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  1. i love the Wpvp but i think this just hurts events i get it you want do more wpvp but this just makes a lot players either avoid it or just don't want to do it so make events like this normal play and add in new wpvp events that really worth the effort this is not
  2. it be nice is 1 char can do them all then i focus just on 1 toon all time
  3. the issue is not group Qs its the super high geared players vers lower geared players that still trying get up gear cant keep up with all these TG builds ...they need make it where bit easier get the gear needed to keep up with these higher geared and high end meta builds tell they can balance out your fav build
  4. sweet nice but i have seen some players use it in Bgs stay in it full time and fight super good with it with out coming out i was wondering what skills they using because they have all instant cast and fight non stop without having wait on CDs of skills i know lock skill can't be only 1s they just using most be something we missing there seams
  5. this it was uncalled for.... and i was just pointing out why this 1v1 wont work in that way ... easily friend get you in combat easily and avoid others that 1 alone cant be negated how is sys going know if they friend or foe attacking you ? its cant oo they on your buddy list nope just don't add them oo they in your party just never add them oo they in guild make a sister guild there no way knowing if there friends or not so that will make hard to avoid this issue.... ya how make work you 1st have figure ways for it to not work so u see how make it work ...if u figure that out rest be easy part... just this issue alone is the big one other issues can be solved by fixing this 1 but i cant see a way that it work other then having where 1 person cant get in combat again for long long time but that just make pvp crappy and then no one want to do it ,,,and way stays on them tell they so far away that make it about same pvp be clunky and slow and no one likes slow pvp .. either way i put in my 2 cents and i not going turn this into a Bitch fest or complain ...i said my peace let it be and lets get back to the POINT ...if i think of way go around that 1 issue i post it tell then i not going reply to your posts you just want to argue....
  6. you enter into combat at any time meaning soon u see someone you hit your buddy then run away nothing they do at that point ...i read it but i already seen and few guildy's agreed that most thing u placed can be worked around that's what i saying is all there going be holes or issues no matter what u put in place and on top that something just cant be put in place do coding ... or what ever ...and think of ways get around what you said i bet gold that you figure few ways in just few mins .. hell few my buddys got 10 ways get around what ya said in just 2 mins....so dont insult people that giving there 2 cents man you just be a ASS ..i have a valid point
  7. for sure you use the normal regents we use now easily ..and ya 60 would be great ...yes i think it would add in w pvp i agree fully on that i love test it hop don't get drown in sea of work though that would suck
  8. it would be nice though see some these builds so we can use them as starting points to customize to our liking ...i agree no one want share there builds makes it hard to see how someone is doing certain actions so you maybe add it to a new type build ..i get it that players don't want crap load with same build but we see that already lets see some these builds so we make some new1s out of it in some way PLEASE
  9. i want make a Viable metamorphosis build where i stay in it 100% times to do pvp but cant seam get to work anyone out there help with real workinng pvp build so far just cant get it work at all
  10. i agree with you on the game play of WOW it was made that way to waste that time on certain actions... i say these things may help resolve a lot the issues and mind ya i play on LS.. 1 have the warlock summon skill where just needs you or just you and 1 other than 3.as right now.. 2nd make where u port to instances but not in them say at stone from the Dungeon finder this way there still danger... 3rd make where all towns or cities that has a Inn in them can be ported to these speed up getting from place to place but 1st you have set your hearth stone there to unlock it this make where u have run there 1st or have another port you for price... 4th make where it don't cost points for some these covance skills like portals,water.food there ways around it now just pain ( you get 2nd or 3rd spec you swap to use these things so no real reason not just let us have them to be nice ) you make cost of the regents 2x the price i be ok with that if i get more areas /spots 5th there is other games that have instant spot to spot TPs and there still a lot pvp happens i say even more seeing you get to area faster to help a buddy out in these ways ... there my 2 cents hope helps some
  11. i got 1 the RaF and what i ran into was when he was on on i semed level faster then him so when he got on it was mostly useless do our levels made it where i could not port him to me ...only thing great on it was Mount ...i agree fully it should be Free reward for getting a buddy to join game with you ...to stop multi accounts its simple make it where there on different IPs or cant get it and/or verified emails ...or even make where they have to spend say 1 buck or 2 in shop before it activates so that you cross check make sure its not same payment from both accounts or something
  12. i am with you this can easily be abused in that way another issue i see is say there 2 of you and 10 players ride up ya you now 1 v 1 but soon you kill them you get out combat and then another just jump on you its basically same thing you would have beat all 10 to not lose any gear and what about time say you do out some crazy killer build you kill all 10 1st guys chest would be gone by then ... no matter if u do a 1 v 1 or a 10 v 10 if 1 side has more that rides up the other side will still have issues and be in unfair ... say you made it where after u don't drop loot or can't be attacked again for certain time ..both sound good ,but you if you cant be attacked again this can be abused by a friend.He just attacks you so that they can't kill you ...or say you drop nothing then. the others would just kill you before u loot the chest you got of one the you just killed ...i think this will be no way to fully balance this out there will be way to abuse it in some way or a loophole to save your ass....then we just see more players get banned for a sys that you was added that can't really be fixed in that way ...this in all be great see but i just don't see how you do that without someone taking some kind avantage ..
  13. that's no good this is why i record all my play so if happens i can prove to world what happened ....sad but i sure higher ups have way look at what happen and make sure IF it was abused it wont happen again...

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