. It would also make it alot more attractive for ppl who don't neccessarily sits in a guild with 10-15+ online all the time. You could team up with ur pal and prep for the 2v2 tourney and if you lost, so be it. Was fun anyway. It's obviously time consuming for devs to run this, but I rly think it would give pvpers alot of fun - even ppl on Andorhal could enjoy this. 3) Or just remove Crows.
  3. Again you're painting an unreal picture to support your own claims. Let me debunk this statement.. 1 TE, 2 AE into Earth Shield 2 TE into Improved Earth Shield 5 TE into Sheath of Light 2 TE into Nurturing Instincts 3 TE into Touched by the Light (optional - but alot of gear from BWL and past that have high STR so it's a very good talent to have) 2 TE into Quick Recovery 3 TE into Maelstrom 1 TE, 3 AE into Riptide 1 TE, 2 AE into Holy Shock 2 TE into Art of War (optional) This is not counting the large amount of AE you have to put into the abilities that goes together with these talents. It's not counting the amount of talents you have to put into survivability like DR and defensives so you don't instantly die to burst either. So just 7 TE and 5 REs huh? Lul.
  4. You specifically said "agi stacking healing conversion" refering to sustain builds and claiming they can ez hit 3k AP when in reality theyre lucky if they get above 2k, unless you're full AQ gear which isn't even something PvP'ers can get their hands on. So stop lying and changing ur own words when ppl call you out on your lies.
  5. I need to see proof of your rediculous claim that agi healer reaches 3k ap. I knows it's not possible lul. Also can you reply on my question? Do u play LS, and if so then lets 1v1, if my build is so bad and has so low number then it should be ez for u right? 😛
  6. Do you play on LS? I'd love to 1v1 you. How much healing power do you have in that 2,1k AP build? Is it even an agi healing build? Where's that screenshot of 3k AP agility sustain (unless you're ofc playing cat)?? 3k attack power in a sustain melee build (ESPECIALLY agi sustain) is absolutely unheard of, unless you have atleast double crusader proc or some shit. I wonder where you get those numbers from dude, you must be an ascension god of some kind if you can reach those numbers while still having good sustain lmao. Ur still making 0 sense with that "low ap = sheath nerf hits harder" statement. The higher AP you have, the more value you get from Sheath. It's simple math dude. I have 2,2k AP in full BWL gear if I put all points in str, fully enchanted, and with 9% str talent also. I could prolly get like 200-300 AP more if I went for full AP gear (even tho im already BiS for sustain) Then let's say I remove some sustain and pick 10% AP from talents instead, I reach around 2750 AP. I could maybe get a few hundred AP some other places, but at that point I wouldnt even be a sustain build anymore. I really want some proof from you that you can run a build built around sustain that actually does well in PvP and hit 3k AP without procs. It sounds like a fat lie dude.
  7. 2H parry isn't build around sustain lmao, it's built around parry. It's a melee counter that happens to have sustain through Victory Rush (which is only usable vs melee). Please post a screenshot of a 3k AP agility healer, I'd love to see that. On LS I'm in FULL BiS with ZG enchants and normal enchants. I have 738 str, 317 agi and 2217 AP when I'm fully self-buffed with totem up, and I have 600 healing power. (This is prenerf Sheath of Light). Do you actually think if I stacked agi my AP would be higher than it is when I'm stacking str? Lol. You're pulling numbers out of your hat, and using seasonal where no1 has gear or REs as a way to reinforce your arguments. Jeez. Also, what's your logic behind "low AP = Sheath of Light nerf hits you harder"? It's the exact opposite way lmao. Low AP = Sheath of Light nerf doesn't hit you as hard. That's like putting 2 and 2 together dude. ...I feel like im discussing PvP with people who mainly PvE and don't actually know the meta, what works and what doesn't.
  8. Oh you mean parry 2H builds with earth shield and Victory Rush? That's not a build built around sustain, they just crush certain melee specs due to avoidance. Vs a caster they can't even use victory rush so their whole gameplan falls flat if they plan on winning through sustain. No agility build has 3k AP, you're just overexaggerating numbers to make your statement sound better. Their DPS isnt even that high. It's good, but not anything close to what other builds can dish out. 0 REs and 0 epics, yes that's the sole reason why it feels balanced right now. Go thank the ascension team for making seasonal, not for the seasonal balance patch itself. It has absolutely nothing to do with how balanced PvP is right now.
  9. SP tanks have tons of dmg and still are tanky as fuck. They are at a slight disadvantage vs casters due to not being able to block spells, but in general tanks have always been weak against casters, so getting 2 shot by an overbuffed spec like Holy caster isn't really surprising and the sole reason why that happened is coz devs failed to see it coming when they put Holy on steroids. Problem I have with ur statements are that you're acting like the nerfs to sustain are just a normal nerf, but im literally losing half my healing power while also losing scaling on several key abilities. It's a spec built around sustain and yet it's not gonna be able to sustain a god damn thing when i have 350 healing power in full Bwl gear with enchants. A caster in blue gear without even using Sheath of Light will have close to the same amount of healing power as my sustain spec in full Bwl gear lul. The archetype is destroyed and not just nerfed. It is not going to be viable with those low numbers, I can assure you that. I was already losing to SP tanks, burst specs and most casters prenerf. And whats even more rediculous is that caster healers which are crazily overpowered doesnt even get hit that hard from the nerfs due to being compensated with haste buff. The nerfs outcome is basically that they slightly nerf healers, but completely destroy sustain melee archetype (and again - im not even close to the only one playing this style). Dmg casters' sustain in general actually gets buffed from this. They don't utilize Sheath, so the nerf doesn't even hit them. Theyre only effected by the Earth Shield nerf, but they also receive a 5% haste buff which is honestly a pretty worth trade for them. - And casters in general already has great sustain. The nerf just seems out of place and not in touch with reality. It destroys a spec that was good, but not op due to agility nerfs - and either slighty nerfs or actually buffs alot of other specs. And devs even stated they are not going to destroy specs that ppl pour their heart into, yet they go straight a head and kill an archetype ive perfected and loved for over half a year.
