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  1. This would be great on a server containing only players who are only interested in wpvp and dislike bgs. However Ascension doesnt have a server with only that kind of player and it would result in needlessly punishing those who play differently.
  2. This is the kind of SirGank reply I love. The devs do listen sometimes but its more likely when we talk to them like fellow developers or like we're pitching an idea to a game publisher. Maybe the devs and I just have the same ideas but a couple of my suggestions have become reality after I used this method. Perhaps Andorhol should be hybrid risk too?
  3. Thats not what I've found. Almost every person I've asked in Andorhol said they'd love one as long as hybrid risk was included. Worst case scenario is that we'll have more choice. Move along ty.
  4. So many misconceptions with your reply. -LS will get more pvp'ers. In S3 low-risk has just as much if not more WPVP because no one needs to worry about losing their stuff. High-risk also has more WPVP in S3 because players are now able to try it out without having to dedicate all their progress to that character and then lose give it up when they decide they don't like constantly getting ganked in sleaziest ways. -This won't happen. Even though gear can be bought off the AH in S3 many players still would rather raid or farm in high risk for it. Hell I encounter more raids in seasonal realms than I do in Andorhol when its at its busiest. I'm pretty sure that the ability to get raid ready faster cancelles out what you're talking about here. Also general concensus on Andorhol is that LS players are a bunch of gankers who will foam toxicity at the mouth whether they win or lose and they'd rather not have to deal with that. Luckily this opinion will probably change with the implementation of hybrid risk. -I actually agree with you on this one. But both of us would likely be proven wrong if the servers were merged. S3 is stable now and the devs learned valuable lessons from the flood of new players to S3. Though I think Abdorhol and LS should be kept seperate for overpopulation concerns but both be made hybrid risk I have faith the devs could pull off a smooth merg. -lol we'll have bugs regardless. Scripting for Ascension is a nightmare. Adding/changing one thing will always break 10 others. But the devs will fix the broken stuff as soon as they can. Think of it as a price to pay for innovation instead of as something to avoid because if we avoid this implementing new changes because it'll break a couple scripts then we'll never see anything new added. And its the new stuff that brings in new players and money. As for the "bug" you stated, don't high risk players play for the risk? Whenever someone mentions even the slightest change to high risk they always get so riled up and say something like "High risk is meant to be risky!". Besides avoiding getting killed in sanctuaries is super easy. You'll only get killed if you choose to take the risk and fight back or start the fight yourself. The sanctuary phase is slightly larger than the sanctuary protections. If you run further in town pvp will imediately be turned off for you and if you run further out you'll enter the high risk phase and vanish from the perspective of a low risk player. I've done quite a bit of testing with this in many towns. One could even use this "unphased pvp strip" to gank people constantly yet turn pvp off or vanish into another phase. Don't know if that is against the rules or not though. These are the good things a merge or even just having a hybrid risk system will bring. -better economy -more stuff on the AH -faster LFG and raid formations -more WPVP for both phases -more people to gank and loot -LS won't be as dead all the time offseason and will finally have many of its problems fixed. Again though. I'd like to remind you that I'm against a legacy merge too but only as a just in case precaution to avoid overpopulation issues that probably won't happen thanks to the devs learning from the S3 overpopulation blunder.
  5. I would love a server merge too. And to anyone else who agrees don't let the few angry purist high risk fanboys make you feel like you're alone. There are far more players who support both a merg and hybrid risk on legacy realms then there seems.
  6. While I'd love an Ironman mode it should only be optional like wildcard. I think season 4 should only happen if they do something big like trying out factionless or just not having races faction locked. Or perhaps just hold off on Season 4 until they finish The Burning Crusade and use S4 as a sort of free and open beta testing.
