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  1. Spellpower Dk-s were a thing till patch 3.2 what happened beyond is unknown to me, they just stopped working, but it was like 3 spells death and decay and I believe death coil and corpse explosion? The scaling was way over 1x spellpower so it was more so a unsuspecting cheese tactic, you don't expect death and decay to hit you that hard the moment its placed, now imagine being rooted on spot whilst a warlock is using hellfire on you. Not exactly abusable anywhere outside (here at least) Stealthy ambushes or unsuspecting deathknight casters on bgs picking off squishy targets that would die anyways. With the topic on hand though, Ima have to say that releasing the deathknight kit in any way, shape or form on ascension would have to be severely regulated with hefty nerfs. (And I mean literaly so nerfed that the spells are down into the ground and unpickable). 1. With the adition of a new resource (Runes and runic power) you have potentialy one of the most broken meele metas in existence, powerfull hitting abilities that scale of attack power and asides dealing extra effects cost little to no resource to maintain. Icy touch and plaguestrike being the main culprit of this. So refresh of runes would have to be regulated since you get 6 at your disposal to use for a variety of effects and spells. Now imagine a strength caster (Famous muscle mages) suddenly hitting icy touch on you that hits stronger than a beefed up holy fire,pyroblast or shadowbolt. 2. Deathstrike and rune tap/vampiric blood... yeah, you think blood thirst was annoying with its % based healing, try these three spells in combination for a change, not costing anything bar a blood rune and an unholy rune. Chaining these three together in clutch as a cooldown whilst the enemy is diseased can be pretty annoying to deal with, even with anti healing measures, the sustain is just ridiculous the more hp the target has. 3. An extra pet, you'd think that having an additional pet class isn't as bad till you realize that a ghoul pet when glyphed/talented benefits double off the dk-s stats compared to any pet scaling in game. You can check it in any client revision of wotlk, ghouls have more strength than the deathknight in question at all times. Now imagine here where you stack mod atop of mod and eventualy somehow get a few hunter pet specific talents work for you as well. 4. Icebound fortitude, asides granting Dr based on your defense rating (partialy static when glyphed) it doesn't let you to get stunned. Yes an anti stun mechanic atop of increased DR, one of them has to go for this spell to work with a classless clusterfuck such as Ascension. 5. Threat of thassarian talent and TG interraction, picture a meele attack doing magical damage, now picture a spell that does weapon damage, in magical but with both weapons. Whirlwind pre nerf flashbacks anyone? 6. Literaly every defensive spell/talent dks have anti-magic shell, anti magic-zone, unbreakable armor,spell deflection,acclimation.. The list goes on. 7. The pressences passively themselves whilst required if you play a pure deathknight, in a classless enviroment could cause weird glitchy unintended behavior (gcd from unholy pressence for instance or raw armor increase from frost pressence that would work with shields too+ passive DR) Just thinking bout it makes it repulsive and gag inducing, there is so much stuff that would outright need to get reworked completely just so its not a empty talent slot, some removed and some just nerfed in terms of scaling and what nots. That is all under the asumption we will ever hit wotlk to get these spells going, cause in the state they are they are in no way acclimated to be used in an TBC or Vanilla era of base ability damage and gear scaling.
  2. I can only think of mouseover macros for this but it casts at your cursor, been using it as a frost mage with the elemental freeze on mouseover, perhaps you could intergrate it by keeping the mouse near yourself, still requires aiming.
  3. I wouldn't exactly toss it under the bus completely, certainly helps with new players not sure what they are doing, but it could have been done in an way that doesn't turn players into lazy screenshoters. Like idk...Make runes and orbs much faster to obtain finaly so that respecing doesn't feel like a weekly chore to find out its under performing? Keep in mind you may be able to inspect someone's build, but can you reliably utilize it in combat? Agility on the keyboard is necesary, especialy in pvp, timing and proper execution where a miss calculated cooldown could mean your death and possible gear loss (LS).