  10. Dude ive played the exact same build im playing now a long time ago. Also did well back then. Theres also SP tank that is super strong and always has been. Are you telling me you're trying to pvp in ur raid spec and then complain that you're getting rekt?... Dude cmon, u can't just copypaste a tank spec and then think it's gonna work out. Again, if you think sustain=tanky then I dont even know what to say. Its nowhere near the same thing. Also your misconception that sustain deals more dmg than a proper tank build is just wrong. Sustain builds, maybe other than cat, doesn't deal that amazing damage. That's the beauty of making a good sustain build, finding the balance between dmg and healing. Also, this isnt just about me. It's about am ARCHETYPE. Sustain melee isn't just a single build. It's s playstyle many ppl play/have played over the course of the games life time, and Sheath of Light is what makes it viable.
  11. Guess what, I'm playing a tank in PvP right now on seasonal and I'm doing great. So yes, I can talk all I want about build diversity. If your build is getting rekt, then maybe you just didn't do it properly. - Besides, what does you being rekt in PvP as a tank spec have to do with melee sustain being nerfed? Also, I haven't mentioned Mental Quickness nerf being a problem? It's a 5% nerf, I think most people will be somewhat okay. But a 10% nerf to Sheath on top of several other big nerfs is a whole other thing. You can't compare those 2. And just fyi, I've seen several builds use intellect conversion, I've also seen several builds that do not use Mental Quickness at all (including my own caster build I made a while ago). Dude, everyone is getting 2 shot by holy casters. If you take a look back in time you'll notice that holy casters started 2 shotting ppl after devs THEMSELVES put out super huge dmg % buffs to holy spells. It wasn't because of super scaling from BWL gear or anything like that. I predicted what would happen the exact moment I saw those changelogs about holy buffs, and those predictions came true a very short time after. Another reason why ppl are being 1-2 shot by casters is because of abilities like Arcane Power. I suggested a while ago to nerf it to 10% but increase the length of it instead. My build will not be put in a good spot in the long run, not with these changes going through. That's exactly why I'm so much against these nerfs. Coz they don't really have that huge an effect on anything BUT sustain melees, which were already in a good spot BEFORE the supernerfs. Hysteria is losing 55 SP from Sheath of Light and 15% crit heals, but is getting 5% haste which is really really good. Meanwhile I'm losing 200-300 healing power, scaling on both Seal of Light and Earth Shield has been lowered significantly, while also completely losing the ability to use Chain Heal off maelstrom. On top of that I'm not getting compensated in ANY way. Who is really losing here? Is it the caster healer (which btw is stupidly broken in PvP) or is it the sustain melee (which was in a pretty good spot after agi nerfs)?
  12. Agi healing just got nerfed. from 10% to 6%. One of the things that made agi healers still very viable were the fact that they had super high dodge, but that has been nerfed aswell. These 2 changes brought them in line with the meta. Pulling out these huge nerfs will just put them in the dumpster. I myself have been experimenting with other kinds of sustain that doesn't utilize agility, but those are in no way viable anymore with these new changes. The new changes are actually encouraging me to go back to the same old cookie cutter agility build, coz relying on AP>healing isn't an option anymore. Experimenting with new ways of playing sustain is a waste of effort, I'm either playing a super gimped version of agility healer or I just skip sustain melee completely and go caster instead.
  13. Sustain melee - look at the below changes. 50% nerf to Sheath of Light, no more chain heal with Maelstrom, nerfs to scaling on Earth Shield and Seal of Light + other stuff (including several nerfs to talents that gives DR - but those are used by more than just sustain melees though). Sustain melees were in a pretty good spot on live before seasonal changes happened (due to agility healing nerfs - which I btw 100% think were reasonable), but this is just a complete overkill. After these changes, casters will be the only ones with decent sustain, as they don't rely as much on Sheath of Light. Improved Earth Shield now increases the healing done by your Earth Shield by 4%, from 5%.Second Wind now heals you for 4/8% of your maximum health, from 5/10%.Seal of Light now scales with 6.5% of attack power, from 8%.Sheath of Light now increases your spell healing by 2/4/6/8/10% of your attack power, from 4/8/12/16/20%.Maelstrom Weapon no longer affects Chain Heal.Touch by the Light now increases the critical healing of your Holy spells by 5/10/15%, from 10/20/30%.Earth Shield now has 5% less base healing and scales 15% less will spell power.
  14. Killing an archetype isn't going to increase build diversity. It's going to lower it.

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