  7. Edited the post to include my thoughts so far. Sorry it took so long.
  8. The main reason I think Arcane Missiles might be damage locked is the two mage talents that together increase Arcane Critical damage by 100%. Yet our crits do the same amount of damage as before. All the other REs should have made a noticeable difference too. All these REs and Talents do have an effect on Arcane Barrage however. My Arcane Barrage crits can one shot the mobs in Andorhol whenever I do the daily.
  9. It does if you pickup the talents for intellect to spellpower. As for the REs. All of them. We tested with all the REs that say they would effect Arcane Missiles or Arcane damage in the tool tips. Little to no difference. As for gear we're using either BiS or D1.
  10. Oh I should also add that this problem is happening on Elune. A server where the most basic game mechanics seem to break down.
  11. So on my main I've been trying to get my Arcane Missiles' damage up. But despite all the REs I've put on my gear the damage has not increased as much as I think it should have. I've spoken to some of my guild mates and they've expressed similar frustration over their Arcane Missiles builds. What do you guys think? We've poured over the data and something feels like it isn't being calculated right. I wanted a general opinion from the forums before going to a GM or a Dev about this.
  12. My dude, you are going to suggestions, a section of the forums designated for players to give feedback and suggest changes for the content the devs are putting out. Saying things like "ifyou don't like it go play andorhal or ls" IS telling people to stop playing content because they think they it could use some changes and it gets us nowhere. I've seen your replies on not just my suggestions but other people's as well. You seem to usually leave this kind of response whenever you REALLY don't like a suggestion. And telling people to stop playing the content they're leaving a suggestion for isn't an appropriate response and I don't get why you try to shut people's ideas down like that. If this was a fan forum for a tv show like game of thrones and I was bitching about the show being horrible then YES you would totally be right in telling me to change the channel. I've seen your constructive criticism before. When you actually try you're damn good at it. Its a shame it doesn't happen more often. And no I'm not going to take your suggestion of quitting the Wildcard Realms because I actually love it! I got the perfect build without rerolling the first 3-5 abilities for an hour like so many players did. I rolled with what abilities I was given. Not to mention that I'm running one of the biggest guilds on Elune right now. Leaving them in the dust would be a dick move. I ain't whining like you seem to think I am. I'm just suggesting an alternative that I think would be better. Its fine if you disagree with me, hell I value well thought out constructive criticism. But please just try to be more constructive with your replies. And for the record, I'd be totally fine with them removing all options to choose abilities in wildcard as well.
  13. Before any of you respond, consider for a second how long it takes to gather Fragments of Fortune and how much it requires to get a Scroll Of Fortune. Most players will rather take their chances with more RNG than grind to 100 or 200 scrolls. Some of you see suggestions and think that the most minor of changes will dramatically change your gameplay experience despite the devs implementing far more (seemingly) impacting changes that do not. Instead of telling someone that their suggestion is terrible or to not play if they don't like something try to contribute to the discussion by stating any changes to the suggestions you can think of that would improve it or even a similar yet better alternative. Or at least as a bare minimum don't flat out tell people their ideas are stupid or that they should stop playing the content they think could use some improvements. As for WHY I made this suggestion, the Devs have already added a way to choose abilities in Wildcard but have not considered that fact that wildcard is forcing players to try out new builds they never have before and that their first choice may sound good in the tool tips but actually suck in practice. This suggestion is an alternative to allowing players to choose any ability they want at level 60 for little to no effort at all and allows for the correction of mistakes should they be willing to invest enough time into getting that one ability they really need.
  14. Ahh the good old "If you don't like it don't play it" response. If the devs thought like you Wildcard would still be giving us even more unusable abilities than we get now. Not to mention the other improvements made thanks to the constructive criticism of the player base. You may want to consider refraining from using that cop out rebuttal when responding to a suggestion if you wish to properly contribute to the discussion whether it be for or against. And you are aware that you can already choose abilities in wildcard mode yes? At least in 5 different times. I figured you'd want this change as an alternative since you seem to want the RNG of wildcard preserved so much.

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