  4. I don't know, mish mashing a transmog together is science fiction here unless you import things from upper expansions, and the stuff we have in the store is a terrible example of such as it is. Edgy and grotesque to look at. Guards need to look simplistic and adequate to their enviroment, same with outlaws, defias are a perfect example of such, you almost feel respect for them when you enter deadmines. If they can collect something sensible worth looking at and not spikey, lava and magic infested crap, sure id be all down for it. Id go to lenghts to even recommend some developers to visit rp servers from time to time and see how "proper transmogs" look alike, of course avoid edgy looking weirdos that wear spikes all over and flashy weaponry. Thats not a guard, thats a homunculus pretending to be a hero.
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  6. Professions are barely used past a specific point in a servers life cycle, and thats, entering higher end content when crafting specific items are no longer a requirement when you can just easily obtain such power in the new finer tuned content. We are just lucky that we are still in an enviroment where resist gear is of use since we are still in vanilla raid times so thats worth crafting alongside one of three potions used in bgs or raiding. (Spellpower,attack power,health). I made more money from cooking cosmetic crap like the ninja costume and the food that gives neglectable stat buffs than creating the nature resist items for AQ raids. Ima take wotlk for instance where blacksmithing/leatherworking/tailoring has specific items worth crafting, but as you progress up the ladder for raiding/pvp on a private server where things generaly advance at a faster pace than on retail, you begin to not require such services anymore. Sure that savage set you can craft to start pvping with is okay for a start, but its only as effective for the few bgs youl need till you can buy your first furious main parts or offparts. And that TOC swordbreakers sounds dandy till you realize you can get same stats just by farming the entry trash mobs in icc and get two tank slot items of near BIS quality the first week you capped your level which you won't change a while. Other such as but not limited to lower tier consumables and general consumables that don't serve much purpose but are a cool adition to the game (potion of dream visions,invisibility potions,sharpening stones,wizard oils and what nots). Whilst some of those items are usefull, the beefs they provide are neglecatble when you can just stack such things elsewhere in their stronger forms/alternative forms since the buffs won't stack. (Temporary weapon enchants that classess offer already so you can argue that enabling these to stack would lead to imbalance issues on both fronts)
  7. Man I feel like all these points are a fair "lesson" to the servers management but most of these were never an issue bar the communication between players and staff when it comes to rebalancing. Also it didn't need an advice from a "multi milion company It tech" to explain something thats basic. Servers i've been part off were always driven by "community updates" rather than "developer visions" since, lets be honest, you are just the medium to push thoughts of the community (asides being just players like the rest of us) into the game, and as of late, thats fading more and more.
  8. Its a cool idea on paper but we are limited to two for a reason to be able to trade with other players, at most id support having 3 professions as another fancy gimmick to ascensions classless system but not beyond that.
  9. We asked for this multiple times, im just sad that anytime we'd do, we'd get hit by a "we'd need to balance out the racials" or someone dropping in a "lore friendly" arguement into the discussion. Its not much of an issue to enable a custom race and just copy over racials from another race to keep the "balance" intact. High elves for example enabled alongside blood elves, keeping the same racials but the key difference being hair and eye color variants. Even though I find it odd that the team can't come up with wow-ish racials that fit in the norms of what exists already. Not every race needs to have actives to be effective. Just simple reskin options like we could have for dark iron dwarves or multiple skin tones for orcs/elves/trolls are an option too. And by this point I doubt anyone cares about lore friendly "paladins" being able to use "cryomancy" and encase themselves into ice for protection. Or mages being able to call uppon druidic allies performing both magics at the same time. Or everyone mastering the divine shadow and being able to disperse their bodies into dark clouds to avoid hits (dispersion).Everyone is "Medan" at this point. Before writing this post I randomly enabled some already built in races and skins into the game without touching racials whatsoever. Skins are stored in a specific dbc where a single field tells you whether the skin tone is "enabled" or "disabled" in the client. Practicaly a on/off swith, per race after skimming trough the skin files for issues It took me about 20-ish mins to Edit the dbc file->patch->and try out all skins in game to check for possible graphical issues (Since some skins have odities like red eyes or exposed bodies). As for races, I mannaged to ship in Amani trolls,high elves (as a seperate race, took a lil effort since I never worked with this kind of thing),Taunka,Tuskar and Vrykuls, in about 2 hours of work. Vrykul and Taunka easily intergrated for me since they were already prebuilt into the game , as if they were meant to be a race at some point, both displayed gear and had some minimalistic choice for character customization. Tuskar,trolls took a little time as some gear geosets wouldn't show at first which was oddly fixed on its own after a few dbc tweaks. (may have been the fact I used post WOD HD versions as well) High elves took the most since I had to clone the blood elf model and do some adjustments to texture tones chosen and get into xml editing which was something I usualy don't do. (Me and paintNET plugins used for wow and not for wc3, dogs and cats man) The real issue I had was deciding which race goes where, which is kind of difficult to choose in a game like wow. Of course the high elves would go alliance, Taunka for horde, but nothing really ticked in when I thought about Vrykuls,Tuskar and Forrest trolls since they were basicaly their own factions often confronting both player sides trough questlines and waging war/staying neutral rather than offering aid or seeking help. (Bar a few very slim lore examples) Racials I used out of randomness thinking "wotlk" as I did too was adding high elves a +1% ranged crit chance when using bows and 1% spell crit chance when using wands since I thought it was within wow norms and lore friendly being skilled archers/mana Who... Addicted. Alongside copying the rest of the blood elf racials using a rule of thumb that each race had an equal ammount of racials coresponding to their clones and not go out of bounds too much. Like Taunka getting +1% base strength increase and increased skinning by 15 as racials and giving them a "relentless pursuit" ability which was basicaly a root/slow/snare protection for 3 seconds and 20% move speed increase when used but shared a 30 sec cooldown with simmilar effects, such as but not limited to potions and specific spell effects present in game. If I can be creative at 5 AM in the morning before drinking my spinnach diet smoothie so can you. Its probably not much to ask, or is it? I don't know anymore, just felt the need to rant a little about it as an ex-modder myself that used to go wild on these mods. Heck I doubt anyone would judge you if we just stole such racial mods from other servers but remove crap such as the "skeleton" and what nots. And balance them as time goes by, sure Re's n stuff need reworks asap alongside pushing towards Naxxramas and TBC release, but this is a fine extra you could consider on the way. Not these specific races per say since they were used as an example, but I am assured you can be creative. We'l probably get Dk skins available when Dk-s actually launch, but we are to far away for that kind of thing to happen, still keeping fingers crossed for my Necromancer to happen one day..
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  11. You are probably using one of the Ascension external upgrades for the graphics, it includes a horrible rip of "procedural water mod" by someone on modcraft to be used in wotlk. Im not certain which of the patches contains it cause frankly, I use my own mods regarding that.
  12. Battlegrounds are always a clusterfuck and mostly one sided when new players join in, getting used to creating a build thats filled with esential cooldowns is the first barrier you must pass in order to have fun here, albeit you are gear dependant, you can pvp semi efficiently and be of use on a bg if you time your cooldowns right. (CC spells and escape cooldowns) even in post quest blue crap you can get in dungeons or the first cheap, "Chinese bootleg" gear you can buy for quick honor after a single COT week end. If you are starting fresh, grab buffs and lots of utility which you can slowly reduce as you gear up. Keep essential spells such as Divine shield/iceblock, blink, dispersion and the likes. If you are a caster youl dry out of mana quickly so grab anything that can get you mana back, avoid life tap if your health isn't exactly huge and your spellpower doesn't hit high. You can reset your skills and talents by using honor points, the resets that way are very cheap to obtain. When I started this was the biggest barrier to break for me, since I was uncertain what to play, so I ended up getting nearly every CC spell and some healing abilities alongside a bunch of DR cooldowns and talents, eventualy I dumbed it down to what I really need it for. I hate to admitt it, but the learning curve is extreemly exhausting here and if you can't commit to your spec to create something usefull, you ain't gonna have a good day. If you think thats the same for PVE well youl soon realize that unless you pick specific META spells, hitting raiding is gonna be a challenge for you if you don't pull specific numbers, and youl find often that other players won't be there to help you much asides "sell you their builds" for specific gold ammounts (ranging from 200g and above depending of spec worth). So my advice for you is, pick the type of gameplay you wish to pursue, be it stealth into phisical damage, pure raw phisical damage without cowering, semi tanky caster, healer, bursty glasscannon, and use knowledge you know of talents based from your retail expirience (If you have any on wotlk since we are using their talents albeit on a tweaked level). And create something you feel comfortable with using. IF you ain't into the class fantasy just create an entire kit the class would use usualy during wotlk days. (Entire ballance druid kit,Frost mage kit, arms warrior,sub rogue... etc etc), its a good way to start and get the feeling on how numbers change based on what you use as a spell. Best of luck and good hunting. Cheese~ (Cheers)
  13. Currently the retro porting scene uses Legion tools to get models out of BFA, and only the alpha models from 8.0.1 work, so if there are allied races inside that patch, you can get them out, if not, you are out of luck till BFA retroporting tools come out. Keep in mind if a m2 model uses .skel files to define animations and attachment points it wont work. You also may have to redo the texturing yourself when it comes to models, since character models have different ways of doing textures between "m2 versions" (I believe the "emo elves" have that issue, but I could be wrong). For instance you can get the Vulpera models out but the 8.0.1 has them with goblin rigs so they animate like goblins. Look for things such as CASC viewer to get a view of BFA files (Listfiles are usualy supplied on the same site youl find the casc viewer on) ,8.0.1 BFA client, Legion->wotlk converter and obviously any MPQ editor will do as long its stable. (Id recommend the old 1.x versions since they never touch listfiles or the latest from zezula on his own website). Get any hex editor to get the actual model name and texture paths, of course any 010 version will do the trick for you but there are free alternatives that do the job just as same, unless you want to use the convenience of having premade templates that just dumb down your files for easier understand of where what is. (6.0 has a cracked torrent somewhere alongside a ton of templates inside, m2 and wow related files templates how ever you can find on modcraft forums) <Caution> ocasionally the converter leaves particles in, the models won't always work in game if the model has any particles in, thats where you may have to use a hex editor, find the particles section and instead of deleting in hex mode overwrite all particle related data to zeros so the model doesn't error out. You can add particles later with other tools such as the "particle swap" or "particle transfer" from other models. I can't provide download links as well..I am uncertain what this forum's policy is regarding such. Good hunting.
  14. Do you hate yourselves and your players? Jokes on the side, is there any plans on somehow "splitting" changes that happen in changelogs and have them apply to one of the realms instead of all at once? The re rerolls being soulbound now sounds like a "world interraction" kind of thing that is good for LS where people either sit in towns and wait for teleports for raiding or bg ques. But for a realm like Andorhal it feels like a kick in the nuts where people are used to obtaining Re's of the auction house if they don't have the will or time to farm. (Not everyone has hours and hours of "intended" time to invest to obtain a single RE required for their build when they could be doing something else.). And as a second question I was wondering if there are any plans to make pvp gear actualy worth getting for pvp, as it currently stands the only reason you would usualy get it is the ressilience as a stat, but since the baseline ressilience that scales with levels has been addedd there is very little use of it (even with the stamina increase which doesn't really help in the bursty meta we are in at the moment.) Its more of a personal curiosity at this point rather than something I am genuinely interested in so it is not a necesity to answer either of the two questions since there may be more important things to adress based on your current aim in the dev cycle, buuut..if you find time Id like to read/hear your oppinion on this.
  15. Id write a lengthy explanation but its 10 PM , downloading it is partialy a waste of space since most of the patches inside are near cloned so the game will only load the "last letter" within which the latest dbc by patch letter (Or number) will be loaded first. Only patch I found worth exploring was Patch-H which is basicaly the terrain texture swap with something that looks Hd-(ish?), its out of place considering the rest of the world doesn't follow in HD style. (Patch-z contains the tree's so I guess if you want to complement the textures, its a way to go..I guess?) Id share screenshots, but the patches inside are a mess so gotta find out whats where and whats compatible with what we already have in our "call it official" pre compiled ascension HD patch. Nothing special or what you didn't see already on modcraft threads or other download sites which contains these already.